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The first salvo tore a massive gash through the bulkhead next to me. I kicked a foot against the flight console to catapult me across the deck before the emergency systems closed the protective blast shield over the breach. My knees buckled as a secondary bombardment caused the deck to heave upwards as the craft was crushed further into the ground.
I scrambled to the pilot's seat and pulled the armored rigging over my shoulders. Quickly I slotted a power-pack into the chest compartment and made to shoulder the emergency hatch open. The third salvo hit the moment I gripped the handle forcing my head violently into the beveled edge of the hatch release.
My rigging sputtered as fell in a heap back onto the deck, my vision full of stars and blood. I groaned and made to roll back onto my feet.
That's when the final rounds hit the craft. The explosions flung the structural supports from the ceiling to crash over me in a heap of metal and sputtering wiring. One beam toppled across my knee forcing it to dislocate and the chest plate of my rigging cracked inward into my ribs as it absorbed the brunt of the falling debris.
As my vision swam I could only squint upwards through the gash in the hull of my ship and at the rapidly descending Seraph craft.
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I awoke in darkness with a loud gasp and an attempt to sit forward.
A strong force gripped my neck and forced my torso back down. There was a heavy weight on my chest and a tightness over my waist. I struggled to breath against the constriction around my throat. My broken ribs shifted causing me to spasm in pain.
"Will it live?" A Seraph voice penetrated through my pain and blindness.
"Doubtful." A second voice. "The power-pack ruptured into it's chest and it's frying it's nervous system. Not to mention that skull fracture is blinding it."
I tried to speak, or move, or do anything other than just lay helpless. All I managed was a croaking and weak minor movements of my arms.
"Knock it out and get it aboard. Maybe we can ransom it, have Mira look it over and see what can be done. Humans are worth a lot even if...damaged. And get a salvage team out here, this thing's got some serious tech installed."
"Understood." A small pause. "Medical, Salvage One, wake Mira, tell her to prep the bay for one human patient.
The next thing I felt was an icy barb in my ear as the neural scrambler forced me back into unconscious.
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I struggled the moment the scrambler was tugged away from my ear. A tunnel of light filled my vision and I felt delicate hands grip the sides of my face.
"Stop moving." A light voice tinged with the Seraph accent. "You want to see again, right?"
The tunnel widened and I became aware that I was gazing up at a surgical light. A female Seraph drifted into view, her head upside down as she stood over me. Her eyes were squinted slightly in concentration and I was aware that the flaps of skin partially covering my eyes was the skin of my head peeled back.
"If you move like that again I'll lobotomize you." Her hands left my cheeks and she went back to tinkering inside my skull. The frills on the side of her neck were curled and the crest that lined her brow was tinged a pale maroon of youth.
"Didn't know they let kids enlist so early." I wheezed through my tortured throat. A viscous burst of pain exploded behind my eyes causing me to blink rapidly and groan.
"Oops." She said calmly, her expression not changing the slightest as she reached across me for a stitch gun. Her small breasts pushed against my face through the fabric of her medical gown. She ran a hand along my jaw and back up the side of my temple.
"Been a while since we've had a male on board, let alone a human." She murmured as she plugged stitch after stitch along my head. "I had forgotten how rude and loose their tongues are."
"Repair that ship of mine you blew out of the sky and I'll show you how rude I can be." I spoke up at her in malice and spite.
The med chair I sat in spun gently and the headrest lifted.
"You won't be doing much of anything with your nerves fried and that leg of yours shattered." She circled around and tapped the metal cast holding my knee rigid.
"You're mine and you will be for a long time."
This is very good. I don't think I've ever seen a writethread on /d/. I approve heartily.

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Thought I'd put one up since I couldn't find one in the catalog.

Also I thought I may as well ask now. I'm writing a TG POV picture story just for you guys, it involves an accidental wake-up possession of a guy's twin sister.

I've written out a couple of chapters but I'm still stuck on some minor writing style issues. What do you guys like seeing in a story - first person (I) or second person (you), past tense (said) or present tense (says)?

Currently I'm using first person present tense because I think it makes sense for the story (because it includes pictures), but I feel more natural writing second person present tense. Sorry to ask such a dumb question, but what do you guys think is more enjoyable to read?
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Covered in latex, latex suit, turned into latex (sex doll etc.)

Lets get it on
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Total coverage is best coverage.

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Drawfags, we need to start generating some /d/ related Vivian James material.

I'm working on a VJ as a futa at the moment, but artwork takes me a very long time to finish, so it'll be awhile till it's done. She's such a sassy, strong character that doing her as a futa seemed natch.

Does anyone have any requests? I like most /d/ fetishes as long as it's not horsecock futa or any furry bullshit. I've seen an inflation pic of her but that's about it.

Also post any r34 of Vivian you've found so far.
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Stop drawing everything as a fucking futa, FUCK
I know this is 'alternative' but most fetishes dont require to slap a dick on a girl
To be fair, it's a good start.
Agreed, there is too much futa, besides it would ruin the whole point of her as a character. Let's just give her tentacles with vagina suckers.

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Let's start a sprite thread because there are 45 fucking futa threads.
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Guys blowing their load too quickly. A surprisingly common fetish.

I'll start.
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I came

There wan't a TF thread last time I checked so here we go. Post the best of what you've got, [spoiler]Bonus points for non-consensual/forced Transformations.
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Dumping what I've got.
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Hey /d/ i need your help,

Earlier i was enjoying some arachnid doujins,
when suddenly i felt a tingling on my thigh, when i went to flick it away, i felt it now on my other thigh.
when I looked down it had jumped on to my shirtless chest. there was a huge brown recluse on me, so I panicked and tried to kill it while tring not to awaken anybody else in the house, but i couldnt get it.
TL:DR spider attacked while jerking off, and now i cant rest easy until its dead, and worse off, i was left blue balled.
I need a new temp fetish i can enjoy until I know this fucker is dead.
Please help a brother out.
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Relax man, its just spider bro
he wants to protect your home
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Brown recluse bites are pretty fucked up, though.

Go for that cum inflation.
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Comics/captions about guys getting feminized or sissified or being sissies. (preferably colored)
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Ok OP, I'll dump for you. You'd better be fucking thankful tho
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old thread
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No ETZ/Spokle/shit artists edition
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you are going to be transformed into some bug/insect monster, and your sole purpose is to kidnap and rape girls.you can have any features you want.

what would your features be /b/?
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I would like to not be dyslexic, like the OP.
Orange pustules to herald my arrival.
Two knife-like legs, to keep them pinned down.
Natural armor, so that even when I'm not in cover attackers are less likely to hurt me.
An ovipositor in my mouth, making so that after about 30 seconds another one of me bursts out.

[spoiler]cannot be stunned[/spoiler]
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I then proceed to /not/ live up to my sole purpose. I had only /one job/, yes, and blew it, but I'm like this now? I couldn't give less fucks.

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Futa without balls is the real futa
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New diaper thread.

You can try as hard as you like to hold it in, but eventually, it'll happen. An accurate description of our crappy community.
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There's a lack of traps here. Would be nice if we could have a thread entirely focused on traps themselves and leave out the faceless fatmen this time.
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Thank you based Marquise. I was wondering where the trap thread was.

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