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Post the most effay uniforms. I have a small collection to dumb
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What are some examples of cutecore?
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Stop now

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I refuse to cut my hair and shave my face.. Haircuts and shaving are unnecessary and largely a scam. There is nothing wrong with growing your beard out and your hair long. A little conditioner and/or oil wax goes a long way. It is possible to look decent if not distinguished even with a full beard and long hair. Prove me wrong.
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If you like the dirty homeless vagabond look, good for it
It's possible to look smart and decent obviously, but you would never fit in with high finance/law types for example
sure there is nothing wrong with it man, but if it looks like shit, or even if it doesn't, there is also nothing wrong with other people not wanting to be seen around you either.

What would you wear these with? I like them, but I'm not sure what I'd actually do with them.
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who cares
Looks like it would go well with some polka dot overalls and a curly red wig
raw, selvedge, indigo-dyed noose

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with a razor you fucking clown
This, usually what i do as well
>tfw 20
>still can't grow a beard

is this normal guys?

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Hey /fa/ long time lurker here from /o/ /k/ and /b/ heres a long story short on the request I have to make to guys.

>Be 7 years ago in Burlington coat factory
>Shopping around since I dont like that store but I'm bored
>They have jewelry section with awesome chain
>First time in my life buy a piece of jewellery
> Be now want to buy another one but have looked for years for it

So I'm wonderin maybe if there's a name to the style of the chain, ive only ever seen it 2 other times in my whole life pic related I saw the girl from stranger things wear it in an interview

Pls pls pls help me out /fa/
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its a chain
search for padlock chains then take the padlock off

fucking clueless fuck, i probably know more about guns and cars than you too
the chain looks fucking shit, you don't want it.

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stupid questions and questions that don't deserve their own thread

I'm in Hoi An, Vietnam and have the opportunity to get high quality tailoring done for cheap. What's good ot have tailored? They can do all clothing and make copies of anything I have pictures of. I don't really want to get a suit, should I just have them make a couple of shirts and pants?
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found something for the cringe thread
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They make good leather jackets in Hoi An and a pair of sneakers I got made from there lasted me years.

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w2c this?
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you can only cop abos like that outback australia

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What if I wore one of these everyday?
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I saw a Black guy wearing one, he looked effay. But he was good looking so probably can cop whatever he wants.

If you're good looking as well you won't look like a sperg. Otherwise, just don't.
Yoshikage Kira-core
People would assume you like being surrounded by "seamen"

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I have about $1800 to spend on glasses and sunglasses. I normally wear contacts but if I don't spend this money by the end of the year it goes away.

Don't really know much by way of what would look good on my face. I bought pic related a couple of days ago, though knowing what I know they're probably not that great a choice.

I'd like to buy some high quality frames that are durable, look good, or that I might possibly be able to re-sell if I found myself not using them too often.

I'll post my face in the next post so you have an idea of my face structure. Thanks for any help!
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my faaace.jpg
1MB, 1440x2560px
Here's my face, please excuse the facial pubes
Tortoise Shell m'man
You can get a LASEK for that price and fix your eyes for good.

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it will be just plain black shirt with a small nazi embroidery stitched into it

what sort of consequences can i expect from this. i already have a sick mullet
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im gonna be pairing it with these sun glasses

if anybody talks shit im just gonna say im jewish. literal check mate on the haters
>just a prank bro

i support you though
If you wear it to college or work you're in trouble. Besides that probably some mean looks and the occasional "Please leave the store". Also nods from closet neo nazis.

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So my girlfriend told me she wants some posters around the new house because the walls are pretty bare, since were both into fashion i brought up the idea of posters of fashion brands. The only problem is that i don't know any good sites to get fashion posters, i did some looking around online but nothing that looks good quality. So a TL:DR is, i need to find fashion posters
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sounds fucking tasteless mate
to each their own
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>not autistic posters
>i want a big picture of (((Rick Owens))) on my wall


Greetings from /out/

Let me start by admitting that I live waaaaaaaay out in the middle of nowhere.
I am fashion illiterate to say the least.
Grown men in the cities.
Men with jobs and families.
Do they or do they not wear skinny jeans.
Thank you so much for a moment of your time /fa/
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fuck i wish I had legs like that
Slim for sure, skinny possibly. Wide "regular" leg is for plebs
I wear wrangler slim fit but I'm from Texas. Levi's seem to be the standard. I have a pair of Calvin Klein jeans every now and then.

Slim but not skinny. Cowboy cut depending on the jeans

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Does anyone have scans of Free & Easy, Popeye magazine, and Hail Mary?
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Popeye has its annual girls issue going on right now. The other two I can try and buy tonight if no one else has scans
How bout you pay for it
hey if you can get some girls mags from popeyes and put up a paypal or donation kind of shit
i will donate to you cuz u r a real pal

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Now is that the real length of his neck ?
No idea, not sure if I have ever seen the original
what temperature was it on this day?

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