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Is there anything like loot crate where I can actually get good shit?
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I mean like, something like loot crate from which I could get fashionable tees and whatnot jeez
fuck no.

delete this thread.

next time ask this in the fuccboi general instead of making a thread.

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looking for some pins for my denim jacket
post what ya got
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What do you think is the best way to keep a room smelling good?
Do you use candles, sprays, oils, incense...etc?

I want to invest in a proper aromatic method for my apartment. Looking for something long lasting that (both the product and scent).

I don't want anything too floral, or too sweet. Something half way, and somewhat sweet.
If it helps, I like roses, herbs, and vanilla as a starting point.

How should I do this, /fa/?

I don't know what other board this would be appropriate on, so I'm posting it here since /fa/ is the closest thing I can relate it to.
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dry semen
Candles honestly. It's nice warm lighting.
I kind of thought the same thing. It would compliment dim lighting and give the environment a more relaxed feel.

The basic bitch answer I often get is Yankee Candle, but that's overpriced mall tier shit imo. Looking for something worthwhile.

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I need a good bomber jacket for £250-£450, any suggestions?
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What material do you want? I like cotton but some people want a more traditional "shiny" blend
alpha industries
maybe if u wanna look like a puffer fish lmao

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Does /fa/ ever dabble in some /avga/?
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My everyday is avga famalama.

It's all about the doors of perception, bruv. Do you keep the closed, or do you see deeper?
hey isn't that the guy from the supreme shirt?
oh man i was just listening to this

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I'm excluding year round formal wear such as suits and blazers.

>Peacoat (Black/Blue)
>Leather jacket of any kind
>Nice Hoodie

Sweaters (Must be wool or at least a blend):
>Cable knit
>Zip mock-neck
>Shawl Collar
>Ugly Christmas

>Jeans (Darkwash and a lighter tone)

>Boots (Doc Marten or Red Wings)
-Lace ups
>Runners (for the gym)

>Scarves (at least 4 different colors)
>Beanie if you don't give a shit about your hair

What are your winter essentials, /fa/?
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wow op now im fashion

walking talking /r/malefasionadvice

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Is it possible to be /fa/ if you're a ginger?
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You need to grow out your beautiful lion mane and roar at anyone who tells you otherwise. Believe me, it works.
yeah just don't be ugly, same rules as everybody else

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ginger men are my weakness. Find them so attractive

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Is there any acceptable band tee?
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any band tee is acceptable as long as it is:

1. /fa/
2. a band you like
A band t shirt that doesnt look like a band t shirt will be always /fa/
just actually buy them directly from bands, preferably at a show... they need the support

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Tfw this shit is going to have a revival in the 2020s, i'm not looking forward to it
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i am
me too lol

the revivals are often much more refined
it's already here fools

How the fuck do I pull these off??
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With your hands
Pod shorts/prisonners and basic tee
>how do i pull off slightly exaggerated chucks


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General masculine fashion thread

Been wanting to embrace my gender since I finally turned 21. What are the general do's and don'ts?
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Cut your own hair
Maintain physical fitness
Don't be fat
Don't be skinny
Adopt a formal, workwear, milsurp or thrift aesthetic or a mix of those
Develop personal style that represents your personal value system
Wear wool and leather
Don't wear impractical clothes or footwear
Don't pluck your eyebrows, you effeminate fucking faggot
Don't wear piercings
Get your shit tailored
Don't shave anything but your head and face
>Been wanting to embrace my gender since I finally turned 21

don't fucking talk like a gimp for starters
>don't fucking talk like a gimp for starters
Masochism can be quite masculine desu

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C/N? if you know simmilar cargos in wool, show me?
These? And what are good non-sneaker (girl) shoes?
kinda already made up my mind that i'll buy em

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recent cops.jpg
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last thread is just shy of 300
what did you cop this deal season
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common projects achilles.jpg
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found these on ebay for $95 shipped

They'd fit well in my wardrobe but I don't want to be perceived as a rich brat. Could I flip them for $175 in this condition? That's a little more than what they're worth to me
I wouldn't worry too much, no one really notices sneakers in real life unless they are Jordans. I have a pair of Margiela gats i wear and they might as well just be black sneakers to the average person.

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What is the best way to dress in cheap fashion but meet /fa/ standards?
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black hoodie black jeans
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image (64).jpg
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>MFW I already dress like this

What shorts look good on someone who is 6'1 170

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s-l1600 (1).jpg
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