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I never really see a lot of this, but I'd categorize it as something between public use and exhibitionism

Basically people treating things like this as normal when they normally wouldn't be.
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for those who love elastic women
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Also anymore art for this? An anon started posting when the last thread ended.
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sweet, was wondering when a thread like this would show.
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So I tried my hand at a caption. Do you think I did well?

Also, Caption thread.
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Not bad.
I have a shitload of captions saved, but I already posted them in the last thread. You want me to dump them anyway?

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last one died before i posted my requirement link https://www.emlalock.com/?page=req&id=taykzewdg4
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So any form of chastity, not just sissy now?

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Chocolate Elves.
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Something not too jizztastic and cowgirl positions preferred
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Why is classy male on futa harder to find?
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No regular female muscle thread? For shame!
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These threads tend to get filled with futa (I've nothing against futa in general, but if OP says it's a non-futa thread then make your own damn muscle futa thread).

Damn it, I remember when Muscle Monday was a thing.

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A rarity in H: the circumcised cock
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I'll post what I have. Most of this stuff out there is Kamitora shit though
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It's not cut if there's no scar.

Wonder if there's Korean H...
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I want to get my fiancée into futanari. We enjoy watching hentai together but this is one fetish I particularly like that does not come up in what we watch. I want to introduce it to her gently so she doesn't get scarred off by it. Would you be able to recommend any hentai anime that feature futanari but don't completely revolve around it?
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yeah be careful showing women this sort of stuff.

They dont have cocks, so many dont understand how good porn can be.

Just because they like hentai, doesnt mean they will be able to handle knowing what you like
Friendly bump
Does she do yaoi op? Lots of girls who are into hentai tend to like yaoi (unless you're the one who got her into hentai), and if she does, it's just a matter of seeing if she likes traps in her yaoi. Traps are a slippery slope to futa, and vice-versa.

How to do that gently, though... IDK.

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monster girls thread?
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Needs more harpies

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No giant behemoths that could level towns. Just girls with larger than normal dicks
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Merry Christmas 4Chan! Let's start up possibly the last tickle thread of 2014!

Fun Sources:
http://www.nicovideo.jp/user/44183426 (New stuff there!)
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I'm clearing my HD and wanted to share the small collection I had before I delete it forever. I saw a clothed trap thread but figured we could shed those clothes (or keep them on) in this thread.

Without further delay, my humble collection.
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lets post all Bimbos/Bimboification themed pictures ITT!

theme of today's thread: not being fucking cunts to eachother and masturbating in peace!
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bonus points to you if you name your favorite bimbofication fic/game alongside your picture!

Winner of the thread gets eternal happiness!

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How do shemales/dickgirls/futa get pregnant?
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