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So that Nightwing show that was never greenlit.
Wonder how long that could have lasted.
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One season
One season, and it would've been amazing, and we would all weep at its cancelation.

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Turn your channel to Nicktoons, /co/
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But I don't have cable
Another shit thread. *sighs*
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it's the FoP and Jimmy Neutron Crossover Special

Reminder that Rapunzel's warm, loving parents enforce death penalty for theft in their kingdom
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He stole the princess's crown.
As is only proper in any half decent monarchy

Imagine you are the king. Your wife was a breath away from death. You saved her, only to have your child be kidnapped, as if God was playing some kind of cruel joke on you. Then you wait every single fucking year for somebody to happen, hoping from the bottom of your heart that she is still alive and well, and will return. And then just a few days before her eighteenth birthday, when it's clear that even if she were to return you would have missed the most important years of her life, some kind of faggot breaks in your home and steals her fucking crown. Had it been me I would have personally skinned Eugene alive.

The larger plot hole is HOW THE FUCK did nobody find the tower in eigtheen years when it's only three days away from the castle? Did the king send blind and deaf people as a rescue party?

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ITT stuff that you see in cartoons that you sometimes forget existed in the real world

I always thought those giant bicycle wheels were something cartoons made up, same with rolling snowballs to make them bigger in the snow
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Public telephone booths haven't been a thing for a while. Makes it awkward for Superman to change...

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So has there been episodes where it's Lisa that screws up bad and has to make it up to Bart as oppose to the numerous ones where its the other way round?
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remember that episode where Lisa gets Bart's armed mauled by a tiger and Bart has to make it up to her.

the fuck was that shit?
Its happened a lot.

Like when it turns out he's a talented musician, much more than she is (which makes sense since he's been shown time and time again to be creative while she just mimics), so she ruins his arms so he can never play again.
liberal women can do no wrong. They're not capable.

check your privileged

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Post more faces like this
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Am I doing it right?

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Any news?
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Not even a blip on their twitter, either.
they had a panel in Dragoncon a day ago, talking about the artbook that will be out on January 2018 there's some pics that OP posted during the panel in this link

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Who's the best simpsons character?
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Snake and Comic Book Guy, and they should have a team up episode as well
Superintendent Chalmers

Post characters from other realities, earths, timelines, dimensions, from what ifs, and clones with different lives (from the person they were cloned) that you like

from the last issue of X-Men Blue. A team much more interesting (at least visually) than the O5 of X-Men Blue. Also, the best design of Pixie.
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This is the shittiest plot device ever.

All it means is "we can pretend to have some dramatic death of a character, only to bring them back."

It means death has as much impact in comics as it does in DBZ.
Eh, I think it depends. A dramatic death is almost guaranteed, or at least a dramatic shift in plot armor, which allows stakes to be raised. Sucks that these never feel that appealing in capeshit

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What happened to Ferguson?
This character never existed.

I REALLY hope you didn't mistake it for Heckapoo.

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Her daughter is a lucky girl
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Magnificent butt passed on from generation to generation.
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>tfw all the porn is Shadman and Zimmerman

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Why, I do believe it's time for some early Silver Age!

But enough about me, how was your weekend?
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It's the usual Kane/Infantino mix, along with something else for funsies.
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PB is best boy, yes he is yes he is.

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This season really uped the drama and bat shit craziness by eleven in a lot of the episodes.

Like normally I'd get depressed around episode 11 every season, but holy shit there was so much going on.
Lizard dad is best dad
up to eleven I meant, shit

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Who was better? Pawz or Clawz?

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Have they given up on going anywhere with more shorts?
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They held an event last month where they invited kids to design their own characters, so I assume they're still making the show.
Oh, this is an actual thing?
I thought it was just a music video.

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Who was in the wrong here?
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>shows up and mocks him when he could have teleported in earlier and told him antivirus was not enough
fuck clean-shaven proto
>Guy's computer crashes causing him to loose all his work
>Probably going to get fired
>Won't be able to feed superhero wife and kids

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