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I don't know much about Marvel stuff, i know little about marvel mascots like spider-man, but I've liked Gwenpool and Spider-Gwen more. Where should i start? Idk if they sell the comics in my region. I wanna get into the marvel stuff.
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You'd probably like the Superior Foes of Spider-man. You don't really need any background except 'this story takes place during a time when Spider-man was abnormally violent for reasons unknown to the criminals'
Are you looking for stuff being put out now or just anything?
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You can start by shooting yourself in the fucking face.

Or using google and not bothering us with bullshit.

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Who the fuck watches riverdale?
A lot of people..

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Where were you when robin almost killed a team member by pushing him too hard?
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Incidentally does anybody have a picture of cyborg lifting the weight at the start of the episode?

What is your third favorite Spongebob episode? Mine is pic related
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Rock bottom probably or maybe the cliche pick band geeks
That's honestly probably a harder pick than favorite. It's not hard to pick absolute favorite, but going beyond that just leaves too many really good choices. It would probably have to go to SB-129.

With second favorite as Graveyard Shift and favorite as Shanghaied

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It looks like they're going with sad, M-MUH FATHER Manta. I really hope all of his dialogue isn't about his faggot dad
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Heckman when?
Can I get a seahorse?
Probably after Raiden

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Weird /co/ habits thread
>cant watch certain shows because theve been off the air a long time or are old and might be ending because it makes me depressed and feel old
Does anyone else do this?
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It isn't a habit as much as a form of supreme autism, but if I listen to music I often imagine this or that character dancing to it. Dancing is sometimes a very loose term.

Here's a Star Butterfly classic:


Here's one for Jenny, a rather fitting one:


I also like to imagine characters in RaHoWa scenarios.
Them's some phat beats yo

Hey, /co/! Guess what's for dinner!
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your fat ass?
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is it wrapped in a green dress?

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So how long does it usually take for hulu and netflix to update new seasons of shows when said season is finished? Because season 4 of SU is still not out
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They want you to pirate

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Toonami Drinking Game

Toonami Q&A

Toonami tumblr. Ask anything Toonami related there

Toonami panel 2014

Toonami music

Naruto story

Tweeting info

FLCL news

AoT s2 eye catches

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Thread seven isn't so bad, is it?
Tonight is the night that our toonami goddess shall grace us with her presence, All hail Aisha Clan Clan!

tfw you never live in a world where dogwold is a fully fledged series instead of rick and morty
Why live?
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I want the fuck the dog mom.

He just copy Grant Morrison's idea
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which is just a Moore idea but made for dummies

On candy striped legs the Spiderman comes. Softly through the shadows of the evening sun. Stealing past the graves of the blissfully dead. Looking at the victim in the shivering bed. Searching for the fear in the gathering gloom. Creeping up the corners of the moon. And that's when I REALIZE WITH FRIGHT! THAT THE SPIDERMAN IS HAVING ME FOR DINNER TONIGHT!
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And what gay shit is this?
i'd tell you to google it but there's no cure for wilful ignorance
get some sleep Robert, you're looking dark under your eyes

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She actually looks like a dog girl now.

Also /co/splay thread.
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No She's not.
Anon you need a new pair of glasses.
What do you mean 'now'?
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The cartoon version looks more human than dog because the nose just reminds me of the big silly cartoon nose you see sometimes.

But making it the appropriate shape works way better IMO.

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show them to me /co/
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Illumination's magnum opus "The Lorax"
Andy's innocent though.

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Summer figured out the motivational poster before I did.
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No, she didn't.

Rather, the topic should be whether the Eye Hole Man is the same race of alien as Noob Noob.

Just like Mr. Poopy Butthole and Steely Dan might be the same species.
I figured Mr. Poopy Butthole is the same species as Noob Noob.
That is a possibility.

It's the costume that makes me think this. They also have a similar body frame.

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