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What's the most effay lighter?

My vote goes for the Hard Rock Tokyo zippo.
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brown bic
Literally looks like a pile of shit.
A strip of magnesium

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bought this watch today. did i do good?
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Since everyone else will be posting their Hot Opinions too, I'll say that I'm not really a fan of the subdial layout or the roman numerals.

But if it works with your fits and you like it, don't let my opinion dissuade you from liking it.

And if that was actually an xmas gift, delete thread and be appreciative of it. Build a fit around it, and make that fit be your "family gathering" fit.
Looks like something a persian gas station clerk would wear.
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good choice

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So wait, wait, wait just a goddamn second.

This is you guys? Really?

I thought we had something going on here, but it's just cookie cutter social recluses and literal faggots.
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Does anyone have the pic with the real neck length ?
it's only the few among us stupid enough to go to a meetup with random people with one vague common interest
It's not stupid. But if the fashion enthusiasts were like designers and fashion students, not just hYpEbOiS, then it would be cool

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when i started lurkin' at /fa/ i was still not getting whats about that shit rick owens is designing.

but now i start to actually like his sneakers and weird cut clothes. do i start to understand something or am i just an idiot getting blind?

what do you think about his shit? are you actually liking it or is it just a meme?
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>what is stockholm syndrome
you are right and holy fuck
>888 00
His clothes are the gayest fucking shit I've ever seen, and it costs $3000 dollars for a fucking shirt when it's really worth about $2.50

You're an idiot if you buy that shit

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800 (2).jpg
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What is this fit called?
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The "I'm rich so IDGAF"
The "I'm slightly above middle class, I hate my children and my wife is sleeping with a black man" fit
"I'm 48, still got 200k left in mortage I got 20 years ago, but I still lease a fancy car for 900/month"

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Show me your best, considering the Curry Trifecta Black
>pic related
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go away underage nigger
>buying anything but comfy

its like you dont even understand why clothing was created
I play basketball and want to get some opinions on effay shoes to play in, not sure what I did wrong

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Is smoking cigarettes /fa/?
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no its degenerate
No you just look dumb
>something to do // conversation starter

>kissing you actually sucks, nobody wants this
>lose your taste over time
>fuckign cancer
>very obvious vice
>expensive and worthless
>marketed to you as fuck

i stopped myself, but im sure theres a lot more fun to be had. smoking is for people who are morons, or get addicted in a stage of their life where they are lacking judgement.

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Hypebeasts get itt. I have this yeezus shirt for sale. Throw me your best offers
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Sent ;)
highest offer so far is $115

pick a brand, either one on your mind, or often discussed, and tell us why you love or hate it
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I love raf simons.
was into it before it got popular and even now after streetwear has "infected" it I still like it. I will agree that recent collections (anywhere from 2009-2010 beyond) are no where near his early work, but I still enjoy it. The sterling ruby collab a couple seasons ago was one of my favorite projects even though it wasn't old raf.
Unironically Rick.
I just like the Gothic moody style of it. Fits are very nice and comfortable to wear. Quality is really well and it's often on sale. Also it despite good collections it still has some kind of "permanent stock" which allows easier beginning with its "essential" pieces. Also quality didn't drop and despite small infestation from Hypebeast thanks to this nigger Asap our husbando Rick is still pure.

I guess it's all thanks to the simple fact makes clothes for himself and not anyone else.
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this. aw14 was so good. the use of fabrics and silhouette with the garments and shoes was amazing. ss16 is good too, very reminiscent of his 02-05 years.

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I need your help, /fa/. I want to become Columbo. The raincoat is the issue, everything else is easy, but a raincoat that fits the part, really fits, is impossible to find. I don't care if it's used or if it's new and I have to stain and dirty it myself, I just need a raincoat that fits the bill, price irrelevant.
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It's just an overcoat, like the kind stereotypical pedophiles and flashers wore in old films. They couldn't possibly be difficult to find, OP, though I've never looked.
File: fig07-23_columbo19761010.jpg (24KB, 324x606px)Image search: [Google]
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What are these clothes called?
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Trendy 80s fad clothes?
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I fuck with this style desu
I actually like that jacket.

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What's the most effay horoscope sign?
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it's leo
Libras look like Darkseid's Omega symbolism




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Any cheaper alternatives to the Alpha Industries MA-1?
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Buzz Rickson
the uniqlo u ma-1 is on sale right now
Honestly, you're way better off saving up for a real Alpha Industries one. It'll last forever, remember, and the fashion knock-offs are almost guaranteed to be inferior quality. And that goes for the hyper-expensive Japanese replica brands - they never do U.S. military clothing as good as the original article, despite what they claim. Stick to the real deal kid, you'll be happier.

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I know Jake Gyllenhaal has glorious hair but...
Is this the kind of haircut only actors in Hollywood can have for movies or shootings ? Does it require any particular kind of products/ styling ?

I have wavy hair that are not as thick as his but I dig this haircut so much, I really want to reproduce it.
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File: dastananiwink.gif (484KB, 500x332px)Image search: [Google]
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Here's my hair. Like I said, wavy and no form at all.

File: calvinKleinMensBoxers.jpg (309KB, 1280x1687px)Image search: [Google]
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What is the best looking and/or best feeling men's underwear?
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I only wear ExOfficio Give-n-Go boxer briefs.
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Do you wear them that high up?
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