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N-not the right time, anon. Bear market incoming with China being forced out of crypto.

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All you fucker's have been spreading horrible vibes about BTC's progression, which contributes to a decline if you don't know. More negativity more of decrease, more positivity more a of a increase.

Pretty simple concept but some of you artard's don't seem to get it.

Buy now or miss out on 4k fuckers.
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>paying $3700 for a virtual beanie baby
>paying hundreds in fees

Get real that is shitty tech too
Fuck no. This shit needs to dip.
There's your dip son.

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Ian Balina here HACKING THE SYSTEM AKA how to get lambos in your teens and mansions in your 20's
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What are your thoughts on ENIGMA ICO, i saw your video where you say I will be able to buy a mansion for my children and lambo for myself. based on your expert advice I went ALLL INN! and remortgaged my house for the ICO. I agree with you Ian.They truly are an A Star team. It will be a paradigm shift for sure like you say.

Many great thanks and well wishes to you
can someone explain why is this nigga so visible?

its not like he is some investing genius he lost like $100k in gains already

>february i make a thread telling /biz/ that i have a plan to open a cyber-cafe/repair shop in Brazil and asking how could i make the money (i have a bad score so no loans)
>some anons offers me the money to do so
>i talk to them and i choose one of them to partney with
>after proving him i am not a nigerian prince, he lends me the money
>i open the store in mid-february
>each month things getting better
I own it all to /biz/ and mainly to mister A. nonymous who trusted me with his money.
I hope success to all of you guys.
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Congrats man you got really lucky that some guy would just trust with you his money. Good job with the store too :)
Thanks man.
No bitcoins atm, only cash.

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Not much longer until the real pump starts, don't want you guys to miss out on ride.
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Strapped in ready to launch
how can I become a DIONs bro so I can rape girls with impunity
Who's going to invest into a coin whose community consists mainly of /biz/tards posting rape pictures? Forget big money.

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>he must have 1000x gains in 30 minutes or pink wojacksks
>anything he invests in innovative
>thinks wormwood is fake
>never had a girlfriend
>thinks bid rigging creates a free market

Pic related
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Buy PAY and you will get 100x in 1 week

Get ready for 1000x earth shattering loses

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Hi biz. Could someone please tell me why I can only place one automatic sell order on Bittrex? Why can't I place both a stop-loss order (≤ condition) and a take-gains order (≥ condition). I understand that you're allocating your coins to that order, but the orders could be linked, so that if one is filled, then the other is deleted
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Komodo Platform's BarterDEX will allow multiple orders to be placed. Decentralized too, atomic cross chain swaps, etc
because you should make your own bot for that instead of wasting trade engine processing power

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What about ETH? Lol
Again man?....

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Remember when /biz/ was actually about business and finance and not cryptocurrency advertisement/scams?

You idiots ruined this board
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Been on 4chan since 2009, visited /biz/ on the first day it opened. It was never about actually running a business or about learning the technicals of financial statements. It was always about get rich quick schemes, day trading penny stocks, and scamming people on eBay and Amazon. /biz/ always sucked.
/biz/ was always about making money, crypto has made me more money in 1 year than 10 years I worked before that

Why the FUCK would you not be in crypto unless you hate money

cry me a river nocoiner

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>he still didn't know the whole thing was scripted

Meet your handlers:

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Damn my balls is aching since Yesterday, anyone know what work best to cure it?
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2500 bottom 3k EOY.png
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I think we'll see 2500 within the month, and it will recover to 3k by the end of the year.
No idea what next year is gonna look like...BCH moon?

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Uhh you guys said it would go to $2200 so I shorted and am now down $5000 what the fuck faggots fuck you
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read the charts anon, wait for it. 3k soon
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>so I told anon that it would go to $2200 and he ACTUALLY shorted it, the absolute madman!
Try to look more long term. 8k soon.

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I just put everything into Siacoin, How fucked am I?
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you're not gonna make it, bro, I'm sorry.

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>kraken takes forever to transfer
>can't get into coinbase, lost phone
>authy takes 24hours to reset, because they're 'security-oriented'. fuck you
>bitpanda is capped at 50€
>every other site takes 99% comission
>meanwhile BTC/OMG orgy
>ebay is my only option
>meanwhile 'buy' orgy everywhere

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Based French Kraken user here, I have no problem with the exchange
send me fiat and I'll sort you out m8
up to 25k daily
Based french user too, I really like Kraken but they have to buy new servers. I'm getting tired of not being able to login when buttcoin is crashing and there is money to be made.

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What's happening guys, why the volume in the chinese markets is growing?
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chinks are buying/selling BTC before the gov shuts them down
More selling I guess, and considering the arbitrage it sounds a good chance for a dip.

good morning i´ve listened about this board and cryptocurrencies and me and my friends are interested in this new way for making money we are boomers so we have enough capital for investing. some advise?
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buy my bag you fucking no coiner faggot
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Buy dgb

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