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Why would you wear any sneakers other than PF Flyers Made in the USA? Seriously, why are you buying that "imported" Nike/Adidas shit? Just wondering, are there any other national brand sneakers? I mean there's plenty of boot manufacturers, but what about for sneakers?
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everything made in the us is shit, id rather buy from ling lings factory
Rancourt and Company is the only one I can find.

>I work at a factory making hats that get sent all over the world
>USA made
>being shit

Must suck never getting to know the real world.

here you go OP. I just ordered Pic related because fuck Converse

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Want to cut unnecessary time and decisions out of your routine?
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not if it means dressing like aaron
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Tbh just go full Steve
aaron seems like a faggot

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Time to buy a new backpack. I've been using a navy Eastpak Padded Pak'R for ages and the inside starts to shed particles of plastic because of bad care (my fault).

I'm going for the college kid look obv. Recommendations?
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herschel pop quiz.jpg
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I'm thinking perhaps an Herschel backpack. They don't look bad.

Or maybe another Eastpak.

try a Supreme backpack from Grailed
Does the supreme meme ever end?

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What kind of jacket would you recommend for an effay battle jacket? Jean vests look like shit imo, but I can't think of any slim-fitting jackets with fabric thicc enough for band patches.
Also, metal/punk fashion general.
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What is that, metal or crust punk?
why not get a denim jacket with sleeves then?
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Levi's trucker in polished black has been doing well for me. I fucked up the back patch though, going to have to re sew it tomorrow.

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You know the drill, post what's on your feet right now.
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Chuck Taylor II's.
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Am I /fa/ enough?
Nice legs desu

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Is Jacques-core the next trend?


Post friar monk inspo
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where can i see more of this guy in the pic
song was fucking garbage btw
wow that was garbage, but more inspo on this core please

That's it. I'm a #JacquesMissile now!

(this is actually good)

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Howdy channers,
I was planning on bleaching this hoodie, do you think itd be possible to get it as light as this hat? Also any tips tricks and tactics for bleaching or should Mr. Google be all I need?
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Better hat pic
Ultimate cringe thread, phoneposter.
dip bleach it phag

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Wow I hope the kids at school will like my SWANS shirt. I'm so cutting edge with my normcore jeans, and CDG converse
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Fucking christ, meng
faggot band
faggot tuck
faggot shoes
faggot nails
only a trump hat away from being the perfect summation of 4chan

Can you even be /fa/ if you're under 6"2?

Basically every piece of men's fashion is tailored to guys 6"2 and above. Every male model is 6"2 or above. Every website you go on shows their clothes worn by 6"2+ models.

I feel like if you're under 6"2 you're better off just getting fit as fuck and wearing active wear.
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It's called getting things tailored

Nice Fitting clothes are the #1 hottest things a guy can do with fashion
i'm 6'3" but i'm neet.

would trade 6 inches height for a social and professional life.
Seriously, it's all about proportion. Tailoring everything is $$$ but it's worth it.

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Whole show must be fucking amazing. Post a pic or video.

Pic related
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it always annoys me seeing everyone on their phones taking pictures and shit
it can't be helped

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General Skate fashion thread

I really enjoy skating and cruising around town. But my fashion style is a little off compared to the typical Old School Vans and Dickies with the legs cut short. I am willing to cop them. So help me get some complete outfits together or recommendations for clothes and where to buy them ect. Help me look the part

P.s. Live in California so it's hot as balls, no jackets and sweaters. Even though I love them.
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What the fuck is this? Fuck off back to /r/ you gigantic faggot.

Just wear regular fucking clothes and skate faggot
fucking poser
skating is about skating not the fashion.
>old skools
>cropped dickies
literally the trendiest shit

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Are the tshirts that this guy uses really from thrift stores or is it a meme? I guess you could buy a standard white tshirt and put some print on it. What do you think dear /fa/?
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>I guess you could buy a standard white tshirt and put some print on it.

Yeah, because that seems a lot more likely
yeah they're literally from VV/Goodwill iirc he said in an interview. They look great on him because he's fucking jacked and decently cut, T-shirts are all about your body shape
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My shiacore

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hairline meme.png
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I got a bad haircut and I'm fucking mad.

>Uni student
>Go to school in the city
>Find a great barber, gives me great haircuts, good price too
>I have great hair all year at a great price thanks to this guy
>Go home for the summer
>Live in buttfuck nowhere, no good barbers
>Haven't had a haircut since the spring, figure it's time for one
>Dad mentions a new barbershop that opened up in town
>Walk in, it's a weekday so nobody's there
>Sit down
>The lady asks me what I want
>"#2 on the back and sides, and a quarter inch off the top," like I always say
>The lady gets her clippers ready
>Starts buzzing my head with NO GUARD
>"Uhm what are you doing, I asked for a number two"
>"Oh my bad, I forgot to put the guard on"
>She forgot to put the fucking guard on
>This lady just shaved a big fucking strip of hair on the side of my head completely bald with no fucking guard on
>Fuck it, have her #0 all the way around the back and sides because I'm not just gonna have a single bald-ass strip in the middle of my head
>She shaves completely the back and sides of my head, my skin looks like fucking shit because it's never not had hair on it, it's pale as shit and all red and irritated because she shaved it
>Shit looks like a sheet of printer paper with chicken pox
>Starts working on the top
>Sprays my hair with a spray bottle
>Gets it damp
>Okay this is normal
>She keeps spraying
>My hair is now wet, like I just got out of the shower
>This is odd
>She keeps spraying
>My hair is beyond soaking. It has reached peak saturation and has stopped holding water. At this point, the water just is just rolling right off onto my face and shit. This is wetter than my hair has been in my life
>What the fuck is going on
>She picks up the sopping mess that is my hair and cuts a straight line
>A straight fucking line
>No layering, no texturing, not even a fucking angle
>Just a single, straight cut with scissors across unbelievably wet fucking hair
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You put more effort into that post than she put into your hair lol
>"Looks OK?"
>It doesn't fucking look okay, but by this point I've realized that this lady is incompetent and that she can't do anything to fix the mess which she's made
>Say "yeah" while looking visibly displeased
>She rings me up
>Charges me more than my other barber, who actually cuts my fucking hair well, does
>Pay her, pointedly asking for change and leaving no tip
Holy shit I hope my barber can fix this. This lady really did not know what she was fucking doing. I think I understand the whole culture of barbershop and hairline memes now, because having a bad haircut really ruins your aesthetic

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so i recently turned into an adult, and im tired of wearing graphic tshirts and other crap like that. i want to get some basic polos shirts. does anyone know of a decent brand that isnt to expensive where i can get like 5 plain colored polos?
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Skip the polo to the casual linen button up.
You'll save time and money.
pro tip: polos usually only look good when v swole
so should i get >>11559287 what this dude said or something else.

File: 4F6B6557PAN.jpg (201KB, 590x885px)Image search: [Google]
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/fa/ i'm fucking melting. what's the male equivalent of pic related? looks nice and cool for summer
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A tranny
Just wear all linen and sandals

I live the jesus life often

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