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What was his problem?
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it's his hat, Anon. He always wears it and he talks forever about stuff, not to mention his obsession with cleanliness. Big problem.
His parents were distant with extreme expectations.
One of Eddy's schemes involved him dressing up like Nazz and having sex with the rest of the boys in the cul-de-sac. He never got over it and is part of the reason why he is so obsessed with being clean.

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I watched this and found myself completely dinterested by the half way point. There are 3 things very wrong with this.

The first is that the feelings portrayed in it are thinly veiled resentment. Our protagonist as utterly selfish and jealous, with the audience expected to root for her out of pity for her shitty job. The feminine virtues that Disney female protagonists usually espouse are absent in her. I actually found myself rooting for her rival more, who while stupid is at least not bitter.

Second the frog designs are not fitting for central characters. They are too simple, these would be background characters in Bambi. Having one is bad enough but putting both lead characters in this simple design is unforgivable. We are also constantly reminded that our lead characters are ugly and slimey.

Last the entire roll out of the family, with the exception of the voodoo man, feels very by the numbers, other than the setting and the thinly veiled resentment it does nothing to distinguish it from Disney's other, better, fairy tales. The bayou scenes in particular was boring with uninteresting animal helpers.
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1.You're probably not from the south
2.The frogs are sexy

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How come this show was canceled? It had a kickass intro.
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This show was the shit, man. The online game was pretty great too.

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I'm probably late on this since it's been out for five days, but has there been much talk, comment, etc on this here?

I feel like its worth a watch, if only for the infamy of the episode itself and scenes of pretty good animation.
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My only complaint is that whoever got "Yoshi no like meatballs" did NOT capitalize on it. Otherwise very hilarious. Makes me miss 2007-2012tube.
>Requires payment to watch this video
It doesn't though?

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Not what I expected, but still pretty cool
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>it's actually going to be 60's-style Teen Titans
Let me guess, it's going to end up with the GO characters beiing all sassyw with Titans, while shitting on the old fanbase again?

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this scene is just aboslute gold.


>What, it's just an ordinary krabby..
>*zoom in

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Why doesn't Wanda ever appear in the Thessaliad?

Considering all the other A Game of You cameos (including that severed face), her absence is very conspicuous.

And uh, Sandman thread I guess.
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I think vertigo likes pretending Wanda doesn't exist because she's a horribly unflattering tranny caricature.

Seriously, go back and read A game of You again, but without the 1989 mindset. For 80's standards it's not that bad, but she would not fly in 2002.

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I'm so confused. This isn't shitty enough to be cringe, but it's soo fucking redundant and shitty. Is this ironic?
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Lol no, this guy is serious.

>why is there even a secret formula if the crew aren't going to reveal it?

Perhaps because it fuels the plot of every other episode?

So how is it so far?
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Short film thread

Post short films.



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Curse you, X-Men! CURSE YOOOUUUU!
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is he allowing himself to be photographed now?
Well, it doesn't look like he's enjoying it.

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So did this just fall apart or something?
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/co/ projects, whether they're started by us or just related to this board in any way, are always doomed from the start. That's our curse.

Meanwhile, in /a/, pic related was brought back by two different groups.
No, it just got delayed. Hard. They put out a demo that just covers the tutorial for the game, but aside from that, they haven't really gotten anything out yet. They're still working on multiplayer.
Which kinda blows since I was really looking forward to playing this back in August.
Toontown Rewritten and MyVMK were both successful.
Fair enough, I admittedly didn't even know those two games were a thing that existed.

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What is the closest thing /co/ has to a West Coast/East Coast rivalry?
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Whether you prefer He-Man or She-Ra
DC/Marvel quite obviously
Fans of the mid 2000s Teen Titans cartoon and people who aren't enormous faggots.

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so let's make our own megaman/megaman-like animated series.
what thing should it have?
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A Megaman that looks like Megaman, not Tron's retarded cousin.
And actually a robot, not a kid who can transform using a retarded catchphrase.
RMs being assholes to each other at Wily's place.

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>yet another Lego movie
>replace the entire voice cast from the show for the movie

What were they thinking
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>LEGO movie
I don't understand this shit at all. I liked playing with lego as a kid, but I never once thought wow, I wish this were a cartoon. If I want to do something with lego I'll go play with the fucking blocks. Why do people want them to be movies and videogames now? Y'all weird pieces of shit
Can't do a Hollywood film with notable and not so notable actors and shit

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