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D-Did I do good, senpai?
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How old are you?

Assuming you are over the age of 18 you should cut down on sneakers


and if you dont live where it snows then i guess you dont need boots. What you do need are some damn loafers.

Get rid of all the jordans. get rid of the new balances. Get rid of the Nikes. and keep those three vans at the end
>D-Did I do good, senpai?
>shoes on top of bed


hi /fa/

tell me why i shouldn't buy these.

im a poorfag and will likely be using these everyday.
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because they are trash
can u develop that idea
they are 2005 high school student core

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Am I a trendsetter guys?
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rafhat 2.jpg
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this is the kind of person buying raf now. what happened.

the memes have evolved

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looking for some nice transparent frames... help me /fa/
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lol i have those exact glasses, here you go anon have a good day

w2c the POLO ones?
not sure sry

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at least post high res u degenerate


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I really want a polo, what are some good brands?
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vintage izod/lacoste are GOAT imo
i also like the fit of my brooks brothers red fleece polo
American Apparel pique polos are p good, good colors too
american eagle outfitters
ralph lauren

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What did /fa/ cop from the Supreme drop on thurs.?
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You still suck tee in yellow, lagoon in white, dancer tee in red. Didn't get to cop what I wanted because site wouldn't load.
Pink striped pique crewneck
Black shadow plaid bomber
Black 2-tone hooded sweatshirt
yeah my shit got declined twice but i still got what i wanted

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Is /emo/ Effay
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If the hair is styled right and not in a fuccboi way, yes.
no fuck off
Yes, but that's not emo

Any chance of Kyle Walker hairstyle look good in a white curly hair male
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What color is your hair
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Go for it, where I live many light skinned dudes get this fade cut, and you dont have blonde hair so you wont look like a wigger.

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Alright /fa/ggots.

Need an honest opinion on this as a cologne.

If not, post something better for that price point.
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Why nart?
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because you can figure this shit out yourself you fucking retard

>brought some jeans off this website
>its been 9 days and it hasn't shipped
>sent them a email
>its been 2 days with no reply
what do
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Why the fuck would you buy jeans you haven't tried on? Dont you know jeans typically run in slightly varying sizes based on manufacturer?

You did this to yourself
Isn't it just Jakov/Jacob/whatever his name is running the thing?

If that's the case, hold your tits, it takes a while to package/process merch, especially if he's do it solo.

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Sin título.jpg
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Can you wear a tracksuit jacket like the one in pic related as a casual piece of your wardrobe with other pants different from the matching ones? It feels like pure slav-core to wear them together and maybe they can work with slim black jeans and sneakers.

Opinions? Any inspo?
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Dude of course you can, it's a fucking jacket
>no dressing capability detected
Yes OP no matter what.

If you try it on different pants and you know for a fact it looks good, don't do it.

If you talk to someone about that outfit that looks good and they like it, tough shit.

It's like how you can only wear denim with denim and leather with leather.

Fuck you.

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Or name of the shirt where can I find one can't seem to find similar yo
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I think it's a brand called 'Crow'?
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Ahhaaha so funny omg what a joke!! Just like this board it seems

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/Effay Ring thread?
Pic related SS Totenkopfring been trying to find one for a while no luck.
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>grill u r trying to bang: ooh what's that ring anon?
>u: i-i...it's an ss totenkopf ring
>grill: wtf anon r u a NAZI?
>u: b-b-b-b-but muh hugo boss

i'm not saying dress for pussy, but good luck getting a gf/friends/job if u think wearing nazi bling is cool
File: 1432678409898.jpg (42KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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>grill u r trying to bang: ooh what's that ring anon?
>u: That's from a band, I like Norwegian black metal.
>grill: Oh
>u: Wanna fug?
i have been outwitted

Are common projects meme shoes?
Can I still get some nonetheless?
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what do you think will happend. will 3 guys draped in fashionable none meme clothing come and spit in your ear and piss on your jeans at shout "memeshoes!" at you ? if you like them just get the shoes man, no one out in the real world will ever care.
>not being called out on the street for wearing memeshoes

flyover town spotted
just fucking get some you utter mong

the 7 people that browse /fa/ aren't ever going to see you out in public

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