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No wdywt thread?
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When will they learn?
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Congrats anon, you are the only /fa/ggot on this board that doesn't look like a pretentious douche and knows how to fit a shirt.

Brace for 2305820935 posts of (insert some shit look here)core autists for the remainder of the thread.
you should try somewhere other than old navy

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How /fa/ is university apparel, especially hoodies?

Do you wear YOUR university merchandise and how do you pull them off?
What about personalised (student/faculty) association apparel?
Other stuff you own from your uni.

- Also state which continent: Europe, North America, Asia...
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us student here, i wear them when I don't wanna try to put something nice on but don't wanna look like a mong
UK here. I do, but not everyone does.
I don't give a fuck, I like it and it's cheap. I only have hoodies and tshirts though. Rock em at the gym sometimes, but mostly wear the hoodies casually.
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do you guys also do it due to pride?

What the hell are these long shirts called? Starting to see these all over the place
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An extended tee?
Nah talking about the cardigan looking thing
2014 fuccboi tier

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So a few months ago i bought what i thought were a seemingly normal pair of tennis shoes to go to the gym in. I just found out they're roshe free runs how fucked am i?
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what's wrong with them
what the fuck are you talking about?
you think a black man will jump out and fuck you in the ass if you wear them or something? fucking stupid ass thread, kill yourself
i don't know if this is a meme or not

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Can someone dump some Shia inspo? My folder has a distinct lack of the beouf
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And can someone ID his fucking brown pants?
>bates lights
His feet must look like shit
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Reminder that your a faggot if this isn't what you have for breakfast daily
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> you're not a faggot if you're French

>eating cigarettes
>calling anyone else a faggot
taking my coffee without cream or sugar for a week and i want to tell everybody

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samba grey.png
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How pretentious and cuck-like would I look if I copped these?
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Just shut the fuck up and buy them. You must be autistic using the words pretentious and cuck-like to describe a pair of black fucking sambas.
Because people on here called them meme shoes and that you'd look like a "grade A cuck" before.

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Hi fa I'm looking for a Dropbox that some fanon posted weeks ago, it was full of pics of inspo, like 200-500 anyone got the link?
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bump for interest
Bumping out of interest

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Not sure if this has been posted before, but other boards are doing it. I started an /fa/ dubtrack. Basically you queue up a song, and wait your turn to play it. It's pretty tight and a good way to discover new music. Come in and play anything.


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What genre ?
Whatever you enjoy senpai
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Please rate my boyfriend's fashion please.
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Posting pictures of me without my consent online, we're done. Don't bother calling me
2/10 I like his pants...

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Friend got this jacket off a surplus website, anyone know where I can get something similar with no logos? Kinda gives off a school shootercore vibe.
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remove them yourself with a heatgun
W2c that looks rad

Copped a couple months ago, love it. Makes a great motorcycle jacket with the reflective lettering. Wouldn't get bigger than medium, it's the usual baggy style bomber.

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Cop or not?
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Sure, just plain casual shoes.
Please no
why not? they look fine

I bought these slim fit trousers and they are hugging my calves like spandex and I don't even have big calves. wtf?

it looks retarded and feels like women's clothing. I wanted ones that look like pic related. Tight but with breathing room
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COS has pretty good slim trousers

Thanks. I want to return these but I'll just give them to my sister or something. ugh.
I had the same problem with H&M and Topman
Cop uniqlo

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I wish people would realize that there's no such thing as fashion anymore. It's time to just do what you do until you can't. Fucking idiots, stop spending so much on imaginary shit.
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>Hello, my name is OP and I'm a fashion expert. That's why I share my industry knowledge on the 4chan fashion board.

stay in the dark
>no such thing as fashion anymore
anymore? so fashion once existed but it doesn't now?
> stop spending so much on imaginary shit.
when did this all become imaginary? is everything imaginary? are clothes not real? paintings not real? music not real? is real life not real? whether we do this or something else we're still going to die. Fashion can be self expression it can be many things

I know you're a troll but some logical constancy would be appreciated

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ali g kicks.jpg
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Hey /FA/ first time poster. What sneaks is ALi G wearing here? Them shits are fire.
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They kind of look like nikes innit?
that's sasha baron cohen you colossal retard
SBC playing Ali G... Calm down dickhead

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