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So who might we count among these people who only deal in cash because they're afraid of to apply to financial services
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obviously 50-year-old chinese men with stupid shirts

Only half the world doesn't have bank accounts, so them I suppose, more than 2 billion.
There's also another class of people who only deal in cash

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I am Thai, and I do not understand why its valued this high. Anyways, is there any reason for it go up in the coming months ?
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This coin will be the next dgb
because crazy roundeyes in the West need to money-maxx as their fiat drops in value, thus they are willing to take on excessive risk in the crypto market and believe omisego has a strong product/team/vitalik-backing but in actuality omg has a retarded brand and it has nothing.
lol kys

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Why do you all shill shitty "casino" ICOs? You realize how easy it is to write gambling smart contracts? I could have a /biz/ ethereum gambling site running within a month for less than 200 bucks. These people do not need millions of dollars.
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you're attacking the wrong project bud.

this project has the LOWEST market cap out of all the other fucking ones, BY FAR.

you also are underestimating how important security, testing, community building, advertising, etc, is.

sage because I want to get in on this before it is sold out.
was tryping but first post best post >>3514202 basically summed it up

NONE of the modern iCOs need the fucking $50 million they raise. This one is still lower than the rest, that's why we like it.

also sage, good job above poster.
What about derivatives? We want shares of profit.

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Hello /biz/ i want to get into crypto since im poor as fuck and hate my job, want to move from this shithole.
Can you recommend any wallets? or what to invest in ? I've lurked a lot and im seeing BAT getting shilled a lot, but i have like 40 dollars to spare, so any help would be appreciated.
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>$40 dollars

You have no choice but to buy BAT. It will be easy money and maybe multiply that to big boy status.
Newsflash: No one likes their job and everyone wants to get rich with no effort. Do your own research you lazy fucking loser. Why should you be spoonfed? Have fun turning that $40 into... $80 in the BEST CASE SCENARIO.

Come back if you have actual money.

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I only have 0.01 btc but I have to gamble to make it
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triple it with this
then you buy whatever I shill next
0.08, then 0.3. then 0.9. Suddenly you have real money.

no one's taking about it

airdrop coming in a week

low market cap

easy peasy 5-10x
If someone donate a fraction I will buy into bitcoin and buy 1 coin today.


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Too many people gonna get rich.

Also, I'm from NSA and I have the backlogs and IP trace to all the posters on 4chan, and I won't use this information in illicit way by any means - I will only use it if that faggot degenerate pajeet from steem comes in here with his faggot article "Kyber is not what it seems to be" I will dox him publicly and make sure that he dies within 7 days.
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Fuck my stupid government for keeping me from easy profit.
Land of the free, except when you do something we don't like.
all spoofed orders as it isnt tradeable yet. sage.

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Hope you got your tickets, BAT flies under the radar pretty much everywhere except /biz/, when Mercury drops this shit is gonna fly.
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wtf how many threads you shills want to make?? just dump it and gtfo
already priced in faggot
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lol look at a chart once in a while you dumb nigger

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It's finally happening, this shitcoin with 0 value is getting dumped.

Jump the ship while you still can
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Jumped last night while it was still over $3.50

Sorry Arkies
ark is un-unsinkable
our wojaks are un-pinkable

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THIS JUST IN: @CryptoWatson reporting $BAT is #4 out of Top 10 Crypto Mentions. Also comes in at #3 in Cryptos with the Most Positive Feedback.
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Yeah, no shit. It has an actual development team unlike the rest of these shitcoins.
Brenden Eich is about to do to Bitcoin what he did to Internet Explorer.


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looking like a good buy signal idk thinking about moving some bags around
this will slowly go down to 76k-80k sats again and then explode into orbit
It was stagnating for literally hours. I think everyone all of a sudden just decided to try riding the waves and they all ended up fucking each other over.

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Last chance for one last pump
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Which books/articles/websites do I need to read until I'm informed enough to put actual money into crypto market?

I don't just want to FOMO and go balls deep uninformed.
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Please respond
Biz is all u need
Doesn't sound right tbqh

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Is this coin a pump and dump or is it genuinely a good short-term investment? I visited the official subreddit and people seem to really be overhyping it, almost to the point where it feels like an organized PnD. They also keep mentioning a countdown to monday that's going to pump the coin to unspeakable levels, but I really can't find anything of the sort online.
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pnd shitcoin
I don't know about any of this decentralized casino shit. If I'm already fucking around with crypto, why would I need to gamble? This basically feels like gambling already, but with better odds. Doesn't crypto trading make gambling obsolete?
Edgeless is trash and is really overvalued right now. Etheroll (DICE) is a bit undervalued, not sure about BitDice and FunFair is speculative which means theres a good bit of risk.

You have a good eye for spotting that it's all running on hype right now. And hype doesn't last forever.

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What do you guys think of the coins I hodl long term? Constructive criticism is very welcome, I'm thinking of dumping my Ark for NEO
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Overdiversified. If anything moons you won't make any money. Need to consolidate into one or two coins. At this point, is it even worth it holding btc and eth? You should be gambling on shitcoins to make more btc and eth by value.

Not pictured in mine:
>8k ODN
>6k LINK
Xmr ltc are on long margin

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Why the fuck aren't you participating in the fastest 10x of the year?

>exclusive membership platform similar to massdrop or groupon

>extremely low coin supply

>nothing to lose

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>"business" but with crypto!
>Literally every single shitcoin other than "platform" coins like bitcoin or ethereum or "network of blockchain" coins
>Extremely low coin supply
If by extremely low you mean 0 coins because it won't reach the minimum funding.

It must really suck to have your money locked down for a whole month because some guy shilled you hard only for it not to reach the minimum funding meaning your money was locked down for nothing.

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