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Buying new glasses soon, have no idea what to look for.
For reference Im male 19 and mostly wear normiecore think wayfarer ray-bans, white brand t-shirt, light orange boat shorts, converse style shoes.
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Get some $20 generic ray ban shits

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Oh yeah, uhm... If anyone wonders why like half the board is gone - see pic related.

Spam wave a about 6 h ago. Made several threads go archived.

Threads that were bumped off the board, as well as some spam threads, can be found in the archive.


If it happens again:
1. report the threads
2. bump the threads you want to save
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who else /naturallyhaveatan/ here
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Why is Harveyfag on our board he belongs in /csgog/

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I just need a pair of timeless, beautiful grey sneakers. Nothing flashy, not too sporty. A classic, casual look.

Best I've found so far are from New Balance, but it easily gets too flashy for me. I don't want the 'futuristic' look.

Help me find the right ones. Show me what you got.
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Asics Gel Lyte III x Reigning Champs.

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honk honk
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Im confused.
have a memebike for your trouble tho OP

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guri – Kopi.jpg
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feeing sexy today :))
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Here's your reply.

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>girl at work says forever21 falls under the designer category
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>saying anything that make sense ever
>especially when it comes to fashion
Why ever expect anything else anon? White girls are the epitome of hypebeast trend snobs with no style or fit of their own. They all dress and act the same and that is why they are inferior.

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Skincare general

Discuss skincare products, acne, makeup, and routines
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there is one already


check the catalog & copypaste the sticky when starting a new general

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Tell me honestly - should I feel ashamed for liking this and whatever the Abercrombie one is called?
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the abercrombie one maybe, but pic related is great and one of the best scents out there
I have pic related and there's nothing wrong with it tbqh
smells beautiful

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How the fuck did this not sell out? Am I on crack or is this one of the coolest shits of all time
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Looks cheap
sold out now
If there was a supreme tag on the side of the pocket it would've sold out

What's a good backpack? Need something practical but still nice. Thinking of copping pictured.
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>What's a good backpack?
Anything but that one.
Bet you don't have any examples.
that backpack backs your look like a pokemon trainer

from ruby/sapphire

How do you pose for pictures?
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I avoid having my pictures taken as much as I can
make sure my bulge is showing (8.5" erect, 6" soft so trust me, people notice) and flex my traps while doing a kissy face (kinda like duck face but my own style)
id on paaaaannnnts

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Who is the most /fa/ person in this picture and what clothing mistakes are being made?
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Right to left in order of effayness

>Far right
Everything on point except for the John Quincy Adams shoes
pants too tight, red socks and patterned collar def too much together
I'm assuming he's obligated to wear that shirt but it's still ugly
>far left
Looks like she tried stealing Ellen DeGeneres' look at JC Penny

1-2-3-4-5 going from left to right

4 is most effay - 1 close enough i like the pants 5- basic nothing wrong but shoes 3- he fell for the purple meme

2 obv doesnt give a fuck not even going to rate

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Personal fashion advice

I've always been k with fashion, never wore shitty clothes, know what colors i can pull off etc.

>Does a septum piercing look good with a big nose?

>Should i get a second ear piercing and stretch it also? (current at 2g but stretching to 1/2")

>Any other advice

inb4 jew nose
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NYPS, faggot

See the waywt/fuccboi/face rate general & lurk more before shitting up the board more
Stop creating shitty threads and post your shit in the fuckboi general where you belong

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Father Steve thread
anyone cop the 1 of 1 shirts he was selling the other day?
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Father steve is the only one of those new york/LA kids that I have respect for. That being said his art sucks in my opinion, but he has potential to be a good artist if he moves away from the stupid faces.

File: daniel-craig-denim-jacket-02.jpg (260KB, 1068x1222px)Image search: [Google]
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Do the depths of hell and I for one hope it stays there
They look good maybe 1% of the time
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