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I've been writing a lot of smut recently with another writer into this and we've collected a fair amount. I already posted some ftp stuff I'm working on but this is all dicks all the time! A lot of my stuff is on Beaddventure but we recently wrote a bunch of shorts involving women "popping their pussies" into brand new cocks that we'd like to share with all the /d/eviants out there.

It started from a line in one of our fanfic stories about female to shemale being "popping their pussies" and kind of just snowballed from there. Here's some of what we've written thus far.

Basically if they hear the sound of another woman already growing their cock, specifically the loud *POP* as the balls drop out and her cunt seals over they start to change too. Dreaming about their ovaries swelling into balls and their womb becoming their new sack… and soon enough they “pop” too!

Pastebin Links below:


vhs popping

These hips do lie

Love pops but so do I

Popping whenever wherever

Popping harder deeper faster

Popping plastic fantastic

everytime we pop

Goodbye Kitty

Any more ideas, prompts, writings, images are super welcome! We love ideas and any other stuff you find or make...
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Most of these are genital swaps rather than just pure female-to-shemale, and a couple have other fetishes included.

Parallel Girlfriend - Guy wakes up to find himself in an alternate reality where women have penises and men have vaginas

A half-transformation - Everyone on earth swaps genitals.

The Ring Incident - Woman finds a ring, ring transforms people at a party. (Also includes male to herm and another transformation that I'm not sure has a name.)

Gender Studies, redux - College students participate in an experiment. Genital swap, head swap, physique swap, personality swap, skin/hair swap.

Rings of Trust - Newlyweds get a ring that transforms them. Male to female and female to shemale towards the end.

The Equals - Married couple are transformed, both look like the wife with the husband's cock.
Part 1: http://fictionmania.tv/stories/readtextstory.html?storyID=3310877725703852027
Part 2: http://fictionmania.tv/stories/readtextstory.html?storyID=3312268424974942896
Part 3: http://fictionmania.tv/stories/readtextstory.html?storyID=3312317591984385499

Christmas Carol - Couple swaps genitals

Office Exchange - Guy swaps genitals and bodies with his boss and girlfriend
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My Girlfriend Stole my Cock - Girlfriend wishes for the ability to swap genitals with her boyfriend
Part 1: http://fictionmania.tv/stories/readtextstory.html?storyID=138646834258837708
Part 2: http://fictionmania.tv/stories/readtextstory.html?storyID=1391044663705973443

Overflight - (This one might be a bit of a stretch) Woman wakes up in a man's body. Wealthy businessman helps her transition back to being a female, but makes her keep her cock.

Tercer Experiment - Scientist doing experiment, female to shemale and male to female. Story seems to be discontinued, unfortunately.

More Powerful Than Love - Girl grows a penis, fucks her boyfriend and turns him into a girl

The Girl Who Woke Up With A Hard-on - self explanatory

The Fairy of Love - One of my favorites on cyoc, choose the "Why men act the way they do around women" option.

There's also a ton of these on cyoc if you look or google around.

Elzi has a female-to-shemale gallery, as well as a few others that have f2s themes:
f2s: http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/mbfCrFyddCaC7R
MHP: http://elzikyuchi.minus.com/mrXsOJzsrSlLD

(Also, if anyone has the one that's about two lesbians and has a surgical female-to-shemale bit, I'd love you forever)
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Few more:

Hentai Futago - Brother and sister, male to female and female to shemale. This is just part 1, there are 12 parts but I don't feel like linking each one individually, just search the title and they'll come up.

TS Lotion - Brother and sister, male to female and female to shemale.

There's another one called Our Next Door Neighbor's Sperm that I can't seem to find. Older sister is female-to-shemale, and the main character has a few pages where she debates doing the same.

Out of time myself, hopefully some more people contribute!

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I don't really have any women with hair (a few futa and even less of good quality) but I just wanna say I do too!


We haven't had one of these in a while, might as make one
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We're back with a vengeance.

Previous thread: >>5859175
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>old thread not yet autosage

how about no, newfag OP
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Except it is autosaged, you fucking moron. Unless you wanna explain to me why it's on page 3 and has 300+ posts.
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Does anyone know if this comic has continued?
The Charm (COMIC penguin club)

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Bodysuit aka skinsuit-like forms of disguises
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Here are the low-res bodysuit parts from blackshirtboy's Interludes 2. Full comic can be purchased here:
File: interludes2_pinup03.jpg (157KB, 572x786px)Image search: [Google]
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File: interludes2_legend_disguise01.jpg (139KB, 572x436px)Image search: [Google]
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Haven't seen any of this in awhile
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That was my name in middle school, will be watching.
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Nips (69).jpg
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Petplay Thread returns!

What is petplay you ask? It's BDSM where one party is the "owner" and another is the "pet".

Ever seen pictures of kittygirls or puppyboys? It's pretty much the real life version of that.

