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*teleports in front of BTC*
that's the serious anime babe samurai warrior. now post the giant ogre.
what a qt

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I didnt say nothin
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this shit aint gonna moon but i agree its at the fucking bottom and the whales need to accumulate and dump all over again.
I'm not fucking selling
nice just bought 100k

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I bought some of this during the ICO. Never saw it shilled here. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Coins should be distributed shortly. Will this help me out after the carnage lately, or am I more fucked?
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Wasn´t the ICO 2 months ago?
It ended August 31st if I recall.
I got some during the ICO too. I'm surprised it took so long to sell out. Everex is an existing company with working products, and I think there's a real market for what they're offering. Hopefully the team will have some good news in the coming weeks or months and that will push the price up. So far they've seemed pretty professional.

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Lost my job, lost almost all my money in crypto because friend told me to sell my btc at 3000 and BAT (which mooned the next day), girlfriend broke up with me, at the verge of kms, anxiety and depression is taking over, job sucks... This week is the shittiest ever....

Does any of you have some tips for crypto or life in general so I can get myself back on my feet. Or does maybe any of you got a small amount of btc so I can start again ? 1CoQ8BugbtyvojeAfJwf4PMszvz8vUPNiX

I only have biz and memes left... ik my life is sad af. Thanks for the quality posts tho i appreciate that !!
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The conference yesterday revealed to the world the stuttering potheads that run this scam.
You didn't "lose" them unless you were stupid enough to sell at loss.

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Crypto sucks.
I'm just gonna hold on to my bitcoin and omise go and quit the game for maybe a year or so.
Wish me luck.
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that girl's not white
But they're bro and sis, she must be white!

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Ok /biz/, this will be a long story, I’ll need several posts to write it full but I have no other choice than start at the very beginning so you understand where I am now.
My parents divorced when I was 3, they decided it was better for me that I stayed with my father, so I grew up with him. We were living in Switzerland and my mom left for the USA.
He was a hard working man, always providing, being fair with everyone and taught me those values. I could see people taking profit of him but he didn’t seem to mind. He smiled often, was happy and always saw the good in everyone.
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buy digibyte
I worked in a test tube factory, started really low but at 18 was promoted already to a decent place, of course I wasn’t making a shit ton, but enough to leave home, so I did.
Since I always lived a simple life, no car, small flat, no dining out etc, I started having more and more money left, at 23 years old, in 2008, I had 130kCHF (that was around 120k$) but no real need for it, they just were in my Credit Suisse account.

Then the crisis hit, I didn’t care at all because I was 100% cash and no investment, but my father called me one morning, he had lost everything and even had debt. He never said exactly how, I guess he didn’t understand anything about the shit his banker was telling him.
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Oh boy. Here we go......

ethereum is useless because smart contracts cost too much money to interact with for complex dapps.
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that's what upgrades are for
ETH will be surpassed by BTC version of more secure smart contracts

you think its coincidence that BTC has the most active github from all cryptos?

you can already implement smart contracts to an extent, problem is the documentation is shit and the api is cryptic at best.

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I want to be buried with my private keys.
We are NOT SELLING! Why doesn't anyone get it!?!? There is literally 0 point to sell. Its just gonna go back up in the future and im gonna be laughing my ass off as my holds pay off and everyone who bought high and sold low weeps.

>buy btc at 900/coin
>STILL havent sold
>infinite profit?
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I'm not closing my longs. I will not fold under the pressure of the jews.

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oh shit new episode?
ye niggah. better than the past few too
watching it now

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What do you think /biz/? Does this semi-autistic bitcoin loyalist have some points on Civic?

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Its a 6 hour video how about upu tell us when he starts talking about it you fuck
My bust...thought I put in the right link. This one should start at 54:47

Richard is against all alts to begin with. But he's right. Civic is bad. Terrible. And stupid.

What is best Anon coin to invest in? Whats most likely to be around in 5 years/lead the market?
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dunno about 5 years time but for a quick flip look at CV2.

doing a coin swap this month and moving to pivx protocol. its 4 sat right now

Komodo looks shit though.

It's got trusted setup and a rich list. Plus I can see your balance on the block explorer.

Thanks for the tip though!

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Nooo! How did I miss it?
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the same way you missed all the other opportunities in your life.
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this is the next one OP, feel free to miss it too.
How long until the moonride?

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wow its worth 0.01 eth, nice
how much did you pay for them?

Hope I can get a few buy orders executed at 3-5x ico price. Feels terrible to have missed the whitelist for such a solid project.

Those 10x buy orders bother me though
these are very obviously fake orders from ico investors trying to bring people to buy at these prices.

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Help me out /biz/.

Don't know if this is the right thread to post this but because it's related to bitcoins i hope to get sound answers.

So I want to bet on esport matches (csgo actually) because i know the game verywell and think i have an edge big enough to make profits.

Problem is that betting on esport matches is forbidden in France and in a lot of other countries in the western world.

Thing is, on many of those websites you can bet with bitcoins and if you do so they wont ask you any kind of ID ( though they still have access to my ip etc.).

If i buy bitcoins on let's say Kraken, then use it to make bets on those said sites, is there any legal risk for me?

The main feature of bitcoin is that the transactions are anonymous isn'it?

If i then turn my profits back into €, will my bank ask me how i ended up with this money?

I am an engineering student in my last year, i can't just run to Malta (yet).

Also do you think it is a good period of time to buy bitcoins or should i wait?
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don't use banks when you cash out. use localbitcoins and meet up in an alley with ahmed. good luck
"Prediction markets" are given leniency in some countries because of their scientific value. Americans could legally bet on the presidential election in a prediction market.

Please tell me, whats so great about malta?

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my friend said to put it all on mtl coin and wait until it 10x, im thinking of putting 90k on mtl coin on a dip and dividing the last 10k into ark, bat, dgb, iota, eth
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shoot yourself and go all in
mtl looks promising, why would i shoot myself im only 28
>He puts 100k into one coin
>It dips
>He panics
>15k gone in an instant

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