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Continuing from >>5770522

What's your favorite type of mind control?
Does it overlap any other fetishes?
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Crazy Mode: Next 3 Posts Happen To You

Lewd Mode: All Posts Below Happen To You
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You subconsciously reinforce your desire to suck cock.

Crazy Mode.
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I would be okay with this.

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I had an idea for a thread that might be fun.

How about we post fetishes/kinks we have that are either too obscure or too specific to be easily searched? I know there are quite a few things that turn me on that are outside the usual tags on art websites.

We could help each other out if we know something, but mostly it's just for sharing and fun.

To start, my obscure kink is two naked people being pressed against each other in a tight space where they can barely move.
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I'm a big fan of wishes gone horribly wrong. Like monkey's paw scenarios with an explicit twist. I rarely come across it.
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Nice idea /d/ude

My obscure fetish is similar to yours, but is of human sandwiches.

Preferably a really small guy (or shota) being trapped between two or more chubby women.

Bonus points if the women are protective of him. Negative connotations like rape and the like need not apply.

Even more bonus points if its a HAREM of them... like a sea of nurturing amazing soft girl flesh.
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I have this thing for fat ugly guys with beautiful girls as their pets or slaves or fuck toys.

I want to be the guys in that stuff, just be fat and stinky and gross and have her lick me clean or sit on her face for some anallingus or just rub my body all over hers, get my stink all over her.

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Hey, /b/ sent me here. I'm trying to find more pics like this or the source for this image. Or just a name for this type of girl. Thanks
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just hit up iqdb
That's totally Tetsujin's art style. He use to do obesity doujins and is the guy who made the Demon's Semen game.

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inb4 failed to spell world of warcraft, lemme make it up
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Does anybody else get royally pissed when they fuck up nelf ears and make them look like purple belves? I like those fucking ears.

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This quest has no particular goal or plan. However, it will be extremely flexible and any conceivable fetish/situation could arise depending on your votes.

To start out, let's decide the player's name, gender, and beginnings.

Possible starts:
>A high schooler, getting ready for school in the morning.

>A stripper in a seedy, downtown club.

>In the future, trying to gain passage onto a starship for some reason.

>A citizen of a fantasy land, populated by magic and adventure.


NOTE: Your vote won't be counted without an accompanying picture! Let's try to get some porn in here, not just smutty words.
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>In the future, trying to gain passage onto a starship for some reason
We're a traveling mercenary and gun for hire
Name and gender?

Name: Lyadra

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Last thread:
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Figure I'll post links to a few of my favorite doujins to get this started.
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[Yazirou Masaru] Girl in Girl

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[Seura Isago] Witch of the West

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[yokoi rego] Sirius and Siren / Like a Leech


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futanari tentaclejob thread.

also if someone can give sauce on this webm, that would be great.
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Balls and cocks getting abused in various ways.

[M.A.F] Yuffie the Hunting - Testis Crush!! (Final Fantasy 7)
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No breast expansion thread on /d/?

Pure heresy.
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Last one 404'd and was a great success, let's do it again guys!
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This time without a pun.
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