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Why can't I have a qt 3.14 gf like this.
Such a gorgeous aesthetic
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op confirmed for girl in picture
She looks like a crack baby
any more pics of this chick?

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hay guys

long time no troll

I'm in rionegro Colombia and theres nothing to do here apart from get drunk

is our legacy still cool?
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How's fin treating your cock?
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if u see this post whilst scrolling

you have been visited by the finasteride bird of thick hair and prosperity

good luck and well being will come to you

but only if you post 'thank you finasteride' in this thread
thank you finasteride

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Is being aware of your ugliness effay? When there is nothing you can possibly do about it besides surgery; is being aware of the ugly make you more fashionable???
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posting in a thread with a future
stop worrying about things you cant control. live a life that is fulfilling and peace with yourself often follows
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I would say so, but it won't be easy.

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can someone PLEASE ID the shoes in this video, ive looked everywhere...! thanks so much
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they look like air max expresses
Shit rapper

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Are there any hats that young guys can wear that don't suggest that they are firmly on the autism spectrum
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Those paddy caps are quiet nice, just don't pair them with brogues or a fleece.
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lol I guess paddy's are better than memecore/ 5 panel hats but I think what you rlly need is

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Is it possible to be /fa/ while being >>>/out/

Here is a hat I like
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tech or sherpa stuff
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>there are people getting paid for wearing this
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And you and others do it for free
>People pay literally thousands of dollars to look like this
>People think this guy is fashionable

>implying you wouldn't wear a t-shirt for a couple hundred bucks.

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/fa/ girlfriends, plz
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You will never have one
fat legs
love blackmilk

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you can't cop it anywhere you dumb fuck, try vintage adidas e-shop or ask on facebook group or some shit like that, but there's no magical website for this shit
was just looking for one lol calm down
Idk w2c but i want one

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What does /fa/ think of pocket watches?
What styles can they be worn with?
Are they the fedora of watches?
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imo unless you're a doctor or a nurse or at least elderly or playing the part in a costume drama then no you'll look like a retard, just buy a watch
>Are they the fedora of watches?
Yes. Don't buy one.

Well im getting pic related for free, and was wondering if I could still pull it off,
Idb be a shame if humanitys autism ruined yet another interesting accesory

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I know that you shouldn't hang wool since it'll stretch. Any other things I should know?
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Clothes are gonna get dusty sitting on that rail senpai
I don't use metal hangers because I'm scared that they will leave marks/stains on garments but I don't know if that's actually a thing that can happen.

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My wife was complaining that she has yellow circles under her eyes, just like her maternal grandmother.

I suggested doing the cucumber slice thing to help the situation.

Is there anything else, besides make-up, to address them?
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friendly 30 minute bump?
bump for ur girl senpai
If they are hereditary, there is pretty much nothing you can do about them. Just lots of water, and something cold on them for a few minutes after she wakes up.

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what's some woman's clothing you can wear without looking like a creep?
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not those, retard.
Women's underwear

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Should I shave to become more /fa/?
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It should be at the bottom of a long list of things you need to improve in.
>shave sideburns
>sort out hair (you might suit it but won't know until you post full face, in any case it needs some sort of treatment to reach max potential)
>clear up your skin (easier said than done, I know - start with the basics, at least 1.5/2L water a day and change pillowcases every day/every other day
>shave, it's clear you don't have good beard genetics so just leave it for the time being and go clean shaven or very VERY low stubble around lips and chin (i'm talking so subtle you can barely even see it, go 1 or 2 days without shaving)
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what does it take to pull off a mohawk?

do i have to be in a band?

do i have to be confident, dangerous or sexy?
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>what does it take to pull off X
being attractive, in order to pull anything slightly different, you have to be attractive
File: 26754765498674986766795437.jpg (67KB, 600x396px)Image search: [Google]
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what does it mean to be attractive
to not be ugly, don't get all deep with me

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