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Classic portrait of an adult fashionable man on blue shirt and stylish jeans celebrating his victory while standing and looking at you on isolated studio

I'm trying to up my fashion game and wanted some advice on how to not only look good but exude the type of confidence the guy in pic related has. I want people's (mainly with two X chromosomes) initial opinion of me to be better than I currently think it is and I think personal appearance has much to do with that—not even considering the feedback loop confidence effect.

I'll post some more pics that show the specific type of look I'm going for, but I'd really appreciate y'all's input.
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Hello, my backpack broke today after 10 years of service and I want to order something new. Do you have any recommendations between 60-100€. I'm thinking Vans or something similar. Thanks.
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Mr Robot backpack is fine. Get a black or a sage one for more practicality, better matching with other colors.
Mr. Robot actual backpack. And the color is better than his black one.

Hey /fa/gs

Give me parka inspo

Pic related is what I originally had in mind, but got overwhelmingly negative reactions last time I posted it

>might post some more that I thought about later
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Stop being an asshole, anon
File: IMG_0473.jpg (65KB, 542x783px)Image search: [Google]
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I just bought one of these. Mainly cause I'm a Mod who's never owned a proper parka, and because I think they look awesome
oh god what the fuck is that

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Is social media /fa/ or is it /fa to completely abandon it?
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idk man. i abandoned fb and i feel a lot better about human relations. can't say if it's effay though
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Instagram is the only /fa/ social media outlet imo. What's not to like? It's not cancerous as Facebook has gotten recently, although Instagram is owned by Facebook. It's somehow stayed clean from trash like ads and stuff. It's only getting better.
>Shameless self profile plug
It's effay to have a valid sincere genuine thoughtful reason to embrace/leave it.

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How's the sizing on these? About to cop one and I'm wondering whether I should size down.
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On the chest size I mean.
/k/ please go
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I'm actually from /mu/, jefe.

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New Year's resolution: dispense of all my peasant rags and only wear classic fit suits.

Benefits to wearing classic suits:
> you stand out in a crowd
> exude self-respect
> sexual magnetism
> look great
> feel great
> It's cheaper because it's not "fitted" (i.e. skinny)
> embody timeless style
Cons to wearing a classic suits:
> trolls on /fa/ shitpost, because they wanna be you
> never get a break from the pussy
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Just ordered pic related. Two-piece, three-button, single breasted, grey classic fit. It's the start of a respectable wardrobe.
File: 1482912871885.jpg (76KB, 724x455px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm following in the footsteps of ReviewBrah and giving up normie clothing.

The suit isn't just about how you look. It's about making the best of life.
Yeah, it's pretty important to get the pants hemmed. I've seen TROWTW's day in the life videos (my main inspiration [along side Frasier]), and he has both hemmed and unhemmed trousers.

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What's this style called?
Is she effay?
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pajama core
Girls that think wearing sweatpants and a shitty oversized shirt to make it look like they don't give a shit about what they wear, or girls that wear pjs, are simply autistic. they are usually hot but they still have autism for wearing such sluggish clothes publicly

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A nutritious diet, sufficient exercise routine and a solid skin care/hair cleansing and protective routine (as well as genetics) are obviously going to be the most effective components to producing and maintaining optimum skin and hair health.

But in terms of vitamin supplementation, what specific vitamins are there on the market that you personally believe are the most useful for supplementing hair and skin vitality? What combinations do you take? What dosages do you take? How has it benefited you? What would you recommend? Are supplements just a waste of time? Curious what you all think. A comprehensive list of vitamins might be beneficial to a lot of people.
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sounds fake but okay
idek people took stuff for their hair and skin outside of prescribed acne shit

personally i think a product-based routine for your skin is more than enough, especially if you do the full set (moisturizer/exfoliating products/facial cleansers)

as for hair, less than daily use natural shampoo + conditioning everyday is optimal, i personally use coconut oil in my hair and that is amazing too

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Discuss Techwear.
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No. Game over for gay techwear.
Yep. This unfortunately.
I deleted all of my Reddit posts but I've left this up in the archive to warn other people off this expensive meme trend. I'll repost it here:

Steer clear filks, it's been dead for years, probably around the same time as Sufu died. Funny that.
oh man trying to read the comments is painful since you deleted all of yours.

