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to the moon.png
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You have been informed anon
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>already been pumped
Did you buy at the top again?
I've been informed about:

Don't have enough to go buy all of them

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Also got 'bout 3 ETH in BitDice. Am I fucked?
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>using this meme
>not holding NEO
you're doing it wrong OP. that pic belongs to the meme kid
>2 coins that have hit and are still near their ATH
>Am i fucked
yes, you are fucked

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buy BAT
It's already pumped though, I'll just hold bags for eternity
suit yourself

A quick summary of Mercury release for a brainlet please dear sirs.
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The shills dont even know
bat gets implemented into brave

what more do you need to know

sell sell sulfa
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>50 dollar
>Caring about a 1-2% drop

So what part of the internet did you blow in from?
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>he uses coinbase

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If you aren't buying this right now you are a fud cuck
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Sold all mine for 100% profit
Don't save them OP, they don't want to be saved.
nice shilling, too bad ethbet starts in 50 minutes

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kys if you think this
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zoom out dumbass
>1D candles

kys too faggot
when does mercury release

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your alts will tank along with btc too.

your bubble-tulip-internet-monopoly-money-ponzi-scheme is going down in flames, just based on fucking technicals alone.

every 1st year newbie trader knows of the "death cross" between sma and ema. this is the most simplest yet consistent signal of a sell-off.
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>last time the fast average crossed the slow average from the topside down the market dipped then went on a 3kUSD bull run
it's ok. holding builds character :^)
Bitcoin will never be less than 3500 again.

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OK biz, which are other possibly profitable coins except OMG, ARK, LSK and NEO? I'm looking to make x2 - x3 in the next 2 months. I'm thinking about NAV or RISE, maybe Elastic? Give me an advice and you shall have mad gains cause of the good karma.
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Stick to pepe's and wojaks god dammit
RISE or SHIFT, yeah.

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Monero has two phd cryptographers on salary. They are currently researching various ways to improve moneros privacy and scalability. This along with regular hardforks ensures this that monero is going to easily adapt to the future. Check the research labs roadmap here:


if you dont have any xmr yet wtf are you thinking
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poorfag here, I have 0.1 BTC, should I buy monero?
pretty impressive desu

Yes. Expecting a possible 0.1 soon.


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Just wanted to thank the anons who posted their chainlink links on this board. You guys just made a lot of people very happy with incredible gains coming.
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>he doesn't realize he got scammed
I have bad news anon...
>couldn't wait for the crowdsale like a good goy.
You impatient fuck. I hope they refund you your ETH on Tuesday and make you buy LINK at 3x the ICO price.

Buy already you fucking idiot. It's impossible for a coin to be shilled this much and not pump
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> he doesn't realize pump is over
Lol, bagholder.
and it keeps going up
it's like you niggers hate money

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>go to sleep
>price is X
>wake up
>price is X
i will never miss china
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>not knowing china will be back in the game in a few weeks
>not knowing they did this over and over again all those years

Fuck china and people falling for it
>go to sleep
>price is X
>wake up a week later
>price is X-1500
i miss china

This is the headquarters for Authorship.com.

Pic related is the "headquarters" for a group of people who claim to be a publishing company in the US, speak broken English, changed their names to sound more American (Petre to Peter) on their website, and already run a separate company in an Eastern European company.

But no, Authorship.com (ATS) really is working out of Maryland and pic related is their headquarters.

When will you people admit this was a complete fucking exit scam?

It's so fucking obvious.
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Also they have completely removed their phone number from their website. Luckily some people archived it and have reposted it in the Bitcointalk thread.

This is the Authorship CEO's LinkedIn address.

Turns out, as his LinkedIn shows, he's actually the owner and President of the Auto and Tire company shown in my original picture.

Which means he is probably working there. Right now. And I live nearby.

Can you smell the scam yet? Should I simply go over there and demand my fucking ATS tokens?
For anyone who doesn't know, an entire crypto scam has been undertaken by a couple of guys, one of whom is basically a car mechanic working in Maryland.

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/biz/ has ruined my life.

I have always been a smart, frugal, reserved, and cautious person. I never in my life would I have thought that I would be someone telling a story like this.

Last year I met the love of my life. Up until that point my life was lonely, bleak, and sad. I was a NEET through my 20s and 30s. I lived with my aging parents. Eventually they died and I moved out and got a minimum wage job and an apartment. I'm approaching 45 now.

We met at a convention and had instant chemistry. She was married but her husband didn't share her hobbies or understand her on the same level I did. She left him, and came to live with me. We got married in a small ceremony of our own.

I've never been in love. I've had prostitutes over the years, but never a real relationship until now. I thought I would be alone forever but meeting her changed all that.

In the process, she sold her house. She took her half (some $100k), and put it away in savings.

Since we had no immediate need for the large sum of cash, I had the bright idea of investing it in hopes of making a few extra bucks. I mean, it takes money to make money, right? Some extra money on the side to help us if we decide to have kids and the wife is out of work for a while.

That is when I started browsing /biz/. That's when it all starts going wrong.
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This shit again.

Why try to predict the market when an AI can do it for you
how reliable is this?
if you steal a girl from her guy she's going to do the same to you later, you should know this. Don't trust dishonorable whores. Not reading the rest.

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