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Girls in stasis tanks, or "scientific" experiments. Shoot.
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I have two. Normally they wouldn`t get me going, but I like them because I think of them as a sort of Xenobiology class or something, and the professor is calling up students (or they`re doing it for extra credit).
looking over my folders labeled under "dee stuff", looks like I might have more.
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You mind futa, OP? If not I have some relevant images.

Previous thread: >>5514555

Big butts, thick thighs, and wide hips are all accepted! Whether she's an hourglass figure, a pear, or just a plain ol fatty, it's all good here.
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I'm a man of science, myself. How about you, /d/?
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Approves this..
Bump for interest.. I like ladies of a robotic persuasion
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ITT, girls and boys being flattened, inflated, turned into cubes and balls, melted, stretched or anything else you can think of.
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Only saw a gigantic breast thread. Am posting on my phone, so sorry if I missed it.
Also, since I am just on my phone, I don't have many pictures to post.

Was curious if there are any transwomen(mtf) who are trying to induce lactation, are lactating, or have in the past. My girlfriend is trans and this happens to be a fetish for the both of us. She's also interested in the prospect of making her breasts get bigger. They're a B cup now, and I really like them, but who can argue with bigger tits that leak milk?
We both have been reading about the medications, herbs, and techniques that are recommended for inducing and increasing the supply in women. It would be nice to know if anyone had experience in getting a transwoman to lactate though.
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Back home and with internet again. I'll post a few pictures before I go get dinner.
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Let's start a strictly TF Bodysuit thread. Where you put on a bodysuit and it transforms your body rather than rests on top. so people are none the wiser. Also what us the name if the bodysuit fetish I can't find any pics anywhere else online.
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>it transforms your body rather than rests on top
That sounds really weird. Couldn't you have just called it 'Disguise/Bodysuit'? Because the transformation aspect is often ambiguous IMO.


>what us the name if the bodysuit fetish
I'm afraid it is just "bodysuit", though E-Hentai coined the term "skinsuit". But on their own both are way too ambiguous to do a Google search on.
Ah, I think you mean bodysuits that make the wearer look like a different person / girl, as opposed to kigurumi or latex suits, right?

It's easier to search on specific artist communities, especially on pixiv.net in Japanese tbh. ???, ??? or ?? ("skin matter/subject") in Japanese.
For Chinese it's ???? I think, which apparently means "human skin disguise". ?? works too.

Unfortunately all the great bodysuit artists (Miyuki, SKNR, Eikou Q) rarely draw bodysuits these days.

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>Unfortunately all the great bodysuit artists (Miyuki, SKNR, Eikou Q) rarely draw bodysuits these days.

Most of the recent good bodysuit stuff all seem to be commissions, really.
I'm so glad we still got people drawing and commissioning this stuff.

last one gone, need moar transformation
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Looking for a hentai manga in which a guy is on a tropical island with six native, dark-skinned girls which he proceeds to have sex with. In the end I believe the girls are pregnant and he is sacrificed. Possible tags might be pettanko and dark skin. Will post a manga from my own collection meanwhile.
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old one died and the wait continues
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How do you feel about flaccid futas /d/?
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It's that rare time fellas

Sorry for contributing to the futa overload, but this is really rare.
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Hello /d/, prepare your buttholes for questing!

This quest will take place in a world where slavery is legal. In respectable countries at least it is however strictly regulated. Each slave has a contract, which stipulates the rights and responsibilities of their owner and the slave, as well as the length of the enslavement.

Breaching a slave’s contract, or trying to force someone into slavery is a serious crime in such places. This is because historically, giving the rights to enslave to private individuals, either by law, or by non-enforcement, always seems to lead to serious civil disorder.

The standard punishment for non-trivial crimes, by the way, is enslavement, the nature and length of which varies with the crime and the sentence. Usually auctioned off, although some places give their victims the right of first refusal.

Some people become slaves voluntarily, seeing it as their place in life or as a way to achieve happiness. They usually have a lot of options in customising their own contracts and often sell themselves directly to a specific person.

The last group are people who sell themselves into slavery by necessity. Finding oneself in debt, or unemployable as a free person, or both is a common story. These slaves still have some control over their contracts, and thus often aren’t full use, but since they are desperate, they often have to compromise on it to get a good price. Often sell themselves through a broker, who takes on their debt, or guarantees a minimal price. Most often sold at auction.

It is possible to transform a person mentally or physically, but such transformations aren’t instant. Comprehensive transformations may need as long as a month before they are complete and stable. Slaves are commonly processed in this way before being sold to raise their price, and their contract may allow the owner to transform them to their wishes.
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The method of transformation is:
[ ] Technological.
[ ] Magical.

I may switch between majority vote, or first to x votes, or best compromise between votes, depending on how fast I want the next update out and the nature of the vote itself.

This keeps the thread from feeling empty, and makes tallying votes more interesting for me. ;)
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Nannites can do anything. Technological
Seconding. Kinda tired of all the generic fantasy settings.

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/bdsmg/ -- BDSM & D/s General No. 202

BDSM discussion, stories, questions, random fantasies, just keep it polite and civil.

Fetlife Group -> https://fetlife.com/groups/66560

irc channel: irc.irchighway.net , #bdsmg

Old thread: >>5484168

Starter Question: What's your favourite way to 'set the scene' and let someone know it's playtime?
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For myself, usually nuzzling and trying to ask as cutely as possible. or if i think i can get away with it, sprawling on the bed in the middle of having splayed out a bunch of toys and trying to be artful (this one... not work so well too often the universe procs fatigue.)
Depends entirely on the person, one of the reasons I prefer playing with somebody I know well is that I know what their 'submissive triggers' are and how to put them in that headspace instantly.
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It depends - normally I'd just act more dominant than usual. My favorite method is to find my partner doing whatever she's doing and order her to stop. Then I tie her hands behind her back, pick her up and carry her to bed. Obviously I make sure she's in the mood first.

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Fap loss.png
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I couldn't find one, so let's get a good /d/ humor thread going.
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Previous thread: >>2219121
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yeah boi
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Daily reminder that Ritsu is love.

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