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Ovi Thread: People Trying and Failing to Hook Up Edition
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I'm wondering whether this exists, and I don't know the terms to search for it. "Math hentai" gives math games where you are rewarded with hentai when solving a problem, and "Math porn" gives similarly unsatisfactory results. Can anyone help me out?

Picture unrelated.
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>Math porn

789... a new twist for that old number munchers game.

Explain further, anon. Are you aroused by couples solving math problems as they fuck?
I was thinking more to formulas in themselves be erotic. Whether I'm turned on by it, no idea, that's what I'm trying to find out.

Don't tell me no-one actually faps to this.

Post nintendo girls... that's all to it. XD

Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, Samus etc.

Dickgirls are also welcome.
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Missed the last tread and I couldn't find a new one.

So here you go, post all your pictures of male/female chastity and have fun! ;D
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Yay. It's back.
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> Ctrl+F "gender bender"
> 0 results

wtf /d/
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Big booty Traps thread?

Fuck yeah
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Cuntbusting thread! Boob attacks are welcome, too.
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Wow guys, missed the last one. Let's make it another good one!
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Turns out dungeon exploring can be even more dangerous than you thought. With any luck someone else might stumble on you and take your place.
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Insect/Bug/Worms thread
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Okay /d/, so I have this rather specific fetish aboutusable pussy/ass in a situation where it's impossible to identify the owner. It's specific because it can be human dolls, wall mounted, sex slaves, it doesn't matter as long as they're fixed in place and the face is NOT visible. This last point is important.

I have a not-too-big collection from here and there that I will gradually post, but I would love to expand it with the help of my fellow /d/enizens.

Anything goes, futa, male, xeno, anything, as long as it complies with the previous points.
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Pictures are valid though.
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Weight Gain General
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lets get another HS thread goin
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Needledicks need not apply.
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You and I OP.
All the way
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my favorite game to play

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Last one got saged.
I bought my own chastity cage and it'll be here in a couple days. Excited as fuck guys. Can't wait to lock myself up. I'm nervous too though.
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>Oh wow really? Well that makes sense. What about cleaning it? Is it practical in that regard?
I am not an expert as I don't own a female/shemale/whatever chastity belt but from what people who have blogs have said about them (and even uploaded on some amateur porn video sites that work akin to youtube) it seems most belts done in the west are done in stainless steel and you can basically keep it hygienic by showering every day and being careful to dry everything off with paper after peeing if you go outside/in public.

With that said, I think someone in the previous thread mentioned owning one of those, maybe if he shows up again he (or she) can explain in detail
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You are amazing at teasing >.>

Any interest in teasing a guy who doesn't own a cage and isn't into being a sissy?
Morning two of week 1 of no fap.
Panties really helping me from going to full boner.
Hopefully work won't be too bad today.

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