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d humor.png
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I only have a few pictures, just hoping to start a thread. I love this board, just swapped from a broken laptop to a desktop, hoping to stock up on the best humor.
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I'll post this again.
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SIR HJotNS 02.gif
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You know you want to.

Sub POV/futa-dicks-all-up-in-your-face-zone thread.
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Dickgirl Edit_5184_2b.png
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Since last one reached the image limit,let's start a new one.
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Hey guys,
My boyfriend recently told me that he would like to be feminised and fucked. I was a little suprise at forst, but imagining him as a slutty girl really interest (and excites) me. But I've never done that! Any ideas, tricks that could help me?
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Get him moisturizers so he's nice and smooth. Make him wear panties for you, even when its not time for sex. Make him wear skinny jeans too.
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And make sure he's hairless from the neck down.

File: queen's blade.jpg (748KB, 1200x1890px)
queen's blade.jpg
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What makes tentacle rape so arousing?
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It all comes down to domination and submission. Just like very other fetish on the planet. Though for me personally I like seeing a girl get ruined, but I hate seeing man ass because of whatever reason you want to use.

Also I'm gonna need a sauce on your image.
it's a queen's blade molotov doujin
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because I like to imagine I'm the woman getting pleasured indefinitely by like 80 dicks that just have a primal lust to impregnate me

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Futa on trap preferred
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Come on /d/, where is our futa x girl thread?
Here, I'll start it off with a comic spam of one of my favorites.
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last one hit image limit
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Let's get this shit started
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You rescued a stray from the streets, good news, he likes you
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I don't like rape, or alien impregnation or domination and the like. So why does most tentacle hentai have to be like that? Cant there just be tentacle fun? Can't tentacles can be like like magic dildos that do all sorts of things, instead of rape stuff?
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But there are some. Just google more.
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theres decent amounts of non-rape tentacle just google tentacle training or Myontancles you should enjoy what you see
Why does everything have to be rape or not-rape, why can't there be a middleground of the person being forced into it a bit but they aren't objecting too hard.

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Because girls like it too.

Let's not ruin this thread with shitty art and creepy cross over fringe fetishes like you guys typically do, let's strive to make at least one non-shit thread on /d/. God this board has gone to shit.
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New anal insertions thread
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ITT: Post that one picture you just keep coming back to, the one you can't stop jerking to.

For me its this one because:
>Homura is fucking hot
>dat body
>group futanari selfcest
>fucking group futanari selfcest

Never fails to get me hard
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File: mBApYb0.jpg (221KB, 850x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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>The cum
>one eye closed
File: silliceXclaireXkyne.jpg (777KB, 3200x2400px)Image search: [Google]
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This is my new one. Make me think her giant dick is never really used except to spurt whenever she gets fucked in the ass.
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its not really /d/ contelnt but i dont care enough
>i dont know, im not into pain and i like to think someone, surely me, is gonna take her in the most loving way
>that doesnt exclude rape

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its that time again. too many futa threads. lets keep the vore empire on /d/ churning along
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I have to fix some of the early pages, eventually, I dunno how long it's been but the sorceresses's skin is finished.
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