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I've realised there's a particular style of suit that I want to make my standard garment. It's called the double breasted, particularly the unfitted variety.

I'll post some pictures of people I want to look like, and can /fa/ tell me more about it and similar styles.

I'm a complete novice, and I know there will be more varieties I will like going forward, but for now this is the type I want to start with.
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Also, I'm not interested in fitted 21st century styles. I'm more into the baggy 90s suits and the "sack" 1920-30s suits.
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This one's a but modern, but not bad.

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WWYWT Thread
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Pinrolled the jeans.
This isn't /pol/ btfo faggot
Go away

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how do you like meundies?
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in b4 a bunch of cucks get triggered

Model? Modal?
Blatant sexual marketing. I'll stick to my boring hanes thanks

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please help me steal this look
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supreme ski goggles
bape top
supreme underwear
lv belt
balmain jeans
>lthey not supreme underwear stuipid ass niqqa
who the fook is that guy?

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My gf just asked me if she should buy these but idk if these are fashionable.
I just bought a pair of new balances 998 so I think she was feeling self conscious
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get her some hender schemes instead :^)
Did they change those or something?

They look way shittier in that picture than I remember
nah nigga its Adidas season, you goofy asf if you wearing nike goin into 2017

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What kind of jacket can you wear with lightwash jeans??
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double denim yo
Almost any kind of jacket, but never black shoes

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that style is called 2013 but with Adidas

is the punk look aesthetic?
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Certainly not if you have to ask.
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i don't know, i like it but i want to know what /fa/ thinks
I think you should fuck off.

What's the brand of Gud's hoodie?
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BUMP !!!
bass pro shop
its just a real tree camo sweatshirt u can find 12 different versions of on amazon

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post wallets /fa/gs
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My wallet is not effay but it was a gift from my qt sweetie gf so I'll fuckin use it
disgusting logo shit-tier wallet
it's alright but yeah. mundane
it looks nice, simple but nice

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what does /fa/ think?

would you date a girl that always wears sneakers?
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I don't fucking care about what shoes she's wearing, but if she writes like that she can go fuck herself
what time does phatmashit open

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is king krule the most /fa/ musician of the 2010 pitchfork era

both musically and aesthetically. shit videos though

but fits and music will live on forever
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King Krule is one of my main inspirations but please don't push the /fa/ agenda on him hes so much more than that. Let Rocky and fucking Tyler have it they need it to make their music worth listening to
same his music has been on rotation for years. i always come back to it. hes already outlived his peers for me
He was posted really often in 2013 here.

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Yohji Yamamoto.jpg
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What brought you to Fashion ?
Which event in your life pin points the moment you started to wear distinctively, or has it always been there?
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when i missclicked fit and realized i dressed like a retard slob
it started senior year of highschool when i started to care about how i looked but i didn't really invest in proper fitting clothes until junior year of college when i had decent income

before that i was trying to make it work with fast fashion now im trying to find better fitting and quality clothes. i know the exact style im trying to achieve and im more than satisfied with my current shoe rotation.
I never picked my own clothes growing up. My parents dressed my brother and I alike and treated us alike despite having a 2 year age gap. The more distinguishable I became as I aged, the more I sought to express myself. My mother worked in high end fashion retail when I was In high school, that really opened the doors for me to take interest. I also browsed 4chan, so eventually my interest led me here to /fa/.
This place is shit but back then warosu allowed me to sift through the gold.

I know I've seen it before but I need to find this jacket
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should you really be wearing that
File: wolf_nigger.jpg (33KB, 598x346px)Image search: [Google]
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this nigga is so fucking trash (yeah)
from his music to his fashion choices (yeah)
demeanour is soo off-putting (yeah)
and how he sounds like a 6'3" black man but is really a 5'2" black child (what)

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So my older sister got me this specific patagonia jacket, I'm thankful and it feels nice. I'm just wondering if I should be prepared for humiliation as I go back to campus with this eccentric color scheme?
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Just wear it with black jeans and some simple sneakers, preferably white but nothing too autistic or flashy.
ive seen uglier, nobody will give a shit probably

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