Petplay porn time!
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To try to keep socializing and connecting off of /d/, we have created an external site, where many of /d/'s pets and owners now reside! We also have a board on that new chan all the young kids are talking about, which is pretty easy to find.


that's our site for any who want to come say hi and see what we're about. whether you're just curious, well versed and experienced, or just beginning to explore BDSM and Petplay, all are welcome!
Lets answer a few quick questions from my email shall we?

Do I have to be into BDSM to be into Petplay?

No, they're not mutually exclusive. Some people are just into petplay with none of the BDSM elements. You can do whatever you want, in any case. It's not like there's rules.

Do I have to be into BDSM to go to your site?

No, feel free to come check us out if you have any interest in BDSM or Petplay, either or both, or none at all if you're just curious about it!

Where do I get cool petplay gear?

A lot of it is hiding in plain sight. Collars designed for pets can be just as good for humans (and a lot cheaper than a leather fetish site would charge you). Many costume stores will have petplay stuff too, pet ears, clip on tails, even gloves. Apart from that ebay and etsy have a wealth of available items, usually reasonably priced.
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I need images where you can't see the dick, just the bulge/outline. Cumming through the clothes is a bonus. Help me /d/, my fetish is poorly catered to, as far as I know. This image is all I have.
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here ya go buddy

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General ballbusting thread. Also if anyone happens to know this artist that'd be cool.
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Welcome, welcome to the most delicious trap (and gender bender) thread of /d/!

Here, you will be presented with the most fap-worthy, delicious, hot, trap (and gender bender) mangas of HISTORY!

As a celebration knowing the world might end at any moment and you will be presented with the best mangas yours truly found and be able to contribute yourself (after you've let me post my stuff first, hopefully) making this the finest trap thread /d/ has seen in years maybe possibly even getting a sticky? who knows, everything can happen!
To make things interesting on my part i will try to mix up old mangas with the newer ones.

If you post your own manga please remember to include: [artist] - title, preview pic, watch link and/or download link. you can also include attitional information such as other links to chapters, artist site or additional artist art CGs. please keep that format when posting a new manga, otherwise discuss at your own leisure, contribute stuff, and even bump this thread.

This one goes to all of the trap lovers out there!
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[Locon] - Kaname 04
http://nhentai.net/g/119324/ - english
http://nhentai.net/g/114278/6/ - japanese
download link (jap)
artist blog:
http://loconfrog.blog.fc2.com - he just released a new one!

So let's start with something new first. since this guy has 5 indapended chapters called kaname 1-5 i dont want to post all 5 separately so below is a link to all of his uploaded stuff so far.

I reall like this artists work, and actually the only artist i would recommend giving a buck or two so he could keep pumping out quality trap shit. great drawing quality and story telling make this manga a top quality trap manga.
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[Ruuen Rouga] - Soul chain (tamashi no kusari)
http://nhentai.net/g/1294/ - eng
http://g.e-hentai.org/g/185162/f65ec46606/ - jap
additional artist art:

A legendary MtF gender bender manga that you cannot allow not to see, by the legendary trapmaster [Ruuen Rouga]. a masterpiece for anyone liking gender bender theme, with great art and a great story (188 pages long)
the artist has a unique drawing style which combined with great skills makes something to behold. i will be posting some more modern mangas of his later on, all with the gender bender theme.

manga output are a bit slow because it takes me time to write every entry in order to find good sources to view and download to please be a little patient.
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10 (1).jpg
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[Hinemosu Notari] - Mesunized Festival (Mesu-nized Festival)
http://nhentai.net/g/117143/ - eng chapters 1-4 (new manga so it's still being translated)
http://nhentai.net/g/114006/ - jap (all chapters - 209p long)
download (full jap version):

A very recent addition to the trap manga world collection.
This has got to be one of the best trap mangas I got to see. the art is top level, the story is great and progresses really well, contains 2 trap sturies connected with everything delicious in between. i read through the whole jap version (took me like 4 hours) and i can't wait for the guys to finish translating that manga because it's hot as hell, you can follow translation release in SAHA's blog http://sahadou.com . i'm assuming we'll see the rest of the manga translated in the next month or two.

Sniff in hell footfags.
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Hey /d/, I know I'm cheating since the original pic had a lot of light-work to draw from, but how is this for a coloring attempt?
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why is her dick head pastel baby pink

why should't it?

Because a glans that has been protected by the foreskin should have a darker, ruby color to it. discoloration is due to circumcision and the formation of a layer of keratin.

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Never thought I would post, but I really need a giant cocks in way too tight holes thread. Physics altering penetration. Guys, girls, futas, whatever managing to take a cock that should probably split them in two. I will post a couple examples. Please give me everything you have.
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Monster/Non human is a big plus
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File: 1309210176456.jpg (545KB, 1024x768px)Image search: [Google]
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It's time
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Why do tentacle monsters love the girl/d/ick?
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