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I am looking for a minimalist hiking/military style boot to use as footwear I can have on every day. I included a sketch of what I am looking for: lace up, more pointed toe and less square, not a lot of fabric, side zip preferred. Anyone have any recs? Thanks
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fuck everything you think you want and go with the nike air force shias
honestly looking for the same, and only came up with Corcoran Paratrooper boots, Rothco Jungle Boots (which I've heard have shit build quality, but for the price, obvi), and Doc Marten 1490's.
Belleville's mini-mil series

Mimimalist military boots

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What are some effay mangas?
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interested aswell

(not only effay but good too, i need some recs)
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I don't even read manga anymore and ur pleb stands out, fix ur shit
Pun Pun, Jojo, Akira, the list could go on



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Is streetwear dead? Everyone that wears it looks stupid as fuck and it's always some "anti" personality teenbros going through their high school wicked phase, you basically look like a spoiled baby wearing it.
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Streetwear isn't limited to just fuckboi trash like HBA and y3
at least he's not dressed like mac demarco
Mac style is 100% better than that style

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>girl at work calls herself a fashion designer
>doesn't design shit
>thinks $500+ is too much for a pair of shoes
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Well maybe she will crate a new thing, she will be the quality designer but doesn't get more pricey than needed

What you see is what you get kind of thing.

Stop putting everyone down,
You're so cool desu. Please be my friend senpai
That could very well be too much for a pair of shoes.

But then again, you'll never make it if this frogposter doesn't believe in you.

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need some ideas asap.. leaving in like 2 hours
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>Anne Frank museum
>holocaust museum
committing sudoku
MDMA and literally anything.
Rohypnol and chill

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Selling a Fairends Olive Waxed Cotton Cap


If you say you're from /fa/, I'll take 10% off. I have other items too, so hmu.
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sellin a bunch of high end shit on grailed. rick, y3, acronym

Selling some Evisu jeans, if anyone is interested in that sort of thing. Sizes 42 and 44.

>receive offer on an item im selling, offer was made ~30 minutes ago
>accept the offer
>12 hours later and no payment


Welcome to Budget Footwear General - /bfg/. This thread is about footwear that doesn't break the bank.

>What footwear is discussed here?

Any and all footwear (all sexes) up to $200 or €180 respectively, including replicas.

>What topics are discussed here?

Cop or not, where to cop - any type of query, any type of inspo, any type of information.

>What is not discussed here?

Footwear that is over $200 or €180 respectively, or apparel. Please see the appropriate generals for that: pastebin.com/1TxNV2ty

>What are the most common brands discussed here? (Alphabetically)

Adidas, Asics (Onitsuka Tiger), Converse, Dr Martens, Fila, New Balance, Nike, Reebok, Vans

>Where can I buy budget footwear?

6pm – 6pm.com
Amazon – amazon.com
Asos – asos.com
Bodega Store – shop.bdgastore.com
Colette – colette.fr
Snipes – snipes.com
Spartoo – spartoo.com
Zalando – zalando.com

>Where else can I buy budget footwear?

Check out the online-shopping search-engines: Shopstyle, Lyst, Google Shopping, Mybestbrands

>Are there any relevant infographics about footwear?

Yes, please check imgur.com/a/MeNwx/all

>Any questions, or ideas how to improve the OP?

Please feel free to contact [email protected] You can find this entire OP at pastebin.com/CbE3Z0TZ
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Other threads:

Budget Footwear General - /bfg/: >>10985925
Pricey Footwear General - /pfg/: >>10985882

Budget Apparel General - /bag/: >>10985824
Pricey Apparel General - /pag/: >>10985733

Feel free to rehost if you think they're any good.
Looking for Nike special field boots in the UK. Can't really find them - w2c?
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Stan Smith vs Af1 Low.jpg
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Looking for a nice white casual shoe for everyday wear.

I know these are both deemed memes on /fa/ due to being popular, but where I live I've literally never seen a stan smith and have only seen AF1s in ridiculous colorways worn by mexicans/arabs.

Which one should I go for?
thanks /fa/

asia inspo
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File: 1380819413273.jpg (47KB, 499x750px)Image search: [Google]
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Okay effay, nightclub fashion for dropping them panties, shoot!
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This desu, change the shoes and you're set.

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What do you guys think of your 1460s?

I really like boots and want a pair. I just want to make sure the 1460s are a good choice.

I usually wear a 10 or 10.5... Do I need to go down to 9.5?
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how hard is it to google doc martens sizing
>ignores other question in the post
I think that they look a lot worse in person. They're not complete shit-tier like some people make them out to be though. I went half size down and they fit great, my feet are narrow as fuck if that matters.

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90s Ralph Lauren Windbreaker.jpg
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should i cop this windbreaker, /fa/?
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>sadboys interests me
You'll be the coolest highschooler

also post in cop or not thread

Should I buy this?

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definitely, it will be in SLP AW 17
Do you really think I should buy it? I'm really considering it.
not him but no
you will never wear it IRL

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It's time
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Whore core
>tfw marshmallow mamms
0/10 feet aren't bony enough

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So, I just got these custom made by a friend of mine.

Do you think they are /fa/ worthy, /fa/?
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God no.
have fun with your dead end, minimum wage job
oh i thought those were yoyos
if they were then yes

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2016-02-28 16.40.04.jpg
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This is the most /fa/ nfl player, when it cones to hair. Prove me wrong.

Also, sports style general thread.
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>prove me wrong

He is a ginger
How is his hair /fa/?

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