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Where do you buy your clothes in Australia?
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Second-hand stores
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sorry had to post

Post your favorite Bomberjackets Thread
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cop or not

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Yay r nah

Most of my girlfriends wear them my boyfriend said they are cute. I want FAs opinion.
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"daddy issues"
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I have daddy issues but that's besides the point some of them are really cute with outfits
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post em
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Why is /fa/ so elitist? All the fashion and trends are good until they are on pretty people. But if an average person wears the same thing, you think it is ridiculous.
For instance: colorful hair, leggings, crop tops, undercut.
Why is it so?
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she has exactly the same hair but is model pretty
File: Short-Hairstyles-for-Girls_2.jpg (16KB, 450x377px)Image search: [Google]
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undercut - this girl is a model so it is pretty
but if an average girl wears undercut and crop top she is made fun of

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old thread died
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Get some lighter colors breh, and not everything needs to be bulky. Nice derbies tho.
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Still looking for a pair of vintage wingtip dress shoes, then I'll be good.
The black boots, the vans, and he boot things next to vans are all good. Don't care much for anything else and the greenish looking (also boots?) are icky. How do you dress casually?

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Any ninjas left on the board?

I miss the old /fa/
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I miss the old kanye
>tfw missed out on old /fa/ but still want to dress non-tech gothninja

What was it like senpai?
it was actually hilarious because most people were really bad at it and dreamboxes were all the rage. but it was still great in its own way and i will always have goof in my heart

Whats it like to be /fa/ and attractive?
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ironically enough op whether you're fashionable, attractive, /fit/ or otherwise, you will never escape the fact that you are soulcrushingly socially awkward and browse 4chan, it's like a curse or smth
I'm pretty sure you can escape 4chan if you're /fa/, /fit/, and attractive. People are really superficial, they won't even care what you say then.
nup /fa/, attractive and relatively socially normal here, you never really escape this place

Post the post /fa/ celebrities
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What is his workout routine?
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Lift moderate weights for high reps.

Another fa celeb.
John Frusciante

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How do I make my legs look longer? I wore pic related tonight and a girl I barely know told me I have short legs. I laughed it off but I would like to know your opinion.
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what? you look fine.

>inb4 i took the bait
I am 5'7" maybe the head would make you see the proportions properly. It isn't a bait it really happened and I take a lot of heat from my friends for being a manlet. Thanks tho
dude ur body proportions are good, legs are a little bit short maybe but torso/overall you dont need to worry. if your friends really give you shit about something you cant control, fuck them.

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ive got elf ears and can't wear normal iphone earphones. post some inspo
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>buying any audio equipment with words like "urban", "street", "ghetto" as part of the product name
if you need industrial chic at least get grado or akg
Aren't all of Grado's stuff Open back?

It would suck for outdoor use.
el bumpo

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all hail herr urst
this autist gives julius a bad name

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Just a reminder that Common Projects aren't cool anymore.

if anything it's embarrassing if you still wear them

theyre so 2008 and just makes you look cringey and obvious you browse and are dressed by and internet forum when you wear them out in public
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I mostly see older people in their late 30s to early 50s wearing them, I don't think that demographic is really worried about what a poor neckbeard teenager from Toronto thinks of them
I disagree. I think they're a timeless classic.
This sneaker is super simple, so is never out of style, unless you buy a trendy colour like pink

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Let's get active and rate at least 3
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>whatever i feel like posting
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good stuff

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>tfw started buying less clothes and going to the gym instead

I feel amazing!
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How do I into ottermode
cuts and cardio
Fucking fit, get off our boooooard


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