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Black or navy suit with this?
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Navy ya dingus, I this even a question? Don't wear a black suit.
Navy ya dingus, I this even a question? Don't wear a black suit.
Navy, of course

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Guys, i want to lighten my arm hair for this summer.
Is rubbing my arms with hydrogen peroxide 9% (30 vols) effective enough or do i need to buy some sort of bleaching cream? I'd rather not since i don't wanna make this any gayer than it already is.

Thanx in advance
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ive been shaving my chest and arms since i was like 15 dude
>master hairy greek race
if you dont like something about your body, just change it safely.

but to strictly answer your question, ask a dermatologist if this is safe, not 4 chan lmfao
Embrace your hairiness, some (quite lot of) chicks really dig it.
>implying OP is into girls

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Does it even exist? If it does, post some books/articles/films/music/whatever that displays effay spirit most clearly.
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effay is literally meme clothing

the effay spirit would therefore be best portrayed in movies documenting meme store brands
nah i wish it did, theres always just one or two people in a group that care about fashion and the rest are normies.
kanye is /fa/ culture

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Should I buy the chuck 1s or 2s?
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I say 2s
get 70s

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What is the best sneakers when i'm wearing polos from ralph lauren?
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sick kicks.jpg
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try these on and go for a swim in that polo
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Airmax 95
Number 1 criminal shoe in the UK

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Thinspo 6.jpg
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Holy shit, I got scouted yesterday and the agency actually seems legit. The thing is, the guy I spoke with wants me to send in shirtless polaroids and I'm terribly self-conscious about my skelly body and wide-ish hips. Am I going to be laughed at or is the rest (face, height) going to weight it out?

>pic semi-related, living god and eternal inspo
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Just send it and hope for the best.
I guess I should, thanks. It might save me that he called me "interesting" (my face is pretty asymmetric) so the physique could go with that


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What do you guys think of these white air max 95s?
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Make me want to puke
really ugly desu, senpai
fuck off nerds

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jeans insp.jpg
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what kind of jeans do you guys own. Every time i go out to buy some i never know what to get.
so basically jeans thread
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just figure out what colour and fit u like and get em, how hard can it be
cause when i get home they look to baggy or something is wrong
File: tumblr_mtig5oHMOO1se7v31o2_400.gif (345KB, 390x231px)Image search: [Google]
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if they're too baggy just try a smaller size or a slimmer fit
jesus christ this is just common sense m8

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golden retriever.jpg
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most effay dog breed?
pic related is my choice
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File: pharoah-hound.jpg (223KB, 1210x1059px)Image search: [Google]
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Any type of collie. They're fun.
love goldens but they aren't really effay

File: 1fg_copy_2.jpg (106KB, 760x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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Couldn't see one in the catalog.

Cop or not general, post what you want, give advice etc
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af1 low.jpg
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I like the shirt man, but it really depends on your overall aesthetic and attitude in order not to be laughed at. Like if you're a chill, happy dude then go for it, but don't be some uptight /fa/ edge lord.

What do people feel about this AF1 colorway?
File: 81AZj0QGp9L._UX575_.jpg (12KB, 575x285px)Image search: [Google]
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File: Nike-LunarGlide-7-Flyknit-1[1].jpg (517KB, 1000x555px)Image search: [Google]
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/fa/ I have heard good things about these running shoes but I can't decide if they look decent enough to wear casually outside of running, mainly due to that big white piece around the heel

What do you guys think
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i agree, the plastic thing really does spoil it, the soles do aswell
you mean the large white wedge on the heel in the back?
flyknits dont usually make for great running shoes
they would look really good if they came in all white tho.
luneron bottoms are pretty comfy fyi

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Aussie fag still stuck in the middle of summer here, desperately after some summer inspo, so post your perfect summer fit.

Pic related.
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File: 305432308_d3fefb2174_b.jpg (448KB, 717x1024px)Image search: [Google]
448KB, 717x1024px
Both dope, but these are fits i'd wear in winter here.

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1MB, 3264x2448px
Can you identify the make and model of this watch for me?
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File: image.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px

Soviet-era watch, you can cop for around $30 on eBay.
But is it rare?

Rare =/= expensive

What are some things to wear with this hat? I found my grandfather's and I wish to wear ithe daily.
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A fishing boat.
Perhaps when I go back home and settle down I'll get a small boat
It's low class, a working person's hat.

File: birkenstocks.png (611KB, 748x1076px)Image search: [Google]
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Are there any cheaper versions of Birkenstocks for men? Something similar to pic attached.
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Anybody have closed toe Birk inspo?
File: tumblr_mcjvw6Cty31ruy7pvo1_1280.jpg (910KB, 1280x1915px)Image search: [Google]
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i wear my boston clogs all the time. theyre the best.
Those socks don't really go with the chill aesthetic of the Birks

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