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Gildan utlra cotton tee's or uniqlo supima?

The Gildan ones are going cheap as fuck, I'm thinking if I'm just getting plain tee's I'll get some of these and better spend my money on other pieces of clothing (hoodies, sweaters, shoes etc.)
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gildan comfy
both comfy
u pick whatever
what's the fit like on the gildans just regular? Are muscle fitting tee's better?

Does anyone have any tips for kicking common bad habits??? I can't stop biting my nails.
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A noose
Get braces or just mix some deadly poison in with clear nail polish. Or just replace your habit with chewing gum or use that bitter nail polish stuff designed for nail biters.
Same fucking habit. I've had it since I was around ten years old, I'm 24 now and I never stopped since then. My fingers are ugly as fuck and every now and then, it get infected and I have to cut my finger to get the pus out of it.

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Is pizza effay?
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Pizza yes, little caesars, no. Eat it with a fork and a knife.
Yeaa, pizza, netflix, and disney movies in a blanket fort, just /fa/ things.
not as effay as those shoes god damn

File: 81RGag4+JLL._SL1500_.jpg (318KB, 1500x1500px)Image search: [Google]
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What are some effay riding jackets?

I don't want to walk around wearing pic related when I ride my motorcycle to class, but I also don't want to become paste on the road if I skid out.

So who makes some fashionable yet functional motorcycle gear?
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Just buy a leather jacket. Sometimes you have to choose practicality over fashion.
Is just leather good protection or does it have to be purpose built? I see a helmut lang leather jacket on grailed for a good price.
depends, real riding jackets are usually cut from pretty heavy leather, fashion jackets can be very thin or thick.

File: Slavoj_Zizek_in_Liverpool_2.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px)Image search: [Google]
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How do I adopt this look?
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>Bathe in a river only ONCE week, and in full view of children.
>Put on 10 stone.
>Wear vintage corduroy trousers that have been worn by elderly people who died and had their clothes donated to a thrift store.
>Swap shirts with a homeless person
>Cut your hair with rusty scissors and with your eyes closed just twice a year.
>Smoke the cheapest tobacco you can find
>dress minimally and practically in dark, natural colours

Get addicted to coke for a few years until you start getting face twitches and nervous tics
Keep doing mad coke everyday
Flail your hands and spit when you talk
Hang out with homeless people for a week to get a feel for their aesthetic
Grow a Russian beard, trim it with a steak knife
Go ask your barber to just fuck your shit up a little
Cop your wardrobe from goodwill
Wash your hair with beer only, once a week

File: g002_159.jpg (505KB, 840x1343px)Image search: [Google]
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Let's talk about coats/jackets for wetty cold weather. I live by the seaside and I'm looking for a waterproof, insulated but not padded good looking jacket without obnoxious logos on the chest. I dont really want to follow the north face meme all the people around me do. What is /fa wearing for english like winter weather? Also, where to cop jacket like the from the picture? Pic source: Umebi no onna no ko by Asano Inio
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I love in Buffalo so cold weather preparedness is essential. In that area I would go for alpha industries, I have the N-3B slim fit and I love it. It's really comfortable, affordable ($200 but I got it for $90 BC their website glitched), and in -40 degree weather you can wear just a t shirt underneath and not be cold. All while being pretty light considering. And they have other coats for different level of weather protection depending on the severity of where you live. Good luck man
File: received_1204605356294897.jpg (73KB, 1225x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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Me too, im fat but its based even on me. Not in buffalo, but also upstate ny and its cozy af, altho got it yesterday so have yet to have to test it
stutterheim coat and a liner.
Coats are one sale on oki ni iirc, and a simple german army liner runs you 15 eur at max.

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