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where can I cop something similar to these AllSaints Brisk Boots, but cheaper?
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clarks desert boots b l a c k s u e d e
I'm wearing brisk boots atm, absolutely obsessed with them. Trust me anon I've looked everywhere for alternatives but there are none

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american core.jpg
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How do I dress as American core as possible?

I was thinking

>autistic boat-shoes like New Balance or the like
>ill-fitting dadjeans
>possibly a grossly oversized suit to go along
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these nb are sikk
buy a mobility scooter, a drinking helmet, an oversized grey wife-beater, black cargo shorts and red crocs.
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here u go

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Is genderless kei effay?
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is it gay to say that, for some unknown illogical reason, if he wanted to suck my dick I would actually enjoy it a lot?
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No way man you do you.

Is Adidas even trying anymore?
And you people rag and Nike when this exists.
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thought that was a sick adidas x gosha collab from the thumbnail
It definitely looks like a sketchers yeezy.
yeezy x balenciaga

I bought these boots to go to a folk show friday night. I'm caucasian and I would to go well dressed, but nothing of business or black tie clothes. What do /b/ recommend?
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>I'm caucasian
I'd go for some FUBU or maybe Roca Wear
What do /fa/ recommend? * * *
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wassup /fa/, what are some good brands of bookbags to consider for going back to college?
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Everlane Twill Snap Backpack is the only bag you'll ever need. It's incredibly rugged and durable; I've been carrying mine around for 4+ years (both high school and University) and it's still like new. Never seen another person carrying one around so there's that too.
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I just ordered this. It should be coming Friday.
>It's incredibly rugged and durable
>I've been carrying mine around for 4+ years (both high school and University) and it's still like new.
4 yrs is nothing and even cheap backpacks from walmart can do that. prolly even beat everlane because they will use synthetics instead of cotton twill like everlane that won't last more than ~10 years.
it's only herschel that fucks up on durability, otherwise that's a non-issue.
if you really do care go by warranty, so for cheap ones that's prolly Jansport. if you had one in school it prolly would still live for college.

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are bombers still cool or are they dead

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>are bombers still cool or are they dead
honestly idgaf, i already had 3 cotton bombers, i just copped 3 other, i went for some shiny ones this time >>11557339
Do they size up like most bombers and parkas or are they true to size?
Do you listen to Kanye west and asap rocky

No shade

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Are thigh highs basic?
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Kinda basic, but I like them. I wish they were acceptable for men (along with other female specific clothing).

>tfw you'd get beaten up instantly if you wore them in public
they're pretty basic but still kinda sexy- akin to chokers imo
post more inspo

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why is slainbabyny.com not a meme yet?
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you havent samefagged him hard enough yet

be the change you wanna see
Edward Broe is my daddy
ive heard great things about this man

Are backpacks effay? Could i wear one everyday normally? Id like to become a writer and it would be nice to keep a little notbook and pen in one so its always handy. Along with other things in my day.

Whats the lowest cost to best looking i could get?

Side question: in italy currently what kind of shoes should i buy here that i can wear regularly
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Bamp, help
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There's a Reddit "Buy It For Life" thread about backpacks, you should check those out first.


Carryology has a well organized backpack page, but some "fashion" bags are really overpriced trash. It doesn't make sense to buy a $200+ backpack if it's not better than a $100 Jansport.


These packs are for motorcyclists, but i like them.



Thanks for such a well organized reply anon! This helps a lot

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How would he achieve his body, its like perfect wit the extruding elbows, also what would this style be called and how could I recreate it?
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He's literally the kind of skinnyfat metalhead people make fun of all the time.

But he gets a pass because he raps.

If you wanna know how to achieve it:
get into metal in your teens
grow out of your "I've grown out of metal" phase

and put zero effort into looking attractive, just slap a BM shirt onto your unfit body and look grim as fuck
He aint skinny fat m8, look at his life performances.
whatever, nigga doesn't look fit

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will any double edge safety razor do? What makes it a good quality razor?
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>buying anything other than glorious nippon steel folded over 1000 times
uh thats a fucking wakizashi not a FUCKING KATANA
>spend weeks researching safety razors and following ebay postings
>finally nab myself a great condition 1940's Gillette Super Speed
>the blades won't even go through my facial hair, not even Feathers

That was 2 years ago and I haven't shaved since

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On a scale of 1 to 10 how /fa/ is my sister?
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somebody has to be wearing picnic table covers.
10/10 really avant-garde is that new raf??

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How do I get a QT GF like Natalia Dyer aka Nancy from Stranger Things? I want a girl that has good facial aesthetics, good body, good personality and (maybe even a little bit nerdy/geeky)? /fa/, help me out!!
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only way a girl like this will notice you,

>is to dress in full rick

raf simons rick owens usually what im dressed in
her jawline makes my pee pee recede into my abdomen.

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Going to get my jeans tapered soon. How many inches should the opening be? I'm 5'8" and wear a size 10 shoe (Pic not related)
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depends on your legs, not the size of your shoes.

just pinch it until you see how tight you want the opening to be and show your tailor that
with size 10 feet and assuming thin calves, the lowest opening you should go for is 5.5", any smaller and you'll have to stretch the opening over your heel.
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this is how youre going to look

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