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Pic below happens to you
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Enjoy, OP
That´s a good one. Thnx.
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You quickly came to love feeding time

Awesome news, guys. We now official have a bodysuit web comic:

Last thread: http://boards.4chan.org/d/thread/5689680/
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/d/ related humor thread #2
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Didn't see a latex thread.
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Share your favourite trap-related doujins.
I will be dumping some of mine to start us off

tip: male:crossdressing is your friend

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Some trap on trap

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I will be back to dump more later on after this next one assuming more people start sharing
This one is even full colour


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It's been awhile how about a futa with unusual dicks thread.

I personally prefer my futa to have canine cocks. The idea of a a futa knotting a girl until she impregnates her is hot as fuck.
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Better view of the Kitsune's? cocks

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Post away; Small Penis Humiliation Thread, Activate
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I'm in the mood tonight /d/. How do you prostate orgasm?
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I want to know this as well. Been trying for a long time but never got it.
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I've gotten close. damn close. I'm gonna do it tonight.
Great thread guys

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You guys know what to do, lets make it happen!
Transformation only, Ill do another one for toony antics.

Lets go go GO!
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/bdsmg/ -- BDSM & D/s General No. 217

BDSM discussion, stories, questions, random fantasies, just keep it polite and civil.

Fetlife Group -> https://fetlife.com/groups/66560

irc channel: irc.irchighway.net , #bdsmg

Old thread: >>5741601

Starter Question: I've recently heard it described from a Domme's perspective that she doesn't enjoy bondage because it dulls the subjects reactions. With bondage, there is no more struggle, or fight. A gag covers audio reactions, and a blindfold facial reactions.

So! Dom/me's, why do you enjoy bondage, and do you see this side of it? What draws you to bondage in spite of this, if so?

Subs, what do you enjoy most about bondage? What do you think about this point of view?
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I'm a switch, and I don't believe that's true at all.

From the Dominant point of view, I love watching the struggle in spite of being bound. Subs tend to fight more when they're bound simply because they enjoy testing those limits, wriggling, crying out through the gag... Or others might just be content to be bound and that reaction from them is adorable. It takes a good Dom to sense the reaction and struggle in spite of bondage - not to offend the Domme you were speaking to.

From a submissive point of view, however, restriction heightens the sensation in every other part of the body. For ever sense you remove (sight, hearing) the others are increased. And I certainly enjoy wiggling and "trying" to escape my bonds.
I find myself in a curious situation.

I live in a relatively small town (800k) in a relatively third world, sexually repressed country. For these reasons, the BDSM, or as it's called here, "theme" circle is mainly limited to bored 40-year old housewives outnumbered by fat, but rich men at 10:1.

What little amount of young girls willing to have a relationship with a young man without being forcefed money have already tasted my belt.

Now I'm 23 and I have to, but have NO IDEA how to, have a normal vanilla relationship. Discussing intricacies of incoming sex on the first date, relationship dynamics that don't involve my sub obeying me when I insist as a master, inability to simply fix my partner's behaviour by administering punishment and instead having to deal with it - all of this is completely alien to me. I don't understand what to do.
meant to say

discussing <...> being a social taboo that makes me a creep

Ask a mistress and her sub boy in a long-term monogamous relationship anything. Our sixth anniversary is in two weeks.

Also, straight femdom, no futa, thread.
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Looks like the corruption thread died. I'll throw a little bit to start it off.
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Post a pic, and the fetish represented in that pic is instantly (and permanently) applied to every reproductive-aged female in the world.

Make sure to post a pic as often as possible (this isn't a sewing circle), and explain how your fetish of choice has just fucked up/improved society.
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Spontaneous, unexplained 9-month pregnancies (no one knows what's gestating in every woman's belly, but it probably isn't human), along with expanding & explosively lactating tits.

Bonus mode: the moment women everywhere are suddenly made pregnant, whatever they're wearing is magically swapped for tight rubber clothing that encase their bodies and expose their best assets.
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Women are suddenly robbed of their limbs and find themselves displayed in public, often in whatever brick-and-mortar non-grocery shop they frequent the most, or the front yard of a male friend, colleague or classmate.

automated breeding is best breeding.
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Previous thead >>5729529 is on autosage.
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Has anyone heard anything on Genteel's Tanning Salon by BigMansini? Worth or no?
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Boxing day is so far away...
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Butt Plugged.jpg
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Don't fuck up the thread on the second post.

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