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So apparently one of the most charming /d/ games ever now exists: A co-op card game where two people play out (and I quote) "a consensual sexual encounter between a curious human and a tentacled alien."

deadpixel.co/2014/08/design-notes-consentacle/ for more info on the game, also let's have a Consentacle (Willing Tentacle Porn's title from here on) Thread
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Haven't seen a futa on girl dom thread in far too long /d/
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bump for justice
For great justice, take off every zig.
>bumping an /r/ thread

Or Vanilla involving Futa/Trap/Newhalf

Can be futa x female, futa x futa, trap x futa, whatever, as long as one of the above is involved. Extra points for kissing, blushing, and hand holding.
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Requests still closed, maybe permanently since there are just so many thousands of images I already want to work on, and most of them I will never get around to either. I am still redoing lots of my first and very badly done edits too, and this mifgr be the last thread before I can make new collection galleries for all the edits I've done. There are so many images to have fun with and going to be busy here and in other things, but hopefully you'll still be able to enjoy yourself no matter what. Please keep cumming and relaxing and feeling good, indulging yourself in -all- the orgasms you want and deserve <3

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Captions on Minus~

http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/mbhukLOgKjhm8L - She-cream captions (Male-to-Shemale)
http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/mLyS82rZxPohE - TENGIRL captions
http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/mufwrxQbeAI0h - Jerk-off Instructions (JOI)
http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/m8iBftLxAvOyr - Scent Themed
http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/mbwYbscKEthI0N - Mothers Getting Pounded (MGP)

http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/mcTtvDNWjgko8 - Small Penis Humiliation (SPH)
http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/mQJ9tKnGdw8k8 - Big Cock Humiliation (BCH)
http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/mxJBv0oBZPzFX - Small Penis Worship (SPW)
http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/miKQEIDSNM4XZ - Big Cock Worship (BCW)

http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/mGIa4JV8ZToEN/ - Netorare (NTR)
http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/mbyNYy1xqwSoLJ - Reverse Netorare (ReverseNTR)
http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/mrXsOJzsrSlLD - Marital Harmony Project (MHP)
http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/muKAaG5TmTAi6 - Dick Stealing (DickSizeStealing)
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Some things that you might really enjoy from the Main Mediafire folder~ https://www.mediafire.com/folder/qn5cqkcl1k3m7/H_Stuff~

Many of the videos are porn music videos and cut out scenes and loops. There are a couple videos of a guy that has saline injected cumming nonstop for over a full minute on a h-figurine too <3

http://www.mediafire.com/folder/fv6lyelyy5j89/Predot-h100 - Split Scenes from that wonderful predot-h100 h-animation. The audio for them is very good and is wonderful background sex-noise.
http://www.mediafire.com/?b5czs2wpmlm7c54 - Sound files of girls making cocksucking noises and various Japanese sex sounds:
http://www.mediafire.com/?p5262694uf2jawf - A very simple short loop of very delicious sounding cock-sucking from the first few seconds of Hentai-anime Elf No Futagohime episode 1.

http://www.mediafire.com/watch/qpy56h4pbrvq1hz - A loop made from the 3D animation 'Rebirth of Suna' with a tentacle sucking a futa girl's cock.
http://www.mediafire.com/watch/nnyk8gq11v7sgqe - A loop from a Cock Hero movie called "witchblade - 5 Chapters" that someone sent and asked me to make.
http://www.mediafire.com/watch/qy45h7pvzxv5acx - Something a bit more vanilla and for boys and girls. Is from a Fleshlight commercial and shows a sexy guy pounding away at his toy while a woman watches and masturbates.

Also something that I really love, a scene from porn movie 'Fuck' where a multi-armed Goddess sucks and strokes off multiple guys all at once. Is very artistic, sensual, and a serious attempt to do something very different, and the sort of thing there needs to be -much- more of <3
I'm always excited to see one of these threads pop up. My favorites are the captions which have the dickgirls being super-horny girlfriends. :3

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Haven't seen one of these in forever.


So I'm posting one picture to start but am taking requests. Tell me what you want to happen to these people and I will make it happen.
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Turn one of the boys into a Tall Mature Christmas Cake woman. Preferably the younger one. Bonus if you make him tanned with dark hair as well.
k on it
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old thread
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Arguing about fatal versus non-fatal edition
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>I guess it comes down to taste. Nothing like a girl being bitten in half before getting swallowed, or having her head bitten clean off.
>Then again, nothing like a slow and agonizing death, being digested and absorbed into the predator's body.
>Eh... I like em both.

We are two of a kind. My preference is definitely being swallowed and slowly digested, but it is also incredibly hot to get chewed up or bitten apart. Especially if the pred is really nonchalant about it. Like she just picks someone up and barely gives the time to react before their head is bitten off and sent down their gullet.

Or being slowly chewed up, their screams and groans gradually fading amongst the wet chewing. For them it must be humiliating and degrading, having their body shredded, their insides saturated in the pred's saliva, while they are mechanically and absentmindedly chewed like any bit of food...

I don't like male preds most of the time, but that Simpson's Treehouse of Horror episode where King Kong-Homer chewed up Shirley Temple and her screams very gradually fade before she's swallowed...
I agree. There is almost zero decent non-fatal fulltour stuff out there. For me, digestion and death are huge turn-offs.

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Last thread >>5797032

The thread for all things gender bender. Male to Female, Female to Male. Maybe even stuck somewhere in between?
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I've played CoC, and TrapQuest, Princess Trainer, and Slavemaker, and SDT.

What else is out there that's good /d/?
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The Deeper Dungeons: Enhanced
> Princess Trainer
> best h-games
Maybe not the best H-games out there, but most of them that I've seen have been quite bad, and it was better than most.

Note that Princess Trainer is not Princess maker. it's a disney-based H-game about Jasmine.

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Transformation thread go!
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get in the soup
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Kusuguri Thread
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This is the Kusuguri (or tickle torture) thread. Please be mindful of the global & board rules when submitting content; specifically Board rule #3.

>Western drawn/styled ("toon") pictures and fan drawn ("fanart") images are not allowed.

Please and thank you for stopping by!
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hmm, does this count? I love me some monster girls.

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No creepy waifus in sight. Time to change that
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if i have to
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1 (2).png
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Previous thread: >>5728800

Big butts, thick thighs, and wide hips are all accepted! Whether she's an hourglass figure, a pear, or just a plain ol fatty, it's all good here.
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Futa's cum a lot. Some of them cum buckets full of jizz. Some could fill a pool. Some just have geysers built in them.
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Watermelon thread? Mostly gape but all delicious green fruit welcome
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