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Any mexi/fa/gs on this board?
Where do you cop your stuff?

I finally got a somewhat decent job and can afford higher quality and designer stuff, however the selection here in Mexico is really limited and I'd have to order online.
Also I was super eager to cop some stuff in grailed, but I just found out you can't import used clothes, wtf, my dreams are shattered.
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What kind of job do you have?
Just curious.
I just got hired full time by a party supply store.
Going there on the 17th of December (Mexico City). Should I dress /fa/ or streetwear?

Is this effay?

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looks like some tron shit, actually pretty fucking dope
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also would cop
I used to play csgo and I have no idea what that design is supposed to be.

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so what exactly can you wear with adidas track pants?
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jean jacket and yellow fila polo, fila sneakers
now you goshacore af
Running shoes, puffy jacket, any kind of sweater
w2c cheap fake adidas tracksuit

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Can anyone ID these pants/recommend something similar
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those are shia labeouf's pants i believe
This is correct
Aren't those sweatpants?

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What are the dos and don'ts of chelsea boots? In terms of pant/jean style, how the cuffs sit, etc...
Specifically for someone who's new to them but wants to invest in a pair.
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been thinking of getting some. They look best on skinny people
They're pretty versatile, you can do just about anything with them. The trick is that because they tend to be low profile and a smooth silhouette, to match that with pants that aren't too baggy. Pants can be any material and will tend to lead to vcertain fits depending which you use. Cuffing and non cuffing is fine depending on how much you want the chelsea to show off.
but that's my opinion
wear skinny jeans and dgaf

cop or not?
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is that the Flamelord or whatever from WC3?
yes and no

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NO streetfag shit, just black sneakers.
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Just get boots
If you are going to get reeboks get the club c 85's
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these beauties

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Losing this much hair every shower I take. Be blunt with me /fa/. Am I balding?
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Just a quarter's worth? If you aren't extremely poor, just buy it back
Yes, I'm sorry anon.
your hair looks like it's made out of plastic.

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Alright /fa/, does anybody know how these shoes are called? Ive been loking for them for some time now
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air jordan top 3
Thank you
>reverse search this image on google
>literally all the search results show the name of the shoe

Did this really deserve it's own thread OP?

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Is there a particular term for a short poncho like this?

I want to implement them in character designs of mine but don't know what to call them, and I worry that just saying "short poncho" won't get the right image across (or just make the reader think of the mexican dudes from old movies with big hats and long mustaches).

Also, poncho appreciation thread, I really think they're cool and adorable desu.
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>get a wool poncho, regular size
>wash it in hot water, toss it in the drier
Op didn't ask how to make them, but rather how to call them

>be me
>want to buy new clothes
>sales people usually ignore me when i walk in to stores
>people at more expensive stores (harry rosen, nordstrom) ignore me the most
>feel bad trying on clothes and asking for shoes in my size because i'm not going to buy anything, just find my size and shop online when there are discounts
anyone the same?

pic related
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you are an asshole
Stop being fat or rediculously short and people will stop ignoring you
just get your shit and go homo

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I want the camo one for hunting or bird watching or something but I'll look like a douche in the city right
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This b the normal one
Can I just be really attractive and pull off camouflage ?
That goes for pretty much anything on /fa/

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Preppy - Ivy - Trad
HDubya edition/fuck KJP edition

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File: Screenshot_20161202-210721.png (2MB, 1440x2560px)Image search: [Google]
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>manlet 1.8m
>short neck
>average clavicle width
>short torso

I have extreme difficulty finding suit jackets that fit. Is there any style of anything I should be paying special attention to? I was going to get a bespoke suit from Savile row for a Christmas treat, but I don't want to end up facing the same problem I get when buying from a store.

Pic semi related, if I could get that sort of fithing I'd be happy. Even if it cost a bit more.
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seems like you're after a one or maybe two button slim jacket with high armholes and/or pagoda shoulders in a shorter length to fit your height

a bespoke jacket/suit would certainly be your best option because it'd be, well, made to fit you and you can go over all the options with an experienced tailor

the jacket in OP is more casual rather than formal and it probably wouldn't be appropriate in most business settings, fyi
it's important to think about how and when you plan on wearing the jacket because that will determine a lot of what to look for/ask for

if you want to check out some designer stuff
Carol Christian Poell offers signature high armholes and very slim cuts on his suiting
Rick Owens' more structured jackets also tend toward high armholes and pagoda shoulders
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>>manlet 1.8m
Isn't that above average?

Thoughts? Would you personally wear them?
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poor man raf simons
File: 060.png (80KB, 500x475px)Image search: [Google]
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After I tear off the nike logos maybe. Preferably the strap would be black too.

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