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or at least a sexually transmitted ability?

like hang around deadpoll or ambush bug long enough and you get partial 4th wall awareness as well.
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There were two kinds of kids in the world....kids who liked Autobots, and kids who liked Decepticons. Which were you?
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I always rooted for the autobots despite my favourite transformer being a decepticon
I thought transformers was a meh cartoon. the later adaptations were fun but the original just never caught my eye. and I was born 84
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W H Y N O T B O T H ! ?

> make a big deal about hiring a hispanic writer for their new comic about a hispanic hero
> dont have her give any interviews in spanish to reach out to the target audience of hispanic people
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This is why the comics industry is crashing harder than Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. No one wants to join in their sjw ideological masterbation, let alone pay money for it. Into the trash it goes along with black spiderman.
>another "Why is" thread
Rivera can't speak in Spanish. She is 100% gringa.

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It really hurts to say, but I think I've finally grown out of Gorillaz

Won't stop me from fapping to Lewdle, of course
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This new phase is so bad and anticlimactic. What went wrong?
Eh, I haven't really liked an album since Demon Days and even then I hated most of the middle part.

Gorillaz was never in my top 20 but I just don't care anymore
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>Gorillaz have been around nearly 20 years
>yet Noodle and Russel still don't have any personality

Literally the worst characters.

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Well now I know what /co/ has been up to recently.
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He's ugly and doesn't have an ass

I am so disappointed because he'll have to be an amazing actor to make up for it but I doubt he will be

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it gets easier
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He lied.
Fuck you for trying to sell me the illusion of control.
BoJack forgot the everyday part.

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I've always loved comedy. After a long day of work (opening the drawer in my desk that I keep the pistol I'm going to kill myself with and staring at it every 15 minutes), I enjoy nothing more than sitting back and watching an episode or two of Rick and Morty, myself. I identify with Rick. Way too smart and a crippling alcohol issue.

But I can't pretend to like R&M anymore. At first I just liked it because I saw it on Reddit, but I realized after a while that I wasn't even watching the show. My 3rd grade understanding of basic science was entirely made of Reddit memes and one Carl Sagan book I read the first 2 chapters of. As for the humor, I realized there weren't actually any jokes. They just referenced things and made cruel or rude nonsense dialogue that had nothing to offer but its crudeness. I realized what we had our hands on here wasn't a TV show, but a cult based on sheer stupidity, pretentiousness, and terrible memes. The first trumpet of the Apocalypse has been blown, and it doth say "I'm pickle Rick."

God bless you all and may the histories of this time not judge these sheep for their sins. Pickle Rickers in the house tonight. We all float down here.
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Pasta or no?
>My 3rd grade understanding of basic science was entirely made of Reddit memes and one Carl Sagan book I read the first 2 chapters of.
>Pickle Rickers in the house tonight. We all float down here.

What do you think?

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>Hair being perfect on some of the girls (baaaaaangs), the hilt of the Soulsword being so cool, info about all the actors and his observations on how they play them because he KNOWS these characters so well, they’re his kids in a big way.

He said Maisie was amazing and really seemed to get Rahne and her nuances, Charlie may not look like lanky Sam but he brings the vulnerability that makes Sam the heart of the team, he said Henry IS Roberto and gets Roberto and not just the cocky side but all his layers, Anya is the perfect Illyana (he was super excited for her, showed me a pic of him and her solo), and that Blu is clearly the newbie so she seemed a little more green but with the cast around her and the direction they’re getting he’s very confident in her being able to pull off Dani.

The way that Bill gushed and was so excited, especially since it’s HIS big arc and his and Claremont’s vision, made me really excited too. I could tell it was genuine, we talked about it for a while and he had a bunch of other people to sell stuff to, so he clearly didn’t want to stop talking about it!

And he asked me to please please spread the word and the excitement if I could because he wants it to do well and he really believes in it.


Getting pretty hyped.
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All signs point to this being a great movie but there's so little buzz around it. Fox needs to ramp up the promo/publicity machine.
they missed SDCC so maybe NYCC?

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But that's The Joker....

Don't you fucking bullshit me, you've tried to do this expression irl when you were a kid because of cartoons
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Are you implying you can't do it?
the hard part is getting the second transparent pair of eyes right

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Heathcliff and Sonja eat garbage.
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They're just awaiting the long-needed return of the Garbage Ape.
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>The cat's stomach gasses do not have a pleasant odor, despite the mice's predictions
You know, I beleive I'm starting to "get" Heathcliff

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Good place to get into the Flash? Especially arcs that involve zoom?
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Not exactly the Zoom you're looking for, but Geoff John's Flash is a good place as any to start. Zolomon has his own brand of dickery, less gay though than Thawne
Thawne sucks don't buy into the memes
Then what are the most interesting flash moments? Seems like every time Flash comes up its with Reverse Flash

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What does /co/ think of pic related?
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It's okay.
One of the funniest adult comedies out there, and definitely Macfarlane's best show. I'm glad the TBS switch over didn't ruin it.
The best of Seth Macfarlane's three cartoon sitcoms. It doesn't sound like much, but it's a show that can make me laugh almost every time. I'd say it's one of my favorite mature animated shows.

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Is that Linkara consuming an entire microphone?

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