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This shit was so pumped on this board a while back.
Ico is in one day, and not a single mention of it now.
Was it clickbait? Hype over?
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The people who got in, got in. The one's who didn't, didn't. Why would there be threads about this?
I have already contributed to a link posted here during the presale. Still no word on whether I get any tokens...

Yup, Verge is better!



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How do I discipline myself? Im holding OMG since 200k sat and with money skel being an advisor I'm sure that the coin will launch me to lamboville. Even though I know that I CAN'T stop looking for other coins to invest in. I want to sell my OMG and go for something else. HOW DO I HODL /biz/?

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sell you moron

it's gonna go into a downtrend with 100-120k bottom
fuck you nigger
On what justification?

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Will skyrocket this afternoon without a doubt
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i wished, it got hit harder than expected
no china - no money

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need to buy anything like sextoys? USE VERGE!


MegaWraith next year, this year Wraith! Wraith protocol is the most advanced code ever written.
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Soon Verge will be 100USD per XVG coin.
fuck off with your shitcoin pajeet

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Why do you expect all these crypto to keep going higher - we are already i a tremendous bubble
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$127 billion already in crypto. LET'S KEEP GOING HIGHER AND HIGHER
We enter the bubble when we hit 2 trillion market cap
We aren't in bubble if coins cap < apple cap.

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Hey /biz/ this is my first time on this board and as I can see it mainly revolves around crypto currency trading.

To that I ask, what is the existential value in crypto currencies at all? They have no governmental backing, (inb4 ''just wait man'', why would governments and central banks relinquish monetary control completely?)

Secondly, aside from deep web markets, SilkRoad, Armory etc only a few legit above ground businesses utilize cryptos as their tender, even then they're run by edgelord hipsters who cherish novelty above realism.

>>http://www.wheretospendbitcoins.co.uk/region/online (fucking vapers and VPN hosts)

Even then, its ONLY bitcoin that seems to get used. So when I see traders saying 'DogeCoin' 'Titcoin' or 'PotCoin' is a solid investment right now, I facepalm.

Now I understand that the market cap of cryptos has rocketed over the years, there's no denying that and people have made fortunes.

But bubbles will burst, and I cant see cryptos ever having a place in wider society, its just an anarcho's wet dream.

Prove me wrong /biz/.
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>But bubbles will burst

Look into fiat
Japan supports bitcoin or they wouldn't recognize it as a currency and all their banks are with xrp so stfu no coiner your gonna be my peaseant and if your fucking lucky my personal dog shit cleaner
You're right, you and your weak hands would only be wasting money in cryptos. You should buy if you want to lose your worthless fiat to us.

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we are the digimarines and we are NOT fucking selling.
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I like the name and how cheap it is so invested about 100k
Will make it?

The only problem with DGB is that it does nothing that Verge doesn't do? Why not just by Verge?

DGB isn't anon or anything, just Doge clone. haha I remember everyone saying 1k sat per DGB... that dream is dead now.

Being a DGB marine is grad A fucking retarded. IT DOES NOTHING

Yes best to invest based on unit price, thats smart.

oh you, fucking idiot.

Literally me buying any altcoin
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even isaac newton got caught holding the bag once. there's hope for us all :^)
That's BTC and we're all about to have a nightmare
Isaac Newton bought, Neo?

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I'm trying to determine the exit point of DARCRUS after the burn. Anyone recall what happened to this shitcoin pic related ? Why a supply burn has rocketed it ?
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> haha bro, these sheeps will believe anything
> let's make our original supply "x" and burn "y" amount so we actually have the supply that we want
> hehe yea boi
TRIG is a literal shitcoin that "burned" 30% of the coins that never existed. DAR is the same. It has no applications whatsoever. This isn't to say that you can't make money off of these shitcoins though.
should I buy dar now?

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Back in the crypto world from a 1+ year hiatus.

Just found out I have something called bitcoin cash.

What did you do with yours? Sold or Hodl? I m considering selling it for ether
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Sell it and go all-in on BAT.
Is there any stats on how many BCH are still on their original wallets? At least, exchange volume seems healthy.
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It's a sinking ship. Hasn't had a good day against BTC since Segwit. Get out while you can.

Alternatively, wait for a decent pump and then sell. I dunno, I'm not your mom.

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>tfw you witnessed KORE go from $5 to $7 overnight
>tfw you could have made sick gains but were scared to invest even $100
Send help.
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everyone is gonna be saying that about Ethbey later today

no one cal help you but yourself OP, sorry
Pump and dump

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Here is how it plays out boys:

-King boomer Dimon crashes your crypto market
-boomers finally exit all wall st. positions
-world is in turmoil
-your market goes even lower
-boomers gobble up all the crypto market for pennies on the dollar with their wall st. profits
-millenials lose
-boomers win
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they'll be dead by then LMAO
my theory is that this bear market will last for a while until people start to lose hope. Another major dip will come to shake off the hodlers.

Whales acumulate again very cheap and then the really big pump begins.

Screen cap this shit.
"Doctors have told me that just before death, the human body will take one more shot of adrenaline to stay alive. The same is true of a dead business, and usually employees will see signs of desperation in low pricing. In one last attempt to keep the store open, management will low-ball the market for a month or two to turn the place around. The only problem is that bills are paid with margin dollars, and negative margin sales will usually speed up the demise. Ridiculously low pricing is a real sign of death for a company."


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Thoughts on IOTA, /biz/?

Did i fall for the hype? Is there a good future for this crypto? Apparently already in deal with a few german car manufactors / bosch.

But my real question is, how can it actually raise in price ?

There is no mining, no fees, and all coins are already out there.

Who the fuck profits from it other than the creators themselves?
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Too much supply
Absolute shitcoin. The developers are a bunch of left wing lunatics who constantly have a tantrum, they can't make up their mind on whether it's decentralised or not and they support the Islamic State of Isis and Iraq.

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not fud on the telegram now PANIC STATIONS
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Make Down

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lol it's fucking carnage out there. What an absolute fiasco of a launch.

Not going to make down though, I'll have a higher chance of getting rewards for the next hour or so, and I fully expect the dev team to reimburse credits lost in the last 12 hours.

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When is the burn
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already priced in
so they already bought back the coins?

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