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Alright /co/, Gabe visited you in a dream. you have been chosen to head the writing staff for TF2:TAS

In two sentences or less, pitch Gabe an episode idea.

For every idea that pleases Gabe, he will bring Episode 3 one day closer to us.
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episode dedicated to Miss Pauling and her daily life
the heavy goes on a rampage looking for who stole his sandvitch. turns out it was the spy impersonating the scout all along.
Obligatory episodes were everyone is suddenly interested in what pyro looks like under the mask. Pay off at the end is something stupid like "another mask"
Maybe some more eps like explaining the blu team beings clones and hats

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whats your guys opinion of the new Fionna model?
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>Spare tire
>Smaller breasts
>spare tire

>dem hips
you're begining to get it america, I'm proud of you

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>Boredom and Existential Angst

Another key has resurfaced.
The Locke kids are deep in it now.
And there's a enemy right at their heels.
Anyway, let's get on with this thing...

This is-
Locke & Key Book Two: Head Games
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And here we go with a neat recap....
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Study, study, study...
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He's got the picture now

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A late night Clarence stream was supposed to happen, but the thread was derailed by shitposters including me and now it's been deleted. Let's try this again.
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come on man, wait for a week until it blows over
That was just a stream thread. Those are a against the rules by themselves.

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Four years after the Battle of Chicago, the Transformers have been outlawed by the American government and hunted down by Cemitery Wind, a black ops unit led by CIA operative Harold Attinger (Kelsey Grammer) and assisted by intergalactic bounty hunter Lockdown. Attinger wants to build his own Transformers to use as weapons, which he accomplishes through engineer Joshua Joyce (Stanley Tucci), CEO of Kinetic Solutions Incorporated (KSI), who uses the rare element ''Transformium'', extracted from the bodies of dead Transformers, to build an army of robotic drones headlined by Galvatron, programmed with data recovered from Megatron's severed head and decoded by a captive Brains.

In Texas, Cade Yeager (Mark Wahlberg), a widowed father and struggling inventor who runs an auto-shop with his friend Lucas Flannery (T.J. Miller), finds an old truck in an abandoned movie theather and takes it to his farm to strip it down for parts and use the money to send his rebellious daughter Tessa Yeager (Nicola Peltz) to college. He finds out that the truck is actually an injured Optimus Prime, and Lucas reports this to the police. A group of mercenaries led by James Savoy (Titus Welliver) and Lockdown arrives at the Yeager farm to capture Optimus, but he manages to fight them off, while Cade, Tessa and Lucas are rescued by Tessa's boyfriend, race car driver Shane Dyson (Jack Raynor). However, Lucas is killed by a grenade thrown by Lockdown during their escape.
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Cade finds out that KSI is experimenting on dead Transformers, and Optimus rallies the surviving Autobots Bumblebee, Hound, Drift and Crosshairs to destroy the building before leaving Earth. During the attack, Joshua launches Galvatron and another drone, Stinger, to stop the Autobots, and Optimus realizes that Megatron has transferred his consciousness to Galvatron. Optimus is then ambushed by Lockdown and taken aboard his ship. Tessa is accidentally captured as well, and Cade and Shane join forces with the Autobots to rescue them.

Aboard the ship, Lockdown reveals he's been employed by the Creators, a race of extraterrestrial creatures, to capture Optimus and bring him to them. In exchange for Cemitery Wind's assistance to locate Optimus, Lockdown gives Attinger the Seed, a bomb that can convert all matter within its blast radius in Transformium. Attinger gives Joshua the Seed, and he travels to Beijing to detonate it in order to use the Transformium to create more drones.

Cade, Shane and the Autobots manage to infiltrate Lockdown's ship and detach its tail section before Lockdown departs from Earth. Meanwhile, Galvatron rebels against Joshua and reprograms the drones to do his bidding. Joshua then escapes into Hong Kong in an effort to protect the Seed from Galvatron, who intends to use to to rebuild the Decepticons. The Autobots and their human allies arrive to protect him from the drones, while Lockdown returns in search of Optimus and forces the Autobots' ship to crash-land.
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Outnumbered, Optimus uses the Matrix of Leadership to revive the Dinobots, ancient Cybertronian warriors who were captive aboard Lockdown's ship. The Autobots and the Dinobots join forces and defeat the drones, forcing Galvatron to flee. Meanwhile, Cade is attacked by Savoy in an apartment building, but manages to throw him off the window, killing him.

