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How feasible would it be to grow my hair this long? How long would it take?
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the amount of time it takes you to achieve super saiyan status
hit the hyperbolic time chamber and it shouldn't take more than one day in the real world
the gayest of all transformations


What do you guys think about the reigning champ sea to sky series? Seems nice for the price. Thinking about buying pic related on sale.
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which colour do i cop and do i cop in low top or hi top?
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None you fuckboi, futures are trash
I like the high whites but they all look weird, but that might just be these particular glamor shots
Yeah I like white for the versatility but I'm thinking more towards the 'fume' grey coz the whites look a bit tackier. I've seen the dark lows on a models feet but can't find a picture of the dark hi-tops to compare...

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Is etsy reliable?
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that's like asking 'is eBay reliable'. use PayPal and read store feedback and you'll be fine.
I got a hat there once


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where to fucking cop these glasses?
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idk but this spud fit is top
I think supreme did a pair that look like that a season or two ago
Bump for the interest.

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/fa/, I need help, I'm going through the JUST stages of my life

I'm 24 and my hair is starting to thin out, no longer is it voluminous or shiny and there are signs of a Male baldness pattern. My diet is bad lately, but how much does it affect my hair? What are essentials in diet that I need to upkeep to maintain healthy hair (that you personally have tried)? I don't want to try the big three in terms of hair loss because I don't want sexual dysfunction
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What's the point of hiding impending baldness? Own it, get a buzzcut.
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not OP, but what if ur 5'8


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What does /fa/ think of snapbacks?
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only good ones
I love them, but I think they are on their way to getting played out. Baseball caps seem the be the new thing, but if you can make snapbacks work for you why should you care about other opinions.
I love them too, specially since they hide my shitty hair. I'm asking because I have like two, but use the same ones almost every day and I'm starting to get embarrassed from that. I'm planning to buy a big bunch of new ones so I can use different ones daily and also to combine better my clothes.

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Sup /fa/m,
Can anybody link me to a hoodie like this, where it is a solid colour with a tartan or checkered hood? I like this one but of course because it's Supreme, it costs $300+, and I'm hoping I can find a less hyped brand with a similar design for much cheaper.

Thanks guys
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You want workwear

Try carhartt
I think he specifically wants a hoodie with a tartan hood, not just any workwear.
No I mean he wants to look at companies that make workwear, because that's their style, so he should try looking for one at Carhartt and other workwear brands

I'm in dire need of /fa/ movies

Help me out?
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Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
look at the catologue or archive, we've had a couple good ones recently


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Post your own, post routines, inspo, all that good shit

In response to two guys I forgot to reply to -

The barber used ORS Olive Sheen Spray I think, after washing it and combing thru it. That was fresh out the shop tho

will post other angle from time in reply
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similar hair.jpg
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can't find other angle but it was more or less like that

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looking for plain black and brown belts with decent quality, would prefer under $50
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W2c this belt
orion leather company sells really nice belts in that price range.

they have a huge selection of colors and widths too.

i bought a weaved pattern black belt and a thick brown belt from them and i like both of them alot

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Which one?
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Not a digital watch.

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Can I get away with sweatpants in public? I picked up a pair of JCrew tapered legs on sale for 10 bucks and I'm in love with them.

Best sweatpant brands?
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wear what ever the fuck you want
>Can I get away with sweatpants in public?
No, people are literally going to stop you in the street and demand you take off the sweatpants. What the fuck does this mean? You can get away with anything in public because the people walking by you don't give a fuck whether or not you're dying, let alone if you're wearing sweatpants or not. You literally mean nothing to them.
John Elliot + Co does great athletic wear

Which one?
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2 or 3 I guess. are you actually planning on buying that?
they're all too small
3 is the only one that doesn't make you look like a total asshole

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maybe i should smile a bit ?
yep, love girls in trainers looks great
You look like a cunt

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