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Kek wills it.jpg
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So how many of you sold because /biz/ and International Jews told you it was going to dip sub 3k again?
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>he hasn't heard of the double bounce
i ain't selling shit before btc =$50k
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>he honestly thinks BTC is done tanking

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>month to date: -50%

how can I even recover?
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All in WTC
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>Current Margin 35.07%
It goes lower each time I look
I lost 66% :(
I started with 150btc from long hold then learn about alts in may and lost 100btc so far.

>tfw I bought at high on all these moon mission and the coin never recovers

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So this ICO was a scam all along? I got my purchase confirmed in the slack so where the fuck are my coins.
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it says to email them if you are missing something right there, you fuckwad.
You're missing the point, I had my purchase confirmed in the fucking slack so this shit should not be happening.

They fucked up, I had them fix it, and I'm supposed to believe they've simply fucked up again? I don't fucking think so.
Literally have a fucking email from [email protected] confirming my purchase

Am also now noticing they're making me re-sign up for the slack when I already did that the first time they fucked up.
This shit is scammy as fuck, the devs ran off with my money.

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What countries does /biz/ recommend traveling to?
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what does this have to do with business or finance?
South Korea

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But muh 2200. Wtf is happening reeeeeee
Shorts getting squeezed
Just wait for friday this shit will touch 3k again

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12 days of hell left I'm right there with you, anon. I already put in my refund request 2 days ago and will be doing it again next week.
How much are you down on your eth that you can't touch
why? what happened?

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I lost 10btc on mt gox and bought my first coin back at 3k. feels bad man
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Should probably seppuku.
grats on buying back in tho :^)

I almost did when i saw it hit 4500.

W-we are going to make it r-r-right guys ?
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right about time to moon
I got $200 in it. Might be a good time to dump, no news coming out in the near future.
I'm 2000€ in it :D

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Gimme all your ARK.
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You can have it its worthless
I already sold it dumdum
Kek, weak handed faggots.

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lol that volume increase since this thread was made
buy the dip

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Have you taken the Pill yet???
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He looks like a guy I can trust.
Just bought 100k
what do you think this is? a board for adults?
But those Gainz...

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lol yall getting fucked over
check btc price in the next 1,5 hour.
screenshot this.

bye bye monies
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A good thread had to die for this shit!
sell ur shit now or u will be sorry im telling u boi
nice bought 100k

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For the first time in my life I have the money to invest. I realized that I have 50000 dollars just sort of sitting around in my bank not doing anything for me. I want to start small just to test the waters with 5000 dollars, but I have no idea where to start.

Help me out /biz/, how does someone who is entirely financially illiterate start?
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buttcoin and hold that for 10 years.
Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase

Transfer it to Bittrex

Trade it for coins that /biz/ tells you to
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Avalon and TNT

>he didn't buy the first dip
>he didn't buy the second dip
If this applies to you, you're not gonna make it. We are not going under $3500 ever again, for FUD is officially over.
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this post scares me anon
But I'm out of money
I'm all in on Mgti real stock real money.

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we are digima-

Ah! Sorry wrong march
>Rank 227
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I can feel my strength returning...

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