Lockdown attacks Optimus, while Attinger attempts to kill Cade, only to be killed by Optimus. While he's distracted, Lockdown stabs him in the back and is ready to kill him when Cade, Tessa, Shane and Bumblebee create a distraction, allowing Optimus to stab Lockdown through the chest and slice him in half.

Optimus retrieves the Seed and leaves the Autobots in charge of protecting the planet before departing to confront his Creators and avenge the death of his friends. Meanwhile, Galvatron begins to plan his revenge.
The boyfriend subplot was really dumb.

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So Josh Trank is just re-doing Chronicle with a Fantastic Four theme.
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That sounds so creative!
...I'm okay with that. It'lbe a shitty ass F4 movie, but through a non-fanboy perspective it could be-

wait, why am I defending this? I loved Chronicle but no, no I don't want this at all. Fuck.
>Fantastic Four to have six members

The studio says six is a more realistic number than four. How do four people save the Earth all by themselves? You need at least two more people to do that.

Plus, The Avengers had six members, and it was a very successful movie, so of course six is the magic number.

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Awwwww yeaaaah!

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>Congratulations, you got yourself caught. What's the next step of your master plan?

>Exploding this police department. With no survivors!
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He had his own prologue with his own "that guy" actor in it. Was Bane originally intended to be Joker? Does TDK make more sense if Joker was sent by Talia to soften up Bruce
>Congratulations, you got yourself caught. What's the next step of your master plan?

>Enraging this Hulk. With no survivors!
Damn, forgot pic.

Eh, Joker's character doesn't seem like one who would be the pawn of the League. Also, while CIA was pretty awkward (not sure if that's his fault, or the constraints of the script, having to yell his lines over airplane sounds and all), I thought bank manager was well done. And that scene sets up the theme behind TDK pretty well, whereas the opening scene of TDKR doesn't really have thematic significance, it's just to show how badass Bane is.

But, yeah, I also noticed that Nolan used the "villain's introduction occurs when villain is masquerading as his own henchman" thing again.

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Hey guys! I found a comic you might enjoy!

Also, what /co/-related thing traumatized you into believing dumb shit when you were younger?
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i dare you to rewatch tarzan without falling deeply and madly in love with jane
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Jane's always been one of my favorite Disney girls
her nose is so low in her face
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It's far too late for that.

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Previous Thread >>62814551


>Download Links

>List of /frz/ Drawfags

>Compiled Music

>List of Editions
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xth for verbal abuse

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>Finish season 1 Wakfu
>Start season 2
>episode 5 dragon pig waht the fak?
It gets better, right?
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season two had kinda a weird progression. I love the wakfu series but a lot found season two to be less enjoyable. I probably liked season 2 more than one personally. It picks up a lot more at the end and some key episodes in between. i felt its start and finish was strongest though. middle was a little weird.
Its start was okay, but why did Amalia suddenly go all "huge bitch" at everyone? Even after they get Grovy back, she acts way more haughty than she used to, it just feels weird.
Adamai is an ugly shit, and its widely accepted.
keep watching and you'll see what's under yugo's hat.

ITT: /co/ on the beach.
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I'm keeping my shirt on while I swim.

New episode just came out a few hours ago.
Download link: https://mega.co.nz/#!psslyZjZ!U7FejDfzIDu0u1lLQkfQnENrieZRr5B3xEt51hgT6EE
Dailymotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1yuhv6_s03e02-littlest-pet-shop-war-of-the-weirds_animals
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You know this thread is going to be deader than shit, right?
only after the first few hours when everyone gets caught up with the new ep
Last thread WAS everyone.

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Previous Thread >>62478562


>Download Links

>List of /frz/ Drawfags

>Compiled Music

>List of Editions
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try something else please
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