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What do ye know of Verge (XVG)?
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I know it is a port of fucking dogecoin with TOR added to it. I also know its shills are annoying because they are either scammers or unintelligent.
GO XVG!!!!

Verge pays dividends, pretty awesome.

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What's this?

Why is OMG volume way down?
Is NEO really coming back?
Are this many people really hopping on the RISE pump and dumps?
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EDG volume is high cuz so many people are dumpin their bags after it hit 40k

OMG is ded, no news, it's over

NEO is coming back yes.

not sure about RISE
>OMG is ded, no news, it's over

Edge is the new OMG. $12 soon.

Literally gonna suck the money from OMG like a vampire.

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Does anybody here actually run a business or is this board just crypto gambling now?
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Does hijacking abandoned ebay accounts and running fake paypal invoice scams count as a business?
/biz/ should be called /crypto/ instead because this board is ruined
Oh sure, I'll definitely run a business and spend all of my time learning a skill or service that will be automated in 10 years instead of learning about a market still in its infancy with only unsophisticated FUD to wade through and it's incidentally the next revolution in technology and could literally make you ultra rich in only a short amount of time.

That's definitely a decision I want to make. Btw are you 40?

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So cryptocurrency is just a constant war between buyers and sellers, right? The price goes down when more buyers get their orders filled, the price goes up when more sellers get their order filled, and the price for both camps becomes based on the new average. Is that really all there is to it? Beyond that, nothing else determines the coins value?
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it's a war fought by buyers and sellers, but everybody is a buyer and seller.
The stock market operates the same way.
Well you can't have an item bought without that same item being sold. Think of it less like a war and more like a haggle. The buyers and sellers come to an agreement on what price the coin should be for each and every transaction, and that is its price. Sometimes a buyer is willing to pay more, sometimes a seller is willing to sell for less. Things are worth what people are willing to pay.

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I told you the last time how you can make easy 1800%

We sold eveything at 75$, if you missed the call sorry. We didnt get the high at 95$ so what.

The correction take place much faster we thougth that it will happen, be patient now you will get another moon shot.

Your buy back should be around 50$ (not the low yes we arnt kings ) The next goal within one year is 900$ dollar.
again thats a profit of 1.800%

yes mimimi all the fudders will come back as the last time, dont care about this low bobs they dont know how money is earned.

cheers to all that made it the last time here you go again.
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$900 for 1 LTC?
Lmao so how big are your bags of $80 litecoin???
Im in the same boat as you basically. Dumped my ltc at 80, tried to buy back in at the dip but waited too long. Could have bought back at 35, but I was too greedy, ended up buying back at 50.

LTC 100$ by december

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Give it to me straight, /biz/. Is Steemit a meme or is it a viable way of making money if you're competent at creating content?
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it's cancer
It's not viable because millenials and GenZ don't tip since:
1) they are accustomed to have things on internet for free (movies/series/music/videos/etc...)
2) they have no money

Google and facebook have survived by data mining the shit out of people but steemit can't do it therefore it can't rival traditionnal social medias. However I know how could the concept of steemit could be enhanced by another coin but I won't tell which one (and no, it's not BAT).

It's a massive meme, one of the biggest that no one talks about much.

This shit has it's own cult following.

The sleeping giant.
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Probably a good coin, but god damn is it stagnant
why? tierion is better, way quicker/easier to use and it's actually being used by multiple dev teams at microsoft

peter todd's is a competitor as well

Got into it at one point. Then I realized how stupid it was to hope for a breakout when other coins were going up 5000%.

Might get into it at some point but factom bagholders are waiting for something to happen whereas I'm having things happen every week or two now with other tokens.

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My rabbi wanted me to ask you guys, is it possible to tie a blockchain to DNA to make sure only a certain race can hold a coin?
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this is feasible
kys noob.
post the full video and il answer your question

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Why is nobody talking about NAV or Rise?? These coins have the potential to become the next $5 easily?!
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why rise?
I have some, but I am sure why it would be a 5$ coin.
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Nav sucks a dick. I love how recently it decided it was anon coin. what a joke.

I got in on both of those p&ds but I already dumped my bags at 50% gains on each. Good thing, too, since they've gone nowhere but down since then

Why is Trump so quiet on crypto?

Personally, I think he has a fat crypto stack.Think about it the whole thing with his tax returns would make sense. If he tweets about crypto and everything moons there could definitely be some conflict of interest.
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>He still believes the multi dimensional chess bullshot
>implying he would waste money on pixels
I don't, I'm just curious as to what others think. At this point crypto is the elephant in the room. With all the chink madness I would expect some input from our President.

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John McAfee is /Ourguy/ and last hope in the Great Coin Wars.
MGTI is the Final Pill
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How 2 invest in otcmkts?
you buy it how you buy any other real stock have you seriously only been trading cryptos???
Is is true he mines BTC?

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Should I buy this?

Really considering going in while its cheap, what do you think biz?
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shitshares is a shitcoin for street shitters.

What you guys think? is SIA a bad investment or will it moon soon?

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the team FUDs their own coin, fuck them
as long as I see occasional progress I wont sell. I put in $7k this year and now somehow its still worth ~$80k, and I'll ride it down to $7k again if thats what our retarded friend "the market" wants.

Any coin on Polo will moon a few times a year

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I know how to program, how do I start a business?
bit of a shit argument isnt it mate?

a better one would be
cyrpto = non productive
start up = productive
what kind of programming can you do?

apps? software? websites?

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Worth shorting this now? Ethereum.
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Bought 5 ET at 216 EUR, worth. Also put stop loss at 0%
next candlestick is red, so yes as it will go down
sorry man, could you tell me how to set a stop loss?

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