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>not even a real country name
>chronicles of nambia
It's over, the dream is dead
>African bank

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You winnin champ?

How do you reply?

>b4 answering keep in mind your dad has $2 million in assets and you have internet magic coins
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No I'm a failure just like my real father.
Ask your mother's bull to be your role model
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>You winnin champ?
A champion is by definition a winner.
Ergo, by referring to me as "champ" you have, by your own admission, conceded that I am winning.

Checkmate boomers.

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This may be your last chance to get in anons.
Don't make me come online tomorrow and see all these whining threads of people who didn't buy before the moon.
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already had 50%

just wait until it reaches 5k again
It's already up 3% though? You think it will soar higher?
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>Buy this shit so I can dump on you

Nice try Schlomo

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Copy pasting it from reddit:

>We all got together for the mainnet launch, now everyone is traveling home. If going silent (and really if you checked Slack, we are far from silent) for 3 days is "killing Qtum", then I don't even want to think about what your thoughts would be in case of any problems caused by rushing the swap.
>Here's the response I'm copy-pasting everywhere that apparently is what the entire community wants to know and nothing else:
>We are working with exchanges and hope to announce something very soon. I'm not sure what exactly you're asking for as far as "more communication". We are aware people are antsy about the swap, and have answered this question numerous times in Slack, Telegram and Reddit. Exchanges are notoriously careful and slow to work with. The swap will be in early October, and we're working with exchanges to get a hard confirmation of the dates and details
>Also, regarding ICO365, we are coordinating with them to allow people to get their mainnet tokens while still complying with Chinese regulation

Never bought back into something faster, it's already starting to pump. I doubled my QTUM just by buying the dip, everyone get in here while it's still cheap.
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>I frankly find your claims that we pump the price is insulting. If we wanted quick cheap money we've had ample people ask us to do shady things and have always refused. This is why we value transparency so much, and why we are currently in the process of doing a financial audit to prove that we are a legitimate operation. This has been way too long of a year full of development to ruin our reputation by doing shady things just so we can get some quick money. We're in this for the long haul.

>Qtum is a long-term project, we will never focus on short term gimmicks just to pump the price.

>I'm the Qtum guy who likes reddit, so I'm here a lot when I'm home, but we've all been traveling, and that has take a toll on our reddit presence especially.
I think qtum is a good buy right now, it probably won't decrease further, but because of the chinese regulations I'm still too scared to pull the trigger on this one
was thinking of selling for gains elsewhere, pretty bullish now though.

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hey guys, do you have the pic with the wolfstreet wolf and the shill telling the normie to buy a shitcoin ?
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the only wolf around here is a DIGIMARINE

not this one, the one with the shill and the normie.
pls help

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>Once this thing break 0.20k its gonna be in only one direction , to the top , remember this post

Be wise and pray Crypto gods
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Got my sell in around .25k. Bought at around this a week ago and it's been nothing but shit since then. Want out already at +25%
Someone shill me on why I should keep this to .30k or .35k

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Everything is being pumped
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Get in on that BAT.
I just did 20 minutes ago. feelsgud
What market are you talking about mate? Is it crypto? Cuz I am looking at the prices I don't see what is being "pumped"?

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2500 now; its double from last week...
Feels alot like last april
You can hate posw but if you're here you love money take my advice and make some with posw.
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It'll rise like the cream to the top

Ohhhh yeahh
tfw still holding my bags from May bought at 10k+. I had given up all hope, will hold it we reach $10
it'll hit ATH again anon, it's a pretty common pattern.

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Kek. Digicucks

Could a billionaire buy a couple of African countries, build a ton of factories and have a monopoly in the industry, and make the national currency some crypto?
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The average monkey can't trade crypto.
a country full of africans seems like a pretty terrible investment desu
The Chinese are trying to buy parts of Africa, but as it’s pretty unregulated territory, you need tons of warlords / weapons

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DASH is most Anon of all crypto + fastest.

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buy now imo, conference the 24th

half supply is used in masternodes, promised big news, a lot of HODLers etc etc
From what I’ve heard, its tech seems to be relative shit. (As in: Surpassed by other coins in all regards.)
Yet it has kept rising real steadily, especially in the past weeks.
I personally don’t understand.
>DASH is most Anon

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Just relaxing in our stable proof of stake coin. Has only gone up while everyone else is posting pink wojacks.

Why does life have to be this damn easy?
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I'm not afraid to take a stand.
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China ain't going nowhere, boys.

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anon I read the article but what has this got to do with China??
BTC-E operates inside China and the operators are moving out of China while China was stealing their Bitcoins.

Guess what happens next.
No, they are still finished because clients won't be able to deposit Yuan from their China bank accounts. Check mate, chinks.
This is just btc-e's continuation of their international service. Doesn't change the current ban on crypto/yuan exchange in China at all.

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you really think litecoin it was the chinese?
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Sysbro can't meme.
Maybe spellchick

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Pajeet make 100,000,000,000 coins.
Pajeet sell 1 coin for $1 to hes brother Pansun.
Now we have $100,000,000,000 capitalisation.
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The other day I pointed out that Market Cap is the total supply of the coin multiplied by price.

But I was wrong, I was instantly corrected by an anon of superior thought. Market cap is apparently the circulating supply x price. This means that pajeet's market cap is only $1. The anon that corrected me was so smart, so passionate, that I believe him over the last 200 years of functional market valuation.
I remember his wise words well
"facts are facts" -anon 2017
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>the circulating supply
Imposible to get this value, all charts used total supply of the coin

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