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How is she so perfect? Simple design, simple personality that takes a backseat to the main character, yet so attractive. The authors managed to sexualize her juuuust enough to make her feminity and beauty noticable for who pays attention to it, but not nearly enough to take anything away from her innocent charm and good nature.

(Also european comic strip thread I guess)
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How will Cara Delevingne even compete?

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You know, this really speaks to me. I like this page.
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I was out of the loop but are they really going with TrueSteve VS HydraCap? I am kinda surprised it wasn't FalCap.

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Caption this.
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I'm a dumb ass, here's a better one.

Let's have an angry beavers thread. That would be nice.
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Oh. It IS nice to see this thread.

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Does mcgruff get a gun?
Did he ever used one?
>Grizzly Bear vs Bloodhound

Really foodles the noodle.

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What was the joke here?
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It's all the funny of the Shaboopi dance numbee, plus it's an internet reference, AND it's another chance for Seth to show off his amazing singing voice. I can only hope we get to hear him sing on The Orville starting this Sunday at 8pm on Fox.
this picture is a perfect summation of modern 4chan and frankly many parts of the internet in 2017

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I miss him
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Then you're obviously not Beth. She didn't.
Me too. What a regular character he was!
That wasn't C-137 Rick and Morty anyway. Poopybutthole universe is just a one off.

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ITT: The main character of the last show you watched or the last comic you read finds themselves in a Saw trap.

What happens? Do they live?
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Any trap in specific?
Re-watching Burn Notice right now, Michael would probably escape the trap, but in the way Saw intended, like cut out his own eye to get the key..
They probably die, because those traps are stupid and unfair.

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>One of the few movies that could've actually pushed adult animation in a mainstream way
>We get Sausage Party instead
So Blur studios should push it to Annapurna pictures?

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Does /co/ like Morrison's JLA run?
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Overall yes, although he started the biggest batwank that did the most damage in it.
Honestly, I think it's just ok. Some of the stories were fun but it feels super condensed. They defeat one massive all consuming universal threat and then face another all consuming universal threat. There are no side stories to break things up and the characters don't really evolve at all because it's a constant flood of mega threats. It's a little exhausting to read continuously.

Meltzer's JLA was better.

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CricketsThreadAnon, a small request: when you start your next Pope Hats threat, please put "Pope Hats" in the subject field, to make it easier to find. Thanks!
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*thread, not threat. Sorry!
You can find the first two issues here: >>95078964
I'm really hoping CricketsThreadAnon will return today, I'm having Pope Hats withdrawal symptoms.

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What's yer offer?

>the hero wins via a 'dirty' tactic rather than THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP or some mcguffin powerup

any good examples of this? in wizards, the main character shoots the villain with a gun instead of doing some standard magic duel ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cZqRzHnI8s )
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Idunno, the power of friendship is a pretty dirty tactic if the other guy expects a fair 1-on-1.

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Do all of the jokes in this show boil down to one character saying something out of place and the rest of the characters reacting with surprised looks in silence?

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Those are the meat and potatoes of the show, yes

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So, top ten season two doesn't have a finale?
I've read the four issues and the special and I'm confused. There is something I miss?
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Man, you really should've just stuck with the original.
Well "Smax" is hilarious and "the fortyniners" is high quality comic material, really. So i'm pretty aficionado to the characters and premises of all top ten relative comics.
Great shirt.

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