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Zippo brass lighter essential fashion item y/n?
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No. You can taste the gas on the cigarette. Get a Dunlop
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Yes, customized mine.
Clipper lighters are the only thing you should be carrying

feel free to contribute
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remember to keep your body healthy and in good shape
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>paying 700$ for something when you can get it for 50$

>how to buy from taobao?

>W2C good Rick owens sandals?

>What are some good aliexpress shops?
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Actually believing that $50 counterfeit shoes are in any way comparable to authentic ones.



pick one.
>Thinking the real ones aren't clown shoes worth less than fakes
Any good fake ultra boosts?

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the old what are you wearing today waywt is dying
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that room is disgusting
why is there writing all over it are you a girl in middle school

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w2c this, also general thread
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le specs wild child
pretty cheap too
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>not oval

it's not 1999 anymore senpai

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Rate this hat I found at a goodwill I bought for $00.10
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>Very nice :^)
Worth it atleast

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Starting a new job. Need to buy Business Casual to Business Formal pieces.
I Need:
Black shoes (already own brown Allen Edmonds)
Tan chinos
Maybe another suit (already own a good J Crew one(navy) and a meh Banana Republic one(gray))

Checked out tuxbell but they dont have much in the way of more formal clothing. I'm meaning to hit up Charles Tyrwhitt. I live in NYC. I'm not looking to go crazy but I want to buy stuff that looks good and will last, but isnt terribly expensive.

I work in HFT dev at one of these (pic related).
Any other brand suggestions?

Thanks senpai
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Interested in shirts and trouser suggestions as well; my 32W slacks from BR are getting loose now (,:
No thanks. I dont want to be told to go to Uniqlo/J Crew/BR

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Hey /fa/
just got 150 on my SAT very happy.
thinking about getting some nice supreme jacket to treat my self

heres my body
what do you think will fit good on me ?
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from back
This one finally made me lose it, Jesus Christ.
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from the back in 180 degrease

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kill me.jpg
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>tfw my nipples are visible through my white linen shirt
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>not being fit and rocking a white see through rick tank

never gonna make it
wear looser linen stuff (which is how its meant to be worn). it wont be as visible
Okay lads my nips have a ring of like inch long hairs around them and its not connected to the patch in the middle of my chest. problem is im going to the beach with all my buddies in two weeks and idk if nipple hair ring is normal. do i shave em? pluck em? fuck

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post 'em
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File: walter_white_shoes.jpg (74KB, 584x413px)Image search: [Google]
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currently rockin' these =)

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hey guys, /tv/ here. any of you see this piece of kino yet? if so, what'd you think of it?
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what the fuck is kino?
is shrek kino?
>/tv/ here
go back
Ew Eli fanning.

She's got that acting style where she tries to go deep but in such a predictable way that comes off hollow.

Like, there not one second you feel like it's an actual person, not just a character.

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Any good vegan leather jackets?
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The only vegan option would be synthetic leather, so no
Leather can't be vegan, are you retarded ?

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Are watches the only option for wristwear?
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It is not the only option, but it is the best and only form of wristwear a man ever needs.
I'm looking for viable alternatives
The reason it is the best is because it has a direct function.

The next best thing is either a family heirloom, or something you yourself made and crafted from raw materials.

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What unlikely people would you cast as models?

I would cast pic related, he has an interesting face and radiated a "craziness" aura.

He stabbed a German policewoman in Berlin in 2015, his name is Rafik Mohamad Yousef.
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Heriberto Lazcano

Leader of los zetas untill he was killed several years ago
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Jacques, obviously.

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Seeing how the world is having a health-mania now, is it even /fa/ anymore to smoke at cafes, drink too much red wine, looking malnourished and tired, being artistically depressed, etc?

Guys maybe this is an aesthetic of the past now?
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Double down. Make it super astetic. Plus the world is overpopulated anyway.
I think it's pretty /fa/ to live healthily but still afford yourself some vices such as smoking or alcohol. Striking the balance between health-obsessed neurotic mess and suicidal fatalist.
smoking hasn't been fashionable for a long time. If any of you go to a university, look outside the dorms are to find where the smokers gather and notice what kind of people are there. You will no longer be fooled into the cigarettes are cool meme.

99 times out of 100, they are skinnyfat metalcore afficianados with greasy hair, acne, and a posse of "plaid and suspenders indie guy" and stupid whores with chokers and avenged sevenfold shirts. This is true in most places with young smokers. The simple fact is, in a world where smoking has been revealed to be undeniably self destructive and stupid, only the weak, bullied people find themselves trying it.

The days of Camus or whatever introspective smoker you fags probably try to emulate are over.

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