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Old one at 3 hunna
lets get er goin again
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Excuse the wet hair.
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Collage 2016-02-27 14_20_40.jpg
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I already look forward to being an old man and being able to wear these.
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always thought those looks ugly (and i am 40 years old)
always thought these were ugly (and I am 20 years old)
always thought these looked ugly (and i am ten year old street urchin asking for some more)

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Wolf tattoos.jpg
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Effay tattoos thread. I'm thinking of getting a tattoo, post some of yours which you like and ones you are planning to get
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Having a nice tattoo on a goblin body just makes the tattoo shitty.
Watercolour tats are a trend

Never permanently add trends to your body
Well I've only got shitty stick n pokes that i did myself but I like them. I've got 9 more on my legs

Anyone know of alternatives to geobasket, ramones or qasa high that are 200 or under. I could get reps, but I want to stay away from them if possible.
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>Adidas Tubulars, pick whichever model you like the best
fuccboi general exists or a reason
I tried looking for tubular x primeknit but could only find reps. I almost bought david's one but dipped out
Get dooms or whatever the new model is

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sup effay,

can anyone identify these sunglasses? also if you haven't watched Suits, start it, its effay as fuck
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they look like shit, heads trying to escape.

doesn't mach suit either.
They're Persols. I don't know the model though.

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I will never, ever understand ozweegos
That's quite clearly ironic, he's making fun of hypebeasts. I had a sensible chuckle.
You don't happen to fall upon the autism spectrum, do you?

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what is this core called and where can I cop it except for the obvious lemaire (which is too expensive for me I'm a poorfag)

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dress pants and a sweater? H&M or anywhere. If anything its a bit palewave but a bit preppy
>where can I cop it except for the obvious lemaire

W2c his pants and the black chicks sweater?

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For the first time in my life i want a new wardrobe. Change my style buying four pieces of clothing per month.

I want to start with two plain t shirts, but i really dont know SHIT about T Shirts.

Should i buy pure cotton? V neck? I'm going to H&M later, i need a little help.
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Don't buy v-necks
Don't buy h&m
It's just plain tshirts.
If you want to go expensive, linen and wool are both great (linen in the summer, wool year round), but cotton is the cheap and cheerful standard. Don't buy synthetic.
Thou shall buy thy own tee.

That's not much of a wardrobe update.
What else will you change, in the coming months?

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These seem to be the dominating styles of glasses right now. Which is superior, and why are wayfarers so unbearably popular?

What kinds of glasses does /fa/ like?
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Wayfarers have become a standard because they are very simple and look good on most face types. Personally I think both of them are very boring.
>Personally I think both of them are very boring.
whatchoo like
Avoid browline

Get the wayfarers in a non-black fun color

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Where can i find something like this
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If you mean the necklace, your local hardware store. If you mean the shirt, get a bulap sack and cut neck and arm holes.

Post this shit in fuccboi general next time fag
Ayy lmao.
It's a french terry cloth shirt.

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Alright faggots. I'm going to be ordering made to fit / tailored suits and shirts from China. I already ordered one which is on the way.

Tweed windowpane (because I'm a grandpa), wool. All in cost $120 USD for vest, pants and blazer.

The wool is Chinese wool. That is why it is cheap. they ask for your measurements and go back and forth with you.
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>All in cost $120 USD for vest, pants and blazer.
you may or may not have been ripped off
could've sworn there are brands out there that are open about buying stuff made/from china that sell suits for $50
cool story bro
okay? what a pointless fucking post. make a thread when your shit arrives, goober.

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the concept of a 'fit battle' is terrible enough, crossposting from reddit is just inexcusable
streetwear is literally more cuck than business casual
the brotha is the only one who doesn't look like a chump. reddit in a nutshell.

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What's up /fa/

I'm looking for advice on an outfit, I am attending an event and the dress code is business casual. I only really wear jeans and button up shirts. I have a pair of boots I think would go well, I was thinking something like pic related. Thanks everyone, if there is a guide or sticky that refers to this let me know.
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Who do you want to meet at the event?
If you just want to 'fit in', throw in a tie and you'll be good, if you want to look sharp a suit would be much better.
If you'll be there for the event per se and not to meet people, don't buy a suit in a hurry, it's not worth it.
Ah, I should have been more specific. It's a student research conference, I will be a moderator for the presenters. Just want to look sharp really as I go around watching presentations but I'll mostly be moderating/talking with other students.

You think a sweater + dress shirt would look fine even though we'll be indoors?
You don't need to wear a sweater if it means you'll be hot. Business casual just means you don't have to wear a tie or a jacket. You can wear a tie OR a jacket, but dress up too much and you'll stick out in a bad way. Keep colors and patterns more casual and make sure the fit is good and you'll be set.

I've been in a business casual company for four years now as a wageslave, so most of my wardrobe is business casual.

I'm ugly , what can I do to be less ugly?
I use glasses, I'm short, I have acne.
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use cleansers, theres a thread here for that
use glasses that can be effay
live with it
contacts, hgh, accutane

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Post inspo and dank fits

I lost my /fa/ folder on my old computer
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hotline miami inspired

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