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I'll start.

While I appreciate most fashion, I'm into bodybuilding, have a beefy build, and would look stupid if I tried to pull off super slim fitting outfits.

I'm really into comfortable clothing that gives off a really laid back but tasteful vibe. This pic from ssense is literally an outfit I wear frequently (with some of the brands switched around). I probably fit in somewhere in "athleisure." I'm too into weird synthetic materials and modern styles to fit into norm core, am not committed enough to techy styles to be considered techwear, and not cuck enough to be palewave.

Partial to smaller brands made in Canada and USA. It would be fair to call my style just a slightly more obscure, masculine version of the lululemon + stan smiths basic bitch.

Favourite brands: Reigning Champ, Wings + Horns, John Elliot + Co, Maison Margiela, Rag and Bone, Moncler
Favourite shoes: New Balance 420s, Wings + Horns black trainers, Margiela GATs
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>I'm into bodybuilding, have a beefy build

Read: "I'm fat and can't wear skinny jeans."
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Sounds alright for the day to day if your are just out and about, but if you are in any sort of professional environment you will look like a slacker.

As for myself: I am tall, broad, and almost 30. I have wide shoulders, muscular legs, crows feet, and a slightly receding hairline. Street wear, skinny fashion, and honestly most things on this board would look ridiculous on me. My look is honestly pretty /mfa/. I like looser jeans and chinos, boots and loafers, plain tees and button downs, and lots of sweaters. I try to channel a little Steve McQueen and Oscar Wilde.
>if you are in any sort of professional environment you will look like a slacker

No doubt. I have conservative clothes for work and am comfortable dressing up in preppy clothes for events that require me to do so. Despite the fact that I have to, I don't like wearing chinos and suit pants; my legs and butt are pretty big from squats and I always feel ridiculous. I wear slim fitting pants because looser fits look sloppy imo, but even in pants I've gotten tailored for me my butt is on display in a way that's embarrassing in a professional environment.

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five four.png
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What does /fa/ think of monthly clothing services?
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> fashion forward

for $60 a month, you're probably getting target-tier clothing. not worth
>personal style
>literally paying other people to style you

lmao never even thought of that. this trend of monthly-lootcrate garb is really the next big thing in mass consumerism

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Are faded wash jeans already over?
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Lol wait till spring m8
maybe as some sort of meme piece like dark denim was a few years ago, but they still work if you pair them with the right pieces.
dark denim is fucking gross. stonewash and lighter is the only way to go

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What you guys think of kendrick lamar shoes reebok ventilators plus what to wear with?
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Not spoonfeeding you cunt, make up your own mind and stop caring what a bunch of autists on the internet think
I think they look nice, I'd cop for a reasonable price. anyone know the price or w2c?

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Point out one flaw in this fit

>TopTip: you can't
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Letting a undershirt hang that low is Fred Durst-core.

Tacky AF
shit like this makes other people see what kind of shit is going on in his mind
well I'd say the main flaw is that he looks like a tool

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help each others out like real /fa/mily
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there its fake
All Ralph Lauren is ripoff Brooks Brothers with more brand whoring, so I don't see what difference it makes.

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I have thin curly hair and Llewlyn Davis is something of a goal for me right now. How would I style my hair to get this kind of look? Also, how should I cut it? I'm about 4 months into growth right now.

I find that as my hair gets longer the sides become the limiting factor because they start to make me have clown hair. Should I take them down?

What products should I use and is this even realistic? Should I just call it quits and keep my shit short? Anyone got some good curly hair inspo?

Also, curly hair general.
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Bump, not the same anon.
Anon you are receding :')
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shia 21may12 02.jpg
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I still have a pair of these babies from high school, when I couldn't into effay shit. They still look nice but what do I pair them with so I don't look like a clown?
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a noose
i like them don't listen to the virgins

so seems like they collapsed half their subforums

check the latest cringefest


the waywt is a fucking gold mine lmao

biggest joke of a forum online right now
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5'5" im guessing

final nail? this is pure cosplay
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this dude having a melt down wanting to be a mod and a fashion writer and he cant even dress himself

u cant make this shit up famm
That's not really that bad of a fit
The socks are awful

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New thread post fits
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fuck you its at 250 jesus christ
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what color? I'm thinking Baby Blue with the gold horse or white with blue horse
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Again ?
either top left or second to the right bottom row
I've never posted this before

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>tfw buy vintage metal band tees because they look cool as fuck
>tfw people come up to me and be like "cool shirt, what's your favorite song of theirs?" and i have nothing to answer with because i dont listen to metal
>tfw they walk look at me in disgust and walk away
anyone know this feel? currently doing research on Metallica so that I can justify wearing their shirt

why are metal fans such autists btw? can they not understand it's just for the aesthetic?
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Why are rock fans such autists*

"it's my boyfriends shirt"

since apparently you're a fag
they all fall under the same category of autism

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Daily reminder that no amount of shitty overpriced clothes are going to compensate for your manlet genetics.

If you are under 6'2, you will never be effay
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I think height is the least of their problems...
I'm guessing you're not effay then, because being a whale isn't effay too.
File: 8453836995_46efcec1af.jpg (203KB, 394x500px)Image search: [Google]
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But what if im 6,1 senpai??! Is that inch crucial

Post your instagram or others you recommend
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hmu on soundcloud too
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Friends please

4 posts, 300 followers, why

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What's up with the fit? Parachute pants desu
Just wanna know where I can buy them
Like literally any military surplus store.

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