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27 year old bald man here... Have been sporting the shaved head since I was 20. I'm comfortable with it. I'm curious what /fa/ thinks of
Scalp Micro Pigmentation procedures and if anyone has gotten one.
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Seen someone with it.
It doesn't be stop that oilyness that bald scalps have, but other than that it looked fine
It's like.. so you get the treatment done and it looks like a perfect hairline but no texture.. but then after a few years does the tattoo start shifting and aging like a normal tattoo?
Nah, they use a special silica based ink or something. It'll fade away completely in like 6 years but doesn't ever turn green like a normal tattoo

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In your opinion what's the best and most durable Casio G Shock watch? I live in a very small coastal town in Australia and I can't buy watches locally. I need something durable that's going to be able to take a few bumps but also something that doesn't look like trash. If it helps to know what I do over the last year I've been contracted by the Australian Defence Force to run hostile environment simulations across the country with fresh recruits. Anyway, thank you in advance and Merry Christmas.
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are you sure you want a casio tho??

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Top kek, this reminds me of when /fa/ went through the "is Bane effay" faze.

And no he isn't, he looks like an old redneck.

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What vintage clothing does /fa/ get? I'll start.

2 mint 1970's polyester houndstooth pants
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I rarely thrift, nicest thing I got was some kind of limited edition all black fred perry harrington (mine has black and white lining)
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Yeaa but the 70's was when polyester was at its peak. Plus they're mint so I can't bitch about it.

Is there any reason to buy flyknit racers anymore
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Yeah they still look good. Just not as comfortable
Racers have a much nicer silhouette, slimmer and more fitting - UBs will always look like wide old people comfort shoes to me
Those are not UB , they are closer to racers than UB

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should I cop or not?
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no ew
y not?
u tryna look like a metrosexual from the 00s?

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New to fashion. Give me the best advice on brands and what styles I should go for.
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Is that ice poisiden?
Whats wrong with that guy? Looks like he has autism

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Seeing as how it is Christmas day I'm sure many of us have been gifted money and are looking to make some new cops. I was thinking we could get a thread going where we can share online stores that are having sales or just specific pieces that are on sale.
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So are you gonna start?
>Harvey Nichols

having a big sale rn on a lot of designer stuff
doesn't asos usually have an end of year sale?

File: IMG_1712.jpg (195KB, 529x530px)Image search: [Google]
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Is there anything like this fleece I can get for not too expensive?? And if so w2c????
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>ري هقوص
actions speak louder than words


What are some effay belt buckles
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File: s-.jpg (114KB, 1024x562px)Image search: [Google]
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Get a genuine Germany art buckle. There are a lot in circulation for some reason.


What's the modern clothing equivalent to Asceticism? I really like the idea of really minimal and cheap clothing
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Plain unbranded clothing. I like banana republic's tshirts - they're just plain unmarked shirts, pretty good fabric. Not sure about where to get unbranded trousers and jeans.
Shop exclusively at uniqlo and muji.

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I've come to a block with my fashion sense and nothing is jumping out at me therefore leaving me to mope around wearing the same black jeans and jacket.
I'm: 5"5; brunette; short hair (pixie cut) with a head size to match (like a garden pea); small waist but I attained some hips n tiddiEs thanks to puberty. I'm no skele twig.
Do you have any advice for me?

Also, anyone else gone through a mental block like this, how'd you get out of it?
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~ Forgot to mention that I'm slim build. ~
>anyone else gone through a mental block like this,

This mental block is due to the Geo-political shift we are currently experiencing in the west. It will take a while to stabilize.

As a woman you follow the current orthodoxy of the society, which has been overwhelmingly 'Progressive' in nature (hence the pixie cut). Now that we have taken a hard turning toward the right wing, it is understandable that you would be disorientated. As a man, it is hard for me to know exactly what you should be wearing, but I would guess that moving towards a more innocent, feminine and reserved look would be your best bet.
go full 90s grunge, don't wear skinny jeans or black jeans

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Cop or not?
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They're too obvious. Just get the cream/black pair with the single small meme heart.
Where can I get them? Reverse google gives me no stores
go in the fucking cop general

File: sweaterdress.jpg (17KB, 340x528px)Image search: [Google]
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was in the mall today and i really wanted to cop this, im a dude but its only in womens, i tried it on and my head is too big to fit thru the neck, so i wanted to buy it and cut it, would this work out?
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if you think it'll work then it will work
It's p cute but idk how well a guy could pull it off. You'd probably have to be pretty twink-y
There's so much shit wrong with this awful sweater. That it's a cotton/poly blend alone should make you steer clear.

gazelle is officially a meme
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File: Adidas-Gazelle-1.jpg (179KB, 1000x667px)Image search: [Google]
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File: 2016-10-30_22.11.12.jpg (3MB, 1657x2592px)Image search: [Google]
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I can only get so erect

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