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>tfw get paranoid that people notice i wear the same shit all the time
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I wear the same shit almost every day and give 0 fucks. I smell good and dress/look better than 99% of people around me anyway so who the fuck cares
this, except the second sentence.
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Where my social anxiety bois @?

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Hey /fa/, we're inviting more members to the Kik group, we've been around since July of last year and are very active. The group is very social, and discussion isn't strictly fashion related.
You can join the group in 3 ways

1. Scanning the Kik code in the OP to autojoin
2. Using the hashtag #effay
3. Post your Kik username here, but it might take a bit for an invite

See you there.
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Youll see me there? Nice! I can't wait to sign up and meet you guys!
We waiting senpai

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Seiko 5.jpg
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I'm in market for a watch.

I want which is:
1) Reliable
2) Easy to read - "minimalistic" - less features is ok!
3) Rugged -- I can smash my wrist against the table and it will be fine
4) Quiet
5) Takes NATO straps
6) Under $100 USD

I'm looking at Casio (holy shit they look awful), Timex (pretty but unreliable and loud), then there's the Seiko (which is ?)
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here is pic
just buy pic related, jesus

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I was always taken by Leon's when I first played RE4. Is this jacket well made? Anyone ever bought one online? If it's the wrong size is it easy enough to return?
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You buy that because you're a fan of the game, not to look good while dressed in it.

If you want a similar jacket, just buy a shearling jacket. Don't buy videogame clothing.
please ask >>>/cgl/embarrassingcostumesgeneral cuz this is the wrong place
point taken, but the Shearling jacket appears to be 5 times the cost. It's not like this Leon jacket has RE4 logo's all over it right?

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dumbass here, can someone please tell me the name of these shoes?
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Adidas Tubular
>Adidas Tubular
Lol those shoes look retarded
jay ones senpai

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chip one take.png
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Does anyone know where I can find this northface jacket, or at least know the name?

I've tried all the obvious places.
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It actually looks like it might be real /out/ TNF and not /fa/ TNF, which are totally different lines sold at different places. Did you try actual outdoor retailers (REI?) or only fashion places?
I tried a few outdoor places.
Tried asos and the north face store but can't find it.

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fa 2.jpg
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Where can I find a girl like this in London?
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near pakistan
Primary school

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trying to find more of this style
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minus the hat
try twitter
Put something red in with your whites

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Is it possible to lead a Cosmo Kramer lifestyle without becoming homeless / starving to death ?
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with how expensive NYC is today, probably not.
if you have a trust fund yeah
How did Kramer manage to pay his rent?

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post your books that are effay, only post books that YOU own, rate other's books

>pic not related
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3edgy5me m800
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Based Bulgakov

>Book on a closeted homosexual

Yes it really is /fa/

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too much negativity and shitposting here

post something effay that makes you happy

bonus points if it's a personal fit or item
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i like these chelseas i bought recently
look pretty nice. whats the brand?
File: 20130615_02.jpg (252KB, 717x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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Look at Daniel and tell me he's not excused from dressing like a basic american boy. look at his fucking smile
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My girlfriend got these flats from urban outfitters a while back, but they no longer carry them in the same style.

Does /fa/ know of any similar flats? Where would I purchase them/
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>still being with her even tho she shops from urban outfiters
2. These shoes are ugly
Not OP, but they're pretty cute

Are these not the same ones? It seems they still have them

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whats the memiest outfit for this summer?
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Gootecks shirt like Mike Ross wears, black denim, slip ons.
hawaiian shirts
White vans

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tips on finding things like this?
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1. Don't
2. Don't
1. Go to any high end webstore
2. Be rich

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