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>he called me shill yesterday
>he will stay poor

Pic related, Dash right now.

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This is dump prep
Just bought 10k, no joke.
I would agree if there would have been a bearish trend. But with the news coming up and looking at the last week chart - no.

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>Apply for part time job

>Asked for 5 professional references (couldn't use friends or professors or even colleagues, it had to be seniors at the companies I previously worked at)
>They have a four stage panel interview
>a Skype interview with the CEO and board of directors
>they request me to have a presentation at the next Shareholders meeting (require the PowerPoint be at least 45 slides)
>Verify all of my educational transcripts dating back to elementary school and interview my babysitter
>Verified my credit history with 3 credit bureaus
>Ask for a $50 000 USD deposit even though I live in Canada
>Extensive background check with FBI, FSB, RCMP, Interpol, Europol, ERTA, CIA, CAPF
>Asked to drive an 18-wheeler to show "manual dexterity required to stock shelves at an efficient rate"
>Had to submit salivia sample to test my genetic heritage
>Required to submit all electronic devices so that they may be checked by the security team for any material that may be unprofessional

>For an $11/hr part job at Shoppers Drugmart stocking shelves and using the cash register
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what? you couldn't get that by sucking dicks all day?
>apply for full time menial job ($12/hr)
>asked for references (couldn't use friends or supevisors/managers/bosses from previous companies)
>have read through a complicated manual
>expected to do fast-paced work without training

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Hey /biz/
just bought my first coins (BTC and ETH) and sent it to Exodus i downloaded. Problem is, what if i want something like that on my phone too? (cant use laptop at work) And also, Exodus doesnt have too much coins so what if i want to change it?
Thanks for your wisdom /biz/
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Also interested in this
LMAO dumbass!

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on a scale from 1-to-MOON how close to Noose action am I?
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im betting you bought most of these near ATH so noose.jpg
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McAfee is our last hope I'm all in MGTI
Don't get me wrong, he's alpha af and I love the guy, but he married a hooker.

Isn't this exactly the opposite of what you beta mgtow fags preach?
i thought he was married to that one Black girl.

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>devs hold 98 fucking million coins
So, who else fell for this scam?
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Look at that logo and think about your mistakes
>devs hold 50 million ANS
>lol who bought ANS at 20 cents, what losers
Aren't there 98mil total? With around 40% reserved for Dev team and partnerships?

I don't see the issue. It's good for a company to have their mind on growth. They've already put years of development time in, for free. Do you really think they are going to just dump at the first chance they get?

dont say i didn't warn you when this coin explodes

>reputable team with 15 years of experience in live music industry
>already have a website with more than 130.000 artists
>one of the founders is DJ Umek
>have 540k $ of their own money invested
>another 440k $ from angel investor
>launched ICO in 5th of september
>raised another 10.6m $
>one of the fastest ending ICOs so far
>ended in 4 mins and 42 second
>VIB starts trading on 6th of october

Thank me later this year when VIB trades at 3+$ or stay poor
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OPUS is way better
Why do you ingrates always come here shilling with such hateful and aggressive advertisements. Its like you read the footnotes of 4chan and think you have to be a raving douche at all times.

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That is the gayest fucking picture I've ever seen, jesus christ anon...You're about to make me sell the little OMG I have.
kys and don't sell your omg.
oh i have more

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Trading shitcoins is like trading stocks with 10x leverage, but without the risk of a margin call.
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I lurked /biz/ for about a month now, i've done a bit forex trading before and the thing you just mentioned might be the reason I will start trading shitcoins too
Not a bad way of putting it actually.

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Times change, people evolve, everything evolves.

Before everything was analogous, now turned into digital.

Everything will be digital, even money will be digital.

Money will be DigiByte.

Begin now

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I'm going to break character for a moment because I cannot stand by and see you get rekt.

Digibyte (DGB) is absolute dogshit. Were more likely to be using the North Korean Shilling than that useless, worthless shit.

Listen to me friend, get out now. It DOES NOTHING
It has no USP.

It's going fucking nowhere.

You might aswell just fork BTC yourself, premine it all and call it DGB, its as much use.

Go find used condoms down the aids centre, they are more valuable.

Bye friend.
>tfw pretend to be a digimarine for the memes but don't actually hold any dgb
how does it feel, digicucks?

It's stuff like this is why I hold dgb

I sure hope Japan doesn't also want to ban/regulate cryptos:
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Japan is probably ahead in the game regarding crypto. There are stores you can walk in and use bitcoin to buy goods.
this, it's japan after all. Always ahead in the tech world and especially implementation of that tech.
They don't. They fucking love this stuff. Keep in mind that 1/3 of them are neets.

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Moving into XVG (Verge) I here the coming Wraith protocol will be even better anon than XMR
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Good luck bagholding in the alternate universe where you actually mean what you say instead of trolling ;)
i feel sad for you

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images (10).jpg
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$2 in 2 weeks.
Screencap this.
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Why stop there? I predict 5 bucks within a week of the Mercury release.
$40 retard
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$40? It's the ethereum of advertising. $350 no problem.

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Breakout or Breakdown?

Looks very similar to Monero. Seems like the market is about to take off or drop alot lower. Strap in lad.
no anon, it looks like its going sideways. literally avoided the only correct option. what a fucking dumbass lmao
Volume seems to be down on monero. I can't see it rising any time soon. Was hoping for an increase after the hard fork. Seems like price action is tied to btcusd too much.

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what should mine eyes be seeing?
3x opportunity in the coming week.
Looks like a breakout about to happen, you can see the cup formation and its starting a reversal

Btw is this on bittrex?

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