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I work in the Fashion Industry, and one thing many people don't realize is that a lot of store fronts are actually brands that play ball with Amazon.

An easy to point at example would be Wild Fang - a feminist fashion brand that got its foot traffic location recommendations directly from Amazon. For playing ball with Amazon.

Everyone is noticing that Amazon is planting seeds to try to make them grow. If you work in fashion in Seattle, you see their agents at every show. Seattle is already #4 in terms of Apparel sales- even though inventory is heavily taxed here unless you have moving inventory.

So... whats with Amazon?
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Clearly America focused
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using them as a sales portal and keeping inventory at Amazon distribution centers.

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Behind rent, cc's maxed out, yet I can't stop spending $$$ on clothes. Has anyone gotten evicted?
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you are dumb asf. I know how this feels when you cop one thing then the next thing is easy to cop to. just stop buying shit its easy. dont do drugs
let us no how it feels op
why do poor people in flyover states love rick so much?

other people in your tax bracket don't even know what it is, you're just bankrupting yourself to look like a clown to your peers

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just a daily reminder. Everyone on here seems to think that you should be super thin or you cant be effay. Theres a lot of people who actually benefit more from putting on some fat. Dont fall for the meme if you dont fit the aesthetic.
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being anorexia tier isn't good for anyone
>Everyone on here seems to think that you should be super thin or you cant be effay.
Nobody thinks that
i'm skinny af but look like right pic

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I've always liked things simple and elegant, and if I could, I would dress more formally.

Casual clothing is indeed simple, and I like that, but it lacks a certain 'Joie de Vivre'. But I'm too afraid to express my 'Joy' because I'm afraid of sticking out or seeming pretentious.

Then I saw Reviewbrah, like a light in the night. He's a (seemingly) unemployed 23 year old with autism, and yet he dresses exactly how he wants to.

If Reviewbrah can do it, so can I. I'm going to dress how I like, and I don't care if I'm the only person in my age group who dresses that way.
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you're gonna need to buy some brylcreem.


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why are asians so prone to falling into horrible fashion aesthetics

asians have a pretty good aesthetic independant of the west so i dont know why they just sell themselves out so fast for low tier negro culture and other bad aesthetics
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>why are (4.3 billion people) so prone to (one thing)
dunno dude
even in asia they do it though. look at youth culture in east asia its just the west with a slight asian twang to it. they copy everything and disregard who they are quicker than any other race. even black people who dont have any high culture independant of the west have more originality than the asians
ID on jacket?

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is there anything more unfashionable than rap and streetwear?
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yes op, whatever the fuck is in your closet beta

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>when you have that "nerdy white guy face" so you can't try any fun or interesting styles without looking like a sperg
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Post face
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>posting your face on 4chan

You know the type
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>Want to unironically wear some Rick Owens pieces
>Live in the Southern U.S
>I'm ugly

Well shit a brick

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Post your belts. Just copped this baby
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you black? i bet you own a michael kors wallet too
I am indeed black. There a problem cracker?
yes nigger

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I have this passion for socks and I wear multicolored , striped , simple , literally any type of socks.

What type of socks do /fa/ like?
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atm red socks are a trend.

Instagram vid related https://www.instagram.com/p/BN8Xzseggfu/?taken-by=watchyoudie
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Not a big fan of red socks , I got only red christmas themed cozy ones.
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The striped ones are my fav atm. Very nice.

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Last Thread: >>12063668

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

Model Diet Manual:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
removed by mods :o(
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What does /fa/ think about /r/streetwear or streetwear in general?
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This is their recent meetup

Absolutely hassidic
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post them
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telly savalas.jpg
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Looking for facial hair advice, not sure how to be shaping it. Without it i look really baby faced, im 18 so dont like to look younger than i am, plus girlfriend likes it better when i have it. Will post pics of each side
Working on weight loss, down close to 40 lbs since i started, but its a process.
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Higher on the cheeks if you can grow it there.
Don't want it too low it looks like a chinstrap or even into neckbeard territory.

gj on weight.

My friend dresses like this every day and until recently he'd wear outfits that were only one color(green shirt,green flannel,green pants,green shoes) Ive tried talking to him about it but he seriously thinks he looks fantastic like a 10/10 outfit. How do i get through to him?
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Man's fit is fire. Let him be.
He seems like a wonderful person, you should be ashamed of yourself anon.
he seems fun

he knows he isn't main character material so he went for main character's bro-tier best friend instead

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Female hair advice thread

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>all just traps posting
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Trying to find the best products for wavy/curly hair. My hair is a little different each time I wash it. What are the best shampoos, conditioners and leave in products??
I'm also growing out my hair.
There's females on here

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