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Rodent movies
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You mean vermin.

Useless pests only get good PR because of Bluth and Mickey Mouse.
Bitch we come up with new vaccines by testing on mice first. You're useless
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legend of the titanic, a forgotten /co/ classic

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Haha. What?
Read the Batman/Elmer fudd comic

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What does /co/ think about.....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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It's cute.

It bothers me that the lip movements are so choppy but everything else is smooth. I get that they were probably going for the stop motion aesthetic, but it's just not there.
the porn is nice
What porn?

ITT: Concept art
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>Article about Marvel
>Somehow manage to bring Didio and New 52 in
>Still thinks the New 52 wasn't a knee-jerk reaction from WB Higher-Ups ordering DC to make their line more movie-adaption friendly.
I'm sorry but last I heard the New 52 didn't had variants that had retailers double their orders. The New 52 was a sinking ship at launch because the new books cannibalized each other's sales.
Fill me in on why do these people really hate Dan Didio's guts?
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Who gives a shit what a literal who in some forum believes?
>movie normies wanting to read comics

Why is this meme still alive?
Which forum is that?

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How many mutants are dead because of her?
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None. She's not like the other Inhumans who hate mutants.
Not enough.

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>Memories of beating the shit out of Iron Man with Captain America during Civil War 1 inbetwen classes.
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Take an /a/ and give it the Saban treatment to turn it into a Saturday Morning /co/.

Four space teens travel the universe ridding it of the worst environmental criminals. There's Jet, the street wise African-American pilot of the Bebop and strong man who is also a botanical genius. Spike, the Latino-Jewish martial arts expert who loves to cook. Valentine, the sassy Irish redhead who can open anything that's locked except for her feelings for Spike. Then there's the zany Edwina, the Native American spirit warrior and computer expert who can't get enough space tofu-burgers.
These four teens are joined by their alien friend Ein the Snurgalurpus as they zoom through space and dimensions beyond, catching evil villians and eco terrorists and locking them up in Quantum Prison.

Saturday mornings tune in to YAHOO BEBOP!

Snurgal! Snurgal!
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Bump of interest
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Let me post Doozy Bots, the american gundam that was never made.
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I have a challenge for ya.

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Know it isn't likely, but is anybody willing to post up the series? Had a biting curiousity to see how the IDW guys handled writing the 2016 team.

also, secret Ghostbusters thread
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I've been meaning to give it a read out of morbid curiosity (and pineapple pizza-anon). I've got the lot in digital rips and just haven't gotten around to reading any of it.

Unfortunately I have to go to work tomorrow (I stupidly volunteered), otherwise I'd storytime it.
I know that next we've got another TMNT team-up mini, but I wonder what's after that.

Fourth ongoing, maybe?
You're allowed to read and enjoy things. You sound like a closet gay talking about other dudes with too much denial and adding 'no homo' to how much and how interested you are in the new team comic. It's fine. Read it. No one will judge you if you like it or worse, are a fan. Same with the movie. No, it wasn't garbage. It was fine and fun and the cameos were solid. Fuck you all and also enjoy the comic. The turtles one was solid though I don't know a thing about what they're doing in their own series.

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man wouldn't it be weird if I turned on the internet and went to El Goonshive, i haven't read in years

i don't even know what's happening anymore?

does /co/ ever check back with comics (or cartoons too) that they haven't read in a while and just boggle at how weird everything got? the egs kids, they haven't changed too much but apparently they listen to more pop music now?
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No, i usually stop remembering everything about a comic pretty quickly after i stop giving a shit about it. Like that one about the guy, whatsisface, with the thing? No idea what it was even called, and i only dropped it about a week ago. Got more important shit i could be doing with those brain cells.
There is always an EGS thread up on /aco/.
EGS and Zebra Girl are basically the two webcomics I go back and check on every year or so.

Should add Daughter of the Lilies too, but I keep forgetting the title.

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Maximums Rickimus is a total bishounen
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Oh man I wanna fuck that old guy
He is also dead.
There's a theory that Quantum Rick is still alive

Damn not a moments peace
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>that hail
jesus fuck some waterwomen must be getting absolutely gangbanged or something
>Duane looking out for his new friend
>Quigs trusting Duane to help Matty

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So why is it that all manner of senet beasts seem to go berserk in Sette and Duane's company?

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What's your favorite superhero team? I've got to go with the newer gotg. I don't know why but they're just so perfect to me I fucking love it
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The movie versions look better for all of those bar Starlord. Who is likely going to get the comic helmet for Infinity War or Guardians 3.
To be seen.

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lego elves.jpg
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This show be on fleek.
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Is there anything good about this show besides waifus?
Is there any other point in watching any show?

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What does /co/ think of Moomin?
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Moomin is NOT for sexual, you sick degenerate. Get the fuck off my property.

Not even Snorkmaiden?
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