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Hedi going offfffff rn
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who gives a fuck about that lame brand
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Why do I not see much SLP fits in /fa/? I see it a lot in /r/malefashion, but there isn't much of it here anymore.
he was fired from stl like an months ago

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Whats the ideal height, I'm 6ft6 is this too tall?
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511 to 6'1 is ideal for fashion 6'2-4 is perfect . Anything over is too much
190cm is ideal

feet/inches retarded anglo measuring units

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How come Robert Smith managed to make looking bad look so good?

Was it just his facial structure or something?
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kill arabs
Hes fat now tho
Eh, he's what? 60 or something?
Looks better than most at that age, and still has some sense of style at least.

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Recent cops thread. Got at a thrift store for 8 dollars originally like 300 dollars. What do I wear with this and is it a good or bad cop?
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bump. I copped these for 45 dollars
I also replaced the ugly huge laces with flat camo laces
awesome. keep it simple; fitted black bottoms and light collared shirt underneath (or black t-shirt, ig). i'm personally really into the whole clashing prints look, so i can see this being worn with a camo jacket

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Sup senpaitachi. I made a thread so that we can ask questions and be nice to each other.

Has anyone used yeahitslit.com? is it legit?
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No question but thought I'd be nice.

Calvin Klein employee discount in the US is the first three letters of the month plus pvh.
example: OCTPVH
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man, fuck you both but I'll bump for the sake of the board
anyone else feel like most shoes are ugly? even the most popular and expensive ones?

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some weird mole creature.png
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Important message from me Edition.

>post /fa/ feels ITT

I was just thinking about the girl who used to lurk here back in the day and ended up topping herself. It was quite tragic, she had a lot of self image issues.

I was just hoping that I could get the message across to some of you /fa/ girls that looks aren't everything in life. Afterall, for how vain, expensive, and creative fashion can be. or however much you consider fashion to be a lifestyle, in the end it is only a hobby. If you gain a lot of self-esteem from fashion, then I am happy for you, I know I do. Those who are the opposite though should really re-evaluate their life carefully and realize that if they are not happy, then fashion cannot be a supplement for happiness.

Wishing you all the best.
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>30inch inside leg too short
>32inch inside leg too long
Is this some type of extremely terrible bait, just get a 31 inch long inseam?
op that's an echidna. how does an echidna kill itself?

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Also ID on those boots?
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Whoopsie, wrong picture.
The hair cut certainly isn't /fa/, but the Rhodesian flag does have something.
what do you mean his haircut isn't effay

Why do people buy the shitty white stans with the green tab instead of buying decent colorways
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File: tretorn, size down .5, 1 left.jpg (51KB, 499x472px)Image search: [Google]
tretorn, size down .5, 1 left.jpg
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>not all stans are shitty
Woah I've never seen these.

All my Tretorns have fallen apart on me. I dont trust that brand at all.

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What clothing brands sell vegan friendly, sweatshop free, fair labor payments, Made in USA, fashionable, gluten free, allergy free, environmentally friendly, non-sexist, non-racist, equal employment, feminism friendly, and bio degradable clothing?

Looking for shoes, coats, sweaters, shirts, and pants.
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Also materials must be fat friendly, employees paid minimum of $15 per hour, as well as having quality materials
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oh so funny xD lel

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what kind of stores am I supposed to buy /fa/ from?
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ssense, farfetch, matchesfashion, luisviaroma, ln cc, etc
This shit is fucking hideous and overpriced
Do you posers really think this shit is cool

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Looking to buy a decent looking bike helmet, but dont know where to start? Just moved to a bigger city and have found biking is pretty much the easiest way to get around

xoxo ty all in advance
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if by biking you mean cycling, then stop being a faggot
who even uses a helmet when cycling lmao
Anyone sensible enough to not risk getting brain damage in exchange for looking a tad less silly.

>inb4 thankgodiwaswearingahelmet.jpg

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Palace Winter 2016 range drops soon
who will be copping?
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File: palace-drops-winter-lookbook-3.jpg (531KB, 1640x1094px)Image search: [Google]
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File: palace-drops-winter-lookbook-9.jpg (539KB, 1640x1094px)Image search: [Google]
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decent collection imo

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Perfect beaters
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Seem pretty flat, are they comfortable at all?
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I own these shoes and yes they are super comfortable, but god damn they go to shit in terms of aesthetics when they start to wear. The white flakes away and turns the ugliest grey imaginable. They work as beaters because it takes a while to get them to that point.

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Just bought this for 50$, I'm gonna re-sell it, did I fuck up?
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will the next generation find this stupid? Like most do with mullets nowadys
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Superman looked pretty good with a mullet
Yes it looks fucking retarded
White-collar mullet

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