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Who is the best looney tunes and why is it this fucker?
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that's not Daffy "THE DUCK" Duck
Cause that nigga always be wanting to destroy Earth but Bugs alway be cucking us out of the sweet release of death.

Would you ride it /co/?


Also a general park thread I guess
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if it was in six flags great America or st louis, then yes

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Diane is the worst. For a moment I thought Bojack was going to push her off the roof in this scene.

Which in retrospect, would have made a better show after seeing how seasone 2 turned out and the teaser for season 3.
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>mfw just finished season 2
I think the end of episode 9 got me the most
The teaser was for season 4 bud
Diane is a great character, you may not like her but that's part of her job

Not ep 11?
Episode 11 wasn't as feelsy for me, but it did have an impact

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You lied to me, /co/, you said Providence was interesting.
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It's more interesting if you are a Lovecraft fan who recognize the various references.
This. I really enjoyed Providence. I even shelled out for the complete collection.
read it along with this. If you don't know lovecraft lore it'll make it much more enjoyable

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I did not expect the Batman/Joker ship in this movie?

How did you feel about it?
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I wish we could erase all black characters and replace them with redheads instead
I HATE with passion her Italian VA.
Or, more specifically: I hate that VA in her role.
If Morrison thinks it's a good idea, so do I. It works for Joker, anyway.

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I've just marathoned the first 8 episodes of Wakfu on netflix, and the series is pretty good but...

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Eva gets knocked up late in season 2
You have to keep changing the language settings because Netflix is shit
Well, french is a fast language. Not nearly as fast as Spanish or Chinese, but fast enough.
Make separate account with French as the default language?

I don't know how Netflix works because I pirate shit.

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1. Wasn't this episode made 3 years ago?

2. Wasn't some creator or writer from the pre. Movie era brought back to restore the show? Making stuff like this redundant?
i don't know i just saw this today and it hurt me deeply
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I know, anon. I've seen the episode, and it's awful. Nobody ever seems to mention it in the threads where people discuss the worst episodes, though. I can only assume it's because nobody's bothered to watch the show that far.

Still, the other anon's correct; this episode isn't actually all that recent. It aired almost exactly 5 years ago.

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ITT: Your best /co/ reaction images

ESPECIALLY great images you never get to use
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I wish I had the source to this
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so I got some old teenage mutant ninja turtle comics, most notably a almost mint Leo micro series issue and pic related, both of which won't fit in my standard size bags, what size do I need for them
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Silver age bags.

They were an odd size even then. Probably Golden Age or Magazine sized.
thanks that seems to be it

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>Thundercats is the only major 80's cartoon I never watched as a child

Did I miss out? Is it worth watching the series?
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If you're willing to accept that it's very much a product of its time, then yes.
I still like He-Man and Transformers, so "product of it's time" is not a deterrent by itself
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are there even thundercats dvd sets currently in print?

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Scenes that made you drop an anime.

I can't believe Skeeter would do something like that. It was so out of character for him.
What the fuck were the writers thinking?
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He was literally going around grabbing girls asses saying "Hank!" The fuck were you watching?

On a side note I didn't like how after Judy got saved she ended up a stripper in the sequel.

it's homestuck, what were you expecting?

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Are any of the DC Silver Age Anthology books worth buying?

Shit like House of Secrets, House of Mystery, Unexpected, Witching Hour, Strange Adventures, etc. Are they worth tracking down?
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Flinch was top tier, why did DC never reprint it??
DC's horror books are hit or miss.

There is good stuff (especially with the artwork) but it's buried with a lot of bad shit. What makes it harder though, for casuals, is that a LOT of the older issues can and do go for huge bucks (case in point, the first appearance of Swamp Thing in House of Secrets #92 and House of Mystery #179, the later is the very first comic book artwork by comic legend Bernie Wrightson)

If you can track them down, I would recommend picking up the various Showcase Presents books DC put out for the line. However, be warned that:

House of Mystery and Secrets both skip to when the book became a straight-up horror book (HoM starts with #174, HoS with #81) and the House of Secrets volumes go for big bucks, though DC has recently announced they are doing an omnibus for House of Secrets starting with #81.

Strange Adventures is generic sci-fi stuff with the occasional DCU serial (Atomic Knights and Deadman), which goes for big bucks.

Unexpected is so-so but it flipped back and forth between spy thriller and horror book so YMMV. That being said, there are about ten issues (#189-198) that can cost you a bit, since those issues featured what would have been the last ten issues of House of Secrets, which got canceled because of the DC Implosion.
Most of the horror books were given the Showcase treatment, so buy a couple of volumes and from there, see if it's worth your time to track down floppies for the rest of the series.

I would note that some of the most notable serials from the anthologies (Deadman and I Vampire) were reprinted in stand alone TPBs

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Thoughts on Batwoman, /co/? Any comics worth reading? Or am I wasting my time and should stick to Batman?
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Depends are you one of em' "Le Batman is the least interesting member of the bat-family" types then yes you should but if you have an IQ above room temperature this Batman knock off isn't for you.

Read Elegy for the god-tier art. Skip everything else.
>He thinks Elegy is WHIII only/best work

Don't sit though mediocrity anon, if you want to see good art go read Sandman Overture never read a mediocre book for the art that's how this useless character stay afloat; by sacrificing good artist.

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well /co/?
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Look at me, I'm Mr. Crayola-Dick. I have a crayon for a penis.

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