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Are Monarchs /fa/?
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Is it just me or can autism shoes actually be next level if the rest of the fit is clean?
but they had to go trough so much shit to get on that level
I saw someone make new balance 993s look good ngl

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>despises the monetization of fashion and creativity due to the capitalist machine

but also

>needs fashion to fill the void

how do you cope?
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Buy fakes where quality isn't excessively compromised. You help our poorer Chinese people
thrift nigga
buying expensive shoes :(

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i have to wear compression stockings because of a fainting disorder, so far i've hid them under pants but it's way too fucking hot out now.

i'm trying to figure out which, if any, shorts/shoes/look in general could make wearing them look more intentional, less diabetes or weird guy in tights.

(helpful info: i have a thin/active build, and as far as options, i can get them in plain colors, opaque/sheer, and full or also cut off at the ankle.)
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is this guy russian or polish
looks russian or polish
probably russian or polish

most likely polish... or russian

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Cop or not
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Would they look good with white laces?
pff it's just converse with a stupid new inside sole and they sell it as a bran new concept shoes, what a joke.
You can buy them they look ok.
Just like classic chuck.

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Is it effay to wear this post-ironically if I am a German?
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very overplayed at the least
Fuck nein
it was overplayed about 2 months after it appeared.

but it's going to be a great cop in 2034.

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- Ready to go out hiking and camping at the drop of a hat
- Rugged outdoors type
- Somewhat apocalyptic
- A bit military
- Utilitarian
- May have killed a bear once
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Who else getting /fit/?
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/fa/ is for pro anas
Not if you're wearing rick.
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fa legs.jpg
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i am, working out 4 times a week. And not eating alot, only breakfast. fruit in the afternoon and dinner.

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Phone/desktop thread?
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can i get this
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If you were in Berlin, where would you go to cop the god-emperors chosen shoes?
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berlin or not margielas u poorfag
But those arent

literally every single second hand store has piles of them. hunt for a while until you find a good pair, quality differs a lot

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>Birthday today
>Parents bought me pic related, a shirt with Westeros on
>All because I told them I watched Game of Thrones with them once
>Didn't like it
>didn't want to seem ungrateful
>put it on
>went downstairs
>parents started making fun of me for some reason
>I don't watch game of thrones so don't understand the jokes they were making
>dad laughs and says 'the way your belly is stretching the narrow sea it would take Daneries 50 years to cross!'
>then he says something like 'I don't think anyone would want to rule the seven kingdoms if they had puddles of anons fat sweat everywhere'
>pats me on the shoulder
>happy birthday son
>tfw I don't like this shirt because it makes me look like a continent

I don't want to be a dick. But they wouldn't buy me a shirt with Africa or Europe on so why do it with a fake continent? At least with a Europe shirt I could have fun with stuff like France being on my nipples or something lol. I don't know anything about GOT so it isn't fun.

Do your parents buy you clothes?
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better be bait
I fucking wish
please answer the thread question.
A part of growing up Anon is to accept the bad clothing gifts your family will buy you because they don't know you anymore because you're probably a shitty person who doesn't talk to them anymore or you've probably distanced yourself from them. Either way, Yes to answer your thread question. Just suck it up, take the shirt, say thanks, and never wear it.

>tfw you're falling for the tucked-in shirt meme
I always thought it was tacky and looked dumb but I'm starting to find it pretty effay. I always wear my shirts tucked out but I want to try tucking them in now. Are you sure I won't be made fun of /fa/?
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You will be made fun of, just not to your face. Nothing you can really do about it. I personally to like the look but I'm too afraid of people's judgement.
people will leave comments but you shouldn't care
make sure the shirt has a good fit for tucking otherwise it won't look the way you want it to
Do you mean tucking t-shirts? Because I don't see what's weird about tucking button-downs.

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Old one way above 300.
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why the fuck would you shave your arms
Don't know about guy in pic rel but i used to have one of these and it would often pull on the hair around my wrist, it was annoying as fuck so id shave around it

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post all your silly hair related questions here
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What does it feel like to be happy?
How do I make my hair texture the same or at least similar to the texture it has when I don't wash it for 3/4 days?

I've tried nopoo but I think I chickened out too early. It's probably a meme desu
It's different for everyone, anon, but it mostly starts with being okay with who you are.

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post your instagrams or the ones you like <3
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I need followers because I have no friends irl that would like my pictures :'(((((((
Where are you from, news & booze makes me think UK, but your other pics seem somewhere else.

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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Last Thread: >>11531810

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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Fucked up, last thread was >>11539382
File: 1468179566476.jpg (328KB, 1242x932px)Image search: [Google]
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>went this whole week low cal
>tomorrow is supposed to be my cheat day
>fucked up today and binged
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Waywt didn't listen to no bully pls.

Basic as shit I know but is it somewhat decent? How might I make it more interesting?

Also at my goal of 5'11 59kg so now I just need to dress okay